February 8, 2016

Gardner council jumps the shark

The Gardner City Council has officially jumped the shark.
A television writer coined the “jumping the shark” following an episode in the fifth season of Happy Days. During the episode, character, Fonzie jumps over a shark’s fin on water skis. Today the idiom means something has lost significance and quality, and resorts to ridiculousness to maintain relevance.
Such was the case at a lengthy meeting on Nov. 18.
Even when the city council meetings were devolving into fist fights outside council member residences, council was debating issues and concerns of meaning.
This meeting was a clown show. Common sense had fallen off the high wire, and the only thing missing were bow ties squirting water in the faces of citizens.
After hours of discussion and debate, the council reached a consensus to throw a business out of town, decided to research putting bullet-proof glass between citizens and city staff, did nothing about a possible legal issue concerning the structure of its electric utility board, and broadly welcomed illegal aliens to town.
That’s right. As the city was preparing to deny one man, Tyrone Jones, access to the American dream in Gardner; Mayor Chris Morrow proclaimed Gardner a “Welcoming Community” alongside a consulate from Mexico. The “Welcoming Community” movement does not differentiate between those here legally and those in the country illegally.
Please check your common sense and firearms at the Gateway to Gardner.
The entire episode was baffling – kind of like when Fonzie tried to jump the shark on water skis.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    And citizens pay one of the highest city taxes in the county and more than likely the highest school taxes in the state……………..and they can thank themselves for that fact plus much other expensive circus governing and the resulting adverse affects since they have voted these clowns and other clowns into office and they don’t hold them accountable but just keep re-electing them into office and paying those bureaucrats very, very well as they continue to treat loyal, taxpaying citizens like barnyard crap. You don’t have politicians and bureaucrats who see, hear nor value citizens………..these lowlifes are well practiced in giving you, the citizen, the bird rather than serving you. An attitude adjustment is really needed at Gardner City Hall along with the School Dist. office and the legislators/governor and beyond. The robber barons of today never want to pay their full taxes and they sure love getting their fraudulent farm appraisals (you have hundreds and hundreds of them here within the city limits of Gardner) which almost eliminates any tax liability/responsibility they had/have and the politicians/bureaucrats keep enabling and supporting this financial rape of the citizens and the citizens also do nothing on these two issues to help themselves. Things will continue to just get worse and the big top circus tent will just get bigger and I know damn well citizens’ tax bills and utilities will continue to grow. You better have the dollars to pay up since most citizens are doing absolutely nothing to help themselves – they just keep feeding the takers.

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