February 10, 2016

Gardner council, USD 231 board meeting agendas available

The Gardner City Council agenda is available online. Find it here. The council meeting starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall tonight, Monday, Nov. 15.

Also, meeting tonight, the Gardner Edgerton Board of Education. The district does not always publish its meetings online, however, a copy of tonight’s meeting can be found below.

1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Approval of Agenda
1.2 Special Recognitions:
• Student of Character Recognition – Dr. Bill Gilhaus, Leann Northway
• Lachelle Sigg, KAMSA Exemplary Principal of the Year
2.0 Consideration of Consent Items and Treasurer’s Report
2.1 Commendations/Notes of Appreciation
2.2 Hearing of Requests and Suggestions of Citizens and Organizations
3.0 Report of the Superintendent of Schools:
• American Education Week – November 14 – 20
• Winter Sports Season Begins – November 15
• Thanksgiving Vacation – November 24 – 26
3.1 Reports from School Board Committees
3.2 Remarks by Board of Education
5.0 Hearing of Requests and Suggestions of Citizens and Organizations
6.0 Action to Approve Assurances Within the LEA VI-B Application – Dr. Judy Martin
6.1 Action on Personnel – Lana Gerber
6.2 Executive Session for Land
The next regular meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, December 13, 2010.
Mark Grannell and James Repshire will review claims at about 5:00 p.m.


  1. I just went into the USD 231 School Board Meeting minutes. Much to my dismay the latest minutes were for the meeting of Sept. 13, 2010 – why does it take so long to post minutes. Secondly, if you will review the minutes, you will note there is no detail. Why aren’t the written reports posted so citizens may have the detailed report? Mr. Rayburn states “Hats Off for our committees” and yet the District does not give the citizens details as to the reports given by the committees.

    I have not done my duty by being more involved and looking at this information but even if I had, these minutes tell me NOTHING. Come on, Gilhaus, you need to do better and your doing needs to be done on a more prompt basis.

    I sound like the chronic complainer I am sure but this kind of stuff drives me up a wall. The city of Gardner and this school district I believe have not been doing their jobs and I believe it is because the citizens do not hold them accountable.

    The city of Gardner and the School Board both need to be videotaping ALL of their meetings and putting them on their websites plus promptly posting their minutes with all of the details – that is my opinion.

  2. You can also view Gardner’s Council Meeting agenda by going to http://www.gardnerkansas.gov/council_agenda_111510/

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