February 6, 2016

Gardner City Council Meeting – Video

Here are the videos of the Gardner City Council meetings from 2/6/12

Part 1






Part 2

Part 3



  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Kutak-Rock should NOT be allowed to be involved in any government entity in my opinion. Them and Press and the worthless politicians, bureaucrats and other thieves are all identical in my opinion and take care of each other and they don’t even know the meaning of conflict of interest in my opinion. Talk about using intimidation, fear, silencing people – you have a perfect examples of all of these traits in that film they produced – talk about propaganda – they have it down to a science. They say “let your city manager do his job” – give me a freaking break!!!!! I have learned the hard way the only way any government entity is going to do their job is with me looking over their shoulders at all times and even then I will be wondering what they have pulled that I haven’t identified because they sure as heck are never forhcoming with you or even honest and are doing most city business behind closed door back rooms, on the cell phones and/or e-mails. As has been proven here in Gardner, the city hall bunch break the law and it appears are ready to do it again – they have pretty much thumbed their noses at the Dist. Attorney and the decent citizens of this community in my opinion.

  2. More info from the Council Meeting says:

    everyone needs to read the article on the front page of the kansas city star about the gardner city council.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Just read the Star’s article. It certainly only touches the tip of the iceburg…………….I am sure this is not the end of all of the wrongdoing that will come out eventually. They never want the people informed or educated on how government entities are operated. Sure makes you know why Gilhaus refused to give me USD 231 School Dist. employee salaries last year and why the city of Gardner denied my request last year of giving me the salaries for each of the past five years of the Gardner city administrative staff and why they denied my request about whether city funds had been used for any retirement program for elected officials. Press is operating just like he did at the County level in my opinion and it is not to my liking and he has plenty of company with respect to those who go along to get along and take care of themselves but the citizens are certainly on the end of the food chain and actually pay thru the nose to take care of all of the takers – that is my opinion. And then to hear Heath Freeman makes me want to vomit – he say he is wanting development – yeah, I am sure he and his Gardner Bank father-in-law are only concerned with the deals that can come their way and he sure isn’t concerned with how leaders break the law – that is my opinion. Anyone want to talk about conflict of interest??? I could give you a couple of hours on the subject on what I consider to be conflicts of interest time and time again in the past 7 years and more.

    Back in 2006 I asked the Dist. Attorney for a grand jury investigation of what is going on in Gardner, Ks. and my request remains in effect today. And those grand jury investigations need to be made across the U.S. because the cancer and rot is not just present in your own backyard – that is my opinion.

  4. What a load of garbage says:

    Bad enough that we have Gardner News serving as the PAC for Larry Fotovich and his small-minority, but well-funded Take Back Gardner cronies. Now, they’re funneling their party line to the Star, who apparently doesn’t care enough about the truth to get the whole story of what’s been happening here.

    You notice that one of the leading quotes is from John Shepherd, who the voters recalled. And that they take, at face value, pretty much every unsubstantiated or out-of-context accusation Larry Fotovich as ever made? They even pay lip service to Judith Rogers calling our Mayor “dictator”.

    So it’s no wonder that Judith is applauding the Star’s article. They’re quoting her and are playing out her fanatasies as if every little hate-fantasy she’s always had about Gardner was factual and not wishful thinking.

  5. Yes, that's got to be it . . . says:

    a major city newspaper is in the back pocket of Gardner politicians. Delusional are we?

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    I was wondering when the Beasley Bunch no-namers were going to come alive……….they have been much too quiet and I am sure they are getting their propaganda in line once again…….people who get the term dictator attached to them have earned that title in my opinion and all you have to do is be cognizant of his words, actions, inaction and voting records and those of others. You want the TRUTH, well, bring it on – don’t see it too often and many don’t want to recognize the TRUTH and that is because they, themselves, don’t deal in the TRUTH.

    I hope the Gardner News along with the Star and other newspapers do what they should be doing and that is protecting the citizens at large with the TRUTH – can’t have too much of it. There will be threats, intimidation, fear, bullying, blackballing and all the tricks of the trade to keep the silence going for the wrongdoers – I just hope decent citizens call out the SOBs like they should.

    I like the bit about the “well-funded Take Back Gardner cronies” – what a joke!!!!!! My income is so low I couldn’t buy any influence if I wanted to……………LOL…………….

  7. ThePatriot says:

    It is dry but I am grateful that the city is doing this. The precap should be more concise and eliminate all the uhs and ums. Also would be nice to have a recap.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    I read the Star article again and I find it ironic that I had been concerned with whether they had lowered Mundt’s salary since Press came on board as the city manager…………lo and behold, they didnt’ lower her salary, Press gave her a $10,000 RAISE utilizing taxpayer funds and I have my thoughts of who else got raises to guarantee their loyalty……..ya gotta just love it………I had mentioned before how Press had given bonuses to “key employees” with the County when wage freezes were in effect around 2001 and how he was ready to do it again around 2008………..the lowlife bureaucrats are as bad as the worthless politicians or who knows that they are aren’t worse because they seem to be in a very good position to cover the crap for all of the players,,,,,,,,,,,,this is my opinion. Again, I know why those at city hall deny my requests for information. The place needs fumigating in the worst way in my opinion. If all of the players stay in place and the culture that exists continues, do you think you will have another rigged process when they try again to get a decent city manager – I don’t know that my trust will ever be reinstated in that government entity but it should be crystal clear that citizens do need to provide oversight and regulation over their government entities and the thieves that are constantly appearing in our halls of government for their sweet deals on the backs of the common taxpayers. No wonder they don’t want to give Fotovich information such as those background checks on city manager applicants and act all indignant about him asking for information on so many issues that is so vital to the citizens’ best interests. The Dictator can cuss, have a hissy fit, pout or do whatever but I want every one of those Council members asking pertinent questions and it looks like a forensic audit would be in line.

  9. Oh no he didn't! says:

    My favorite line from the article was this: “But Drovetta thinks selecting council members rather than electing them might result in more qualified representatives.”
    You will not vote, you will take what I give you and you will LIKE IT!

  10. More info from the Council Meeting says:

    By the sound of this article there are several employees who got big raises without anyone else knowing other than the mayor and press.
    Makes you wonder what else is going on; what other agenda does the mayor have and what else is he not sharing.
    Be careful of the things the mayor is so intent on pushing forward. keep asking those questions, mr. fotvitch. the public has a right to no and your the only one asking.

  11. More info. Amen.

  12. Let’s see…

    Rhonda Humble, Editor of Gardner News, retired from Kansas City Star?

    Nope, no connections there. We could NEVER worry about the fine folks at Gardner News using sneaky backdoor shenanigans to put its grudge against Drovetta (and apparently the voters of Gardner) ahead of anything as mundane as the truth.

    Or, you could just read the Star’s article and the quotes to know that the Star didn’t bother talking to anyone other than the Gardner News, recalled Councilman John Shepherd, and Larry Fotovich in writing its article. Most campaigns have to PAY to get advertising that good.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, Rhonda, as usual the no-namers have it in for you and think the Gardner News is to blame for all that transpires……….look at it as a compliment like I do when they think you have such power…………LOL…………..just like they claim I am “well heeled”……….it gets better and better as to finding the scapegoat to take the blame but one thing is for sure, the citizens have huge problems at City Hall and beyond and the problems have been around for quite some time. I just remember those two reporters with the LA Times got a Pulitzer Prize for protecting the citizens of Bell, Ca. and beyond and they are still cleaning up the rot gut in that area and the rot didn’t stop with Bell, Ca. just like it doesn’t stop here in Kansas with Gardner, Ks. – that is MY OPINION.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    My mistake – the no-namer said “well funded” rather than “well heeled”……….still a crock however you say it…………….

  15. No-namers... says:

    Okay, Judith…let’s hear it.

    State of Affairs
    “More Info”
    “Oh no he didn’t”

    Which no-namer are you complaining about?

    Oh. I know. The same non-divulged no-namer who dropped the dime on our Mayor for his KOMA violation. What was the name of THAT no-namer? Judith? Rhonda? Anyone?

    Perfect hypocrisy from the perfect hypocrite: Judith Rogers.

  16. State of Affairs says:

    WOW! The rope gets tighter and tighter, BUT they will (most likely) just get a “slap on the hands”.

    Edgerton residents didn’t get to vote on taking the intermodal over. Someone wondered how the Edgerton City Council could do that. Perhaps the Kansas City Star should research that also. (Especially since the area will be bomb barded with pollution and traffic. And, a doctor on national news said that pollution travels in a 200-mile radius from the source.)

    Meanwhile, great-grandma and I have to cut and worry how we are going to pay expenses, while (it looks like) the bog boys and girls are getting raises from the taxpayers.

  17. I am embarassed for all of us by the Star article. Mr. Mayor, I say again I am disappointed in your (lack of) leadership.

  18. Judith Rogers says:

    Hey, Senior, when are you going to ask for his resignation???? Your are disappointed………..why in the Sam Hill aren’t you outraged with what is going on with your local government??? Your words of disappointment about him, Press and all the rest of wrongdoers will roll off of them like water. You get the government you deserve and people will only take advantage of you if you allow it. The stink alarms should be going off without ending here in Gardner and across the nation.

  19. Wow, a $10,000 raise is certainly significant. I cannot see how it is acceptable to throw that kind of money around without Council approval. If I was on the City Council I would be up in arms about such decisions being made with my consent so I hope that all of our Council members, elected and appointed, will be as upset with this as I am.

    How is that we will not approve a lightning protection system to protect valuable equipment that treats our water, but we have no problem tossing around such a significant amount of money in raises? As was already posted Melissa Mundt was given another significant raise recently (about $5,000 if I remember correctly) for being the Interim City Administrator. Now we have hired an Interim Administrator to take over that job and she is still being paid that additional amount despite no longer having that title, plus now another $10,000 on top of that, for a total of a $15,000 raise in roughly a year’s time.

  20. Gardner residents didn’t get to vote on the Intermodal either, State. We’ve had elections concerning the Intermodal, but it was going to be built. Nothing that Gardner nor its residents nor Edgerton nor its residents was going to block the Intermodal. Anti-Intermodal activists took over the Council and STILL didn’t manage to stop it. They did everything in their power to stop it and the only thing they accomplished was to get it sent to Edgerton.

  21. Judith Rogers says:

    I would say citizens should be MORE concerned with how things are done in secrecy and how they deny citizens, such as myself, requests for information under the Open Records Act and how your school district is operating in the same manner when I was denied information on USD 231 school district employee salaries. If they don’t want to share this information with a citizen, I can only imagine what else they are not sharing, thus, my request for a forensic audit. They are never forthcoming and you have to draaaaag information from them and then you wonder why Fotovich asks every question he can think of to get to the truth – if you don’t ask the right question, they sure as hell aren’t going to give you the detail you should have – that is my opinion based on my experience. This kind of crap has been going on for years now and the rot continues to build. It will all come out in the wash and there is lots of dirty laundry to be cleaned up.

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    The intermodal could have been easily stopped as cities have done across the nation – you would know that if you had done any indepth research on the matter. I know of cities offering to pay the railroads $1 Million or more to NOT come to their communities. Those yokels move on down the road when you tell them you will not financially support them or go for their deals that will financially rape the citizens. You had three decent representatives who said NO when they should have but Edgerton and the County/State, just like so many cities/counties/states with worthless politicians, were happy to sell their people out. I will be forever grateful that horror story does not carry Gardner’s name but we will all suffer the adverse affects of it being in this area due to many, many, many lowlife politicians and bureaucrats and thieves – that is my opinion. Have fun living with what you will be living with in the coming years.

  23. Please, can we stick to topic at hand and not make this another intermodal arguement? Doing so only distracts from the real issues here. If you really want to hold people accountable then focus on what they are doing right now and not on something that is done and over with.

  24. With all due respect your “done and over with” let’s move on argument sounds a lot like something that comes out of the mouths of the recallers. It’s kind of become their battlecry. Perhaps you are one of them, but that doesn’t really matter right now. I do agree with you that Melissa got a heck of a raise, and correct me if I’m wrong, she doesn’t even have to live in the Gardner city limits, does she? So she’s making extra money and doesn’t even have to be a Gardner resident. Sounds fair to me (sarcasm).

  25. State of Affairs says:

    To @State:
    Where have you been? Gardner residents voted on ballot November 7, 2006 on the intermodal issue. People were confused and complained afterwards. A “yes” vote meant “no” don’t take the land. A “no” meant “yes” take the land and move forward.

  26. Judith Rogers says:

    If you know your history, it helps you make more intelligent decisions in the present. I know what the track record is on these jerkwads and it most definitely enters into what is going on today. Only a fool does not learn from history or doesn’t take into consideration the words, actions, inaction and voting records of those involved over a period of time………..fool me once, it is their fault………fool me twice because I wasn’t doing due diligence, then shame on me.

  27. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlie K:

    We are not off the subject. Just giving examples of DICTATORSHIP and how the little fellow has to pay while the big boys and girls take care of themselves at the expense of the taxpayer.

  28. State of Affairs says:

    Further, another example of corruption, unethical activities, found as the State of Kansas audits the Kansas Bioscience Authority. Looks like the former CEO had a good time, took care of his “sweetie”, and then, erased computer records of his activities when he moved on. Oh, wait tho–nothing illegal.

    (We will definitely need cancer research and treatment as we progress into the future with the pollution that the intermodal will bring to area residents. So, I hope these actions of the former CEO won’t cause a shut down of the research facility.)

    Have you all seen/heard a cancer patient scream in pain? I have, specifically my mother. We lived in a small town also across the street from the rail road tracks. Now, I know why (altho my mother was an immaculate house keeper) where all the gray dust came from in our house.

  29. *Judith. What good does it do us to demand anything? They do as they want with little regard for ethics, integrity or even the law. When I say I am disappointed in the Mayor, it’s because he is drunk with power; he has lost his way. To demand anything from him will fall on deaf ears, as he has his hands over his ears. Is he the only one to blame – absolutely not, but I am disappointed that he continues to drag this town thru the mud. I expected more from him.

  30. State of Affairs says:


    It is the new policies and procedures of governments, etc.

  31. Judith Rogers says:

    Senior, I don’t want to sound like I am being hard on you only but I am with all citizens who have allowed this crapola to go on for years and when citizens enable and support this type of government. It makes me sick to see the wrongdoing going on and on and on – just like other citizens probably are sick about it but something has to be done. However, until all citizens hold these jerkwads accountable and responsible, the crud will continue. One person can only do so much but when you keep voting for politicians who are not doing their jobs of protecting the citizens such as your Dist. Attorney and your Attorney General and those legislators where all of the wheeling and dealing is also occurring or when even ONE CITIZEN goes along with the crud and stays silent, then you will have a cronyism, corrupt government that is working AGAINST you rather than FOR you – that is my opinion.

    You see the murder numbers continue to rise in the urban core of KC because so many of those people stay silent. You turn your head from the wrongdoing over and over again, to me you are then just as guilty as the ones committing the crimes. The silence of the people of Germany sure did a number on those millions of Jews who were killed during World War II – all of mankind can hang their heads in shame on that one. And the shame should be hanging some heads here in Gardner too but knowing how arrogant some of these jerkwads are, they will continue to strut their stuff and rationalize away their wrongdoing. And there will be people who will buy into it because, in my opinion, they are part of the huge problems.

  32. Fine, let’s go ahead and have it out on the intermodal. Who cares about giving secret raises, KOMA violations, etc so long as we can go at each others throats over something we no longer have any control over while we let the Mayor do what he pleases. People in this country are all so concerned with attacking their neighbors over opposing political beliefs that no one pays any attention to what the politicians are actually doing.

    But no matter if I disagree with you or agree with you on something you still take issue with what I say. Now you see why none of you are taken seriously in this town. You often voice logical and accurate complaints, but do so in a way that just seems like you are constantly crying that the sky is falling. Oh well, some people have to complain about everything.

    Just so you know though all the effort you waste coming here to rant and rave and the effort you will waste on your rebuttal post to me decrying everything I say could be used to make a difference in the community. How about a recall of Drovetta? I’d sign it. He’s broken the law and the DA admits it, so let’s get moving on it.

    Ever heard the saying you catch more flies with honey than vinegar though? Perhaps a different approach would benefit your cause.

  33. Judith Rogers says:

    The Dictator and others have used honey propaganda for years and I know what we have to show for it…….a toothy grin and the outstretched hand while the other hand is stabbing you in the back……go for it, Charlie………….you have supported the wrongdoing time and time again and speak out against people who don’t go along with the crud…………..enjoy the monster you have helped build. This crud goes way beyond political beliefs………..it comes down to moral values such as honesty, integrity, ethics, character, etc. and if you don’t have those qualities, you are nothing and represent nothing – whether you are a politician or a scientist or fast food worker or a janitor or retired senior citizen or whatever – your moral foundation makes you either a lowlife, enabler of wrongdoing or a citizen who stands for something decent.

  34. Ok, thanks for the input Judy.

  35. History buff says:

    I think the yes vote on the intermodal meant “if you can’t beat ’em tax ’em.” Problem was, after people voted to go along with that catchy slogan, the city council betrayed them by providing an 85 percent tax abatement. It should have said, “if you can’t beat ’em give ’em a break and tax them at only 15 percent.”

  36. State of Affairs says:


    Edgerton Mayor Roberts is giving 75 percent tax relief plus water/sewer set up plus “other projects”. Wonder what those projects are?

    Meanwhile, great-grandma and I have to cut and worry how to pay our expenses.

  37. History buff says:

    As I recall, the intermodal was going to bring economic growth to the area. I’m curious as to who has seen construction workers eating in Gardner or Edgerton; staying in our hotel; or shopping at our stores. Scheduled opening is end of next year, drive down 56 and see all the work being done. How many local people do you know who are working at that site, or how many local businesses have sold/provided services? I’m serious. Anyone noticed an influx of shoppers at area businesses, etc?

  38. Judith Rogers says:

    Yeah, that intermodal is going to line the roads with gold for all and it is going to be heaven on earth living here…………………if you believe that, then you are ripe pickings for someone to get you to join a cult………………..

  39. why don’t ask for the names of the employees got secret raises. Why do we have to pay more taxes and rates go up on everything, while some fat cows get the raises. The salary was suppose to be frozen-yea, right.

  40. they only freeze the salary on the peons. the fat cats get fatter. Press makes like $10,000 a month. A MONTH. and none of them live in town.

  41. @History buff(s) says:

    Sure, we voted to annex the land. Would have received tax income. Then Take Back Gardner’s rich financier bought two slots on the City Council and voted to de-annex the land. Then Edgerton annexed the land.

    The one constant through all of it? The Intermodal was gonna get built. Plain and simple.

    Judy is still trying to sell her Koolaid that it could be stopped, but, like I mentioned earlier, her people HAD their chance to prove her wrong. TBG ran a slate of candidates on the notion that, with a majority on the Council, they WOULD stop it.

    Remember “Just say NO”-Larry? His best answer to it all would have gotten Gardner sued. He seems to be good at those kinds of solutions. And apparently, good at voting “NO”, on important things like meeting minutes. But that’s another topic.

    History is pretty clear. The Intermodal was always coming. BNSF bought the land. Invested tens of millions of dollars on real estate before Judy ever started ragging on the subject. Anyone who tells you different is selling you snake oil.

    @Charlie K – the problem with a lot of the people who hang out here is that they’re not really looking for solutions: only for someone to blame for the things they think aren’t going the way they want. Even if we were to completely wipe the Council clean and replace it with a bunch of Larry Fotovich clones, they’d still blame Drovetta or Lehman or Cantrell for all the stuff that they didn’t like.

  42. State of Affairs says:

    The rail road would have moved on if there was not a 3rd party involved to acquire land and build warehouses.

    Yes, I drive Highway 56 many times and see how the beautiful Milldale Farm property has been destroyed with all the dirt mounds and barrier wall and stacks of tracks piled up.

    While, at the grocery store, tomatoes come from Mexico; pineapple from Thailand; asparagus from Peru; mushrooms from China (and most everything else made in China). The rail road said that they were going to clean up all that “ugly agriculture land”.

    Meanwhile, great-grandma and I have to cut and worry how we are going to pay our expenses. Don’t see any economic growth our way. Only the little person paying out and out and out. Nothing will come our way. Especially, when the big boys and girls look out just for themselves.

  43. Still curious says:

    I ask again, who has seen the benefit of all the construction work from the intermodal? I doubt they’re shopping in Edgerton, as there is nothing there. Where is all the money from this economic construction boom?

  44. Yes, you’re right. The railroad contracted with a third-party company to build and manage the Intermodal for them. Obviously, the railroad wanted the intemodal there, so they bought the land and found a company to build it for them. You get that, right?

    You seem to be saying that the railroad would have stopped itself from building the intermodal had it not already intended on hiring a managing company for the site. But it’s pretty clear that BNSF was going to build the intermodal. Stopping them was never an option.

    @Still curious – who indeed? Got figures that show that the construction workers AREN’T buying stuff in Gardner? Or Edgerton? Do they buy gas and lunch and drinks from the convenience stores in town? Will we see them early mornings at the new Casey’s, stocking up for the day? Do they stop at Price Chopper or Wal Mart on the way home to pick up stuff? Do any of them stop at the restaurants for lunch? We seem to have a whole bunch of new eating places opening up in town. Is that coincidence? You act as if the area isn’t getting any of the construction workers’ busines…but do you know for sure? Or are you just curious?

    it’s a funny thing to nitpick, though. Especially if you don’t have any numbers to back it up.

  45. Still curious says:

    You’re right. I don’t have numbers to back it up. Apparently no one has any data one way or the other, but you sound angry. I’m just waiting for the money to start rolling into town.

  46. @Still curious says:

    LOL! I agree, he is one angry-sounding dude.

  47. On the Corner says:

    I ask people that come thru my store where they are from and I have had many tell me that they are living here and working for the railroad. I have also had guest that tell me that they are here visiting someone that has moved to the area to work on the railway. Now I am still in the air about the whole thing but there are shoppers that are connected to the intemodul that are spending money in the area.

  48. Judith Rogers says:

    No BNSF did not just pick Gardner out of the phone book and decide to build in this area………..Olathe ran them off, they tried to get land over by where the Coleman warehouse is and which was outside of Gardner city limits at the time and got turned down but when they got to ole Lehman and Drovetta, they got the red carpet treatment along with County Commissioners, legislators and the Governor of whatever month it was. They go where they know they can have the people pay the astronomical costs while they scurry to the bank with their bars of gold and they know there are politicians who will back them to the hilt when the citizens will be polluted to death and they and all of the developers and other thieves who are only around to make money couldn’t care less because they don’t live here. I was concerned with that intermodal project from the get go in the fall of 2005 and my concern has never, never waned because I know what the PUBLIC/PRIVATE project will do to the people and the windfall it would bring to the thieves and when I say thieves, I am thinking of those in and out of the government entirties. You think those intermodal workers and workers in those warehouses with no climate control are going to be improving their lives with those hire and fire jobs, low wages, no or little benefits, no security, no nothing???? Do you even have a clue as to the costs you will be paying directly and indirectly as a result of that intermodal? Even if you do, there are those who don’t give a hoot because they are lowlifes or too stupid to figure things out. Do you even have a clue how many times the people asked Drovetta and Lehman and that City Hall Bunch to be able to provide information to the people at the Intermodal Review Committee meetings and other city meetings with respect to that issue and got turned down? You don’t know and/or you don’t want to know but I know who was present at those meetings selling the propaganda – the city, BNSF and the SW Johnson County Economic Corp because all of them had already made the deal in the back room and now the job was to cram it down the throuts of the people however necessary with the help of legislators, County Commisioners and on and on. You even had a son of a vice-president with BNSF come to a City Council meeting and state we should NOT want that project and then Skippy Kalb gets up and says that man was young and didn’t know what he was talking about Like I said I know of cities across the nation who have not got an intermodal forced upon them and it is because they had decent elected representatives, actual representatives, to stand tall with them and say No, Thank You.

    And all of that corrupt, terrible conniving and manipulation and dishonesty are still going on in your city – that is my opinion and it only gets worse by the day because you have so many citizens who are just as bad and enable and support that type of government.

  49. Amused citizen says:

    Judith, do you have anything in writing to back up your claim that Olathe said no? What makes you think they wanted the area where Coleman is? That would mean a lot of extra expense in just moving tracks to the other side of old 56, not very smart. So since we are just throwing out a lot of stuff without a lot of facts behind it this is my thought. I believe it was Ottawa that said they would take the intermodal. I also know that some of the campaign money for TBG came from outside Gardner. So here is my opinion as Judith always likes to say. The primary backers for kicking the intermodal out had a very high stake in it being moved to Ottawa. And they say our current city government is corrupt. People are ticked off that they did not get a piece of the pie that would have been coming from the sale of land in Ottawa. So chew on that a while.

  50. Judith Rogers says:

    Go to KC Star archives for the fall of 2005 and you will find several articles where there are quotes from Mayor Copeland stating they did not want the project – I could go thru my files and get them for you but you are not worth the time it would take me to handfeed you, especially for a no-namer who is so cowardly he/she won’t take ownership of their comments. Then contact Eric Kirkendall and some others who owned land back in 2004 or so around that Coleman warehouse area who hired an attorney to tell BNSF right up front they didn’t want to do business with them. I remember well when Ottawa was brought into the picture for negotiation purposes only I feel sure and I said then that there was no way I could encourage ANY community to take on this project or would I be involved in trying to push the project on any unsuspecting community – my conscience would not let be do that. Just a few weeks ago I had some people stop in front of my house asking about housing in my neighborhood (not the first time this has happened) for an older citizen in the car – I told them right up front that they didn’t want to live in this area considering the high taxes and what was coming down the pike. I remember well sitting next to a woman at the very first intermodal meeting at City Hall and how she was crying because after saving for years her family moved from Roeland Park in Aug. 2005 close to where the intermodal would go and how no realator told her about this project coming – she certainly never wanted to be living next to that horror story and bearing the huge loss of quality of life that she was hoping for. I saw her at several meetings and she was heartbroken that elected officials and others would pull this crap on decent citizens and how she felt she had been betrayed and there was no one to protect her interests. If your only interest is money and greed I can thoroughly understand why you have no respect for my comments or concerns – many other lowlifes don’t either.

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