February 8, 2016

Gardner-Edgerton Democrats get organized

A newly created political group has organized in Gardner to offer voters a
moderate alternative to the extreme and divisive politics currently on
display in Johnson County and the state of Kansas.
The Gardner-Edgerton Democrats are wanting to attract democrats and moderate
republicans, in addition to independent and unaffiliated voters.
“We want to keep our political tent as large as possible to help represent
what most people want in our cities, not just what the loudest few want,”
said Brett Limer, president of Gardner-Edgerton Democrats.
“We don’t want to force citizens to agree with everything that we stand for
in order to be involved. We want to help share more information with the
people that we live near, so they can make the best choice of who represents
them when it comes time to vote”.
Please visit LINK for more information about the
Gardner-Edgerton Democrats or visit LINK.


  1. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Link to Gardner-Edgerton Democrats Facebook group:

  2. Great! Perhaps they will carry the message and their support of Obama’s failed policies that have our country in the gutter.

    Divisive politics? Is there truly anyone MORE divisive that President Obama? Our country is more divided than ever thanks to his “leadership.” If that is what they are bringing to Gardner I would say a resounding “No Thank-You!”

    Perhaps now we have someone local to explain the disaster known as Obama Care, the IRS, NSA, the Federal government intruding into our lives and endless spending with no budget or accountability. I don’t think they will need a very big tent around here for the message of large government, higher taxes and increased social spending…at least not in KS.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    The Kansas Red Republicans have sure brought about many, many adverse affects for citizens and the 8 years of George W. certainly brought about much that was adverse to the best interests of the American citizens. The list would be long and not pretty to review.

    Politicians, bureaucrats and the thieves working together have and continue to heap terrible burdens on the American people, however, I believe the people have themselves to blame for most of their problems by not doing their jobs as citizens. If local citizens swallow that slimy Zimmer deal and continue to get screwed by the local school district and go along to get along with much that is not fiscally responsible or that has no integrity, ethics, character, honesty, etc., then many will suffer. Just this past week I compared the city and school taxes between Leawood and Blue Valley Schools with Gardner and USD 231 schools. On a $100,000 house Gardner citizens pay $297.90 more per year on those two taxing entities. I would say you would be finding even a larger difference if you were comparing Overland Park and Gardner. I would say the quality of life in Leawood is much better than what you will be living with here with your trucks, warehouses, pollution and many other adverse affects. And this tax computation doesn’t take into consideration what you will paying for those new schools and all of your sports education costs. Ignorance and apathy are creating astronomical costs for citizens and total loss of quality of life and that is what you get when you are not informed and take to the recliners.

    Citizens only believe what they want to believe and will even connive and manipulate like the politicians, bureaucrats and thieves do to get what they want. Cults of all kinds with followers who don’t even know the meaning of independent thinking.

    I continue to say the loss of moral values by many Americans is taking a terrible toll on our country. It is very common now for so many to blame Obama for everything they do not like rather than taking responsibility of their own shortcomings and supporting and enabling lowlifes throughout our government entities. I see it every day here in Gardner and throughout the state of Kansas and have seen it for years.

    I wish the Gardner/Edgerton Democratic Party will be successful with involving people in the government process. A different choice other than Red Republicans in the state of Kansas is most needed. Moderates are truly needed because the extremists are being just that – extreme and I don’t like what I see coming out of it and like it even less when I see so much conniving and manipulation to get them what they want.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    I also note there are always numerous no-namers who blame Obama for everything – probably blame him for the sun coming up each day. They love to spout but never seem to be able to take ownership of their comments………that alone, for me, takes away all of their credibility.

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