February 13, 2016

Gardner City Council Meeting – Video

Here are the videos of the Gardner City Council meetings from 2/6/12

Part 1






Part 2

Part 3



  1. Judith,

    Will you be my Valentine?

  2. Amused citizen says:

    Judith, you no class, worthless, whiner and complainer with no clue how business need to operate to survive…. Now I did not mean a thing I said because I do not know you and I was brought up with a little more class than that… raised dirt floor poor so to speak. I do not know you on a personal level so I would never stand behind the comments that I just made. But I will say how truly disappointed in you, a person who tries to do the right thing but will, without knowing me from Adam or Eve make assumptions about me, only because I will not post my true name. Maybe if I agreed with you on all your counts ( which I do agree on some of your things) you would not call me a no name low life And maybe treat me with the same respect you give to the no name posters who agree with you. IE senior, state of affairs, the patriot. I truly pity you and hope one day you find peace.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    If and when you have the integrity, ethics, honesty and character to take ownership of your comments and thoughts, then I might have some respect for you – otherwise you have very little credibility to me.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    My life is filled with peace and contentment because I am a genuine person as much as I possibly can be who tells it like it is based on facts, history and research and I actually LISTEN. Really irks people whose lives are filled with manipulation, conniving, dishonesty, fear, intimidation, blackmail & bribes, blackballing, etc.,etc. to get them what they and others want. Cronyism government involving all of those lowlife traits is alive and well due to much enabling and support.

  5. @Lowlife hypocrite says:

    That you, Judith? Did you call out your buddy State of Affairs for posting anonymously?

    Or are your other buddies out here calling YOU out for sounding “angry”?

    When “Amused” questions your integrity, it is precisely the dishonesty you present in ignoring the traits in your friends that you flat-out damn in everyone else. The term for that is “hypocrisy” and if it were a shoe, it would fit you like your own skin.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    You must not be able to read. I have stated more than once that I believe ALL should take ownership of their comments and I say that whether the no-namers agree with me or not.


    This is off subject but I just came across an article by Danedri Thompson which you can find at http://joco913.com/news/danedri-herbert-no-wallets-left-behind/. I can truly agree with much of what is in that article. I always remember what Tom Mertz, past school board president, told me back in the fall of 2006 – “I am not concerned with kids dropping out of school because WE need more unskilled labor”. I would say your good education starts right in your own back yard and it certainly depends on what your school board stands for and the standard they set for the teachers and all connected with our school system. I would say much improvement can and should be made.

    Recently had my family over for a Love Valentine’s dinner and had a couple of young college students there. They always talk about how smart the Asian kids are and how hard they work in college – always at the library. They were recently in a physics or calculus class where they were juniors or seniors and they were talking about how hard a certain concept was and they had never had this before in any of their classes. The Asian kids piped up that they had studied the concept in 6th grade. Think your educational system is as good as apple pie – you better be fully cognizant of what your kids are facing in the new world economy and how our educational system could really be jeopardizing our country’s security.

  7. "All no-namers"? says:

    Including yourself, Judith? Still using nicknames or no-names elsewhere? Should we point out the times you’ve used them in the past?

    Nah. Because it doesn’t matter.

    The truly pathetic thing about your attitude about no-namers is that you apparently can’t make a logical argument that will stand on its own. Either the words someone posts, the argument they make, is logical and defendable or they’re not. Putting a face behind the words is only necessary when you don’t have any other logical argument to make…when you can’t defend what you claim.

    Look at how you treat the people who DO post their names. Nothing but personal attacks against them…and you completely ignore the logic of the arguments they make. As if you can’t refute what they say and have to try something…ANYTHING…to cut them down.

    If all you’ve got is personal attacks, if you can’t stand behind what you say, then you really don’t make any case at all for State of Affairs or Charlie K or anyone to give you yet another excuse to duck the arguments you keep losing.

  8. Judith Rogers says:

    You lowlife…………you sit there behind the screen and scream at me about what you do every day…….poor excuse of mankind…………….cowardly backstabber……………

  9. Who's angry now? says:

    All I ask, all anyone could ever expect, is that you treat people decently and argue your points honestly.

    That means you don’t have to sift through the garbage outside their houses for dirt on them, just because they disagree with you. That means you don’t resort to calling people names when they question what you’ve said. That means you don’t accuse others of doing what YOU do ten times worse and twenty times more often. That means you don’t ignore what your friends do while condeming the same thing in others. That means you don’t spit in people’s faces for asking you to be honest.

    You’re not being decent when you resort to childish name-calling. Are you HAPPY that the KC Star has picked up your “Dictator” moniker for Gardner’s mayor? How does that help Gardner? How is that NOT cowardly, hiding behind your keyboard and Gardner News’ buddy-buddy news feed to the Star for that article’s one-sided content? How is that decent?

    You’re not being honest when you call me a cowardly backstabber, but NEVER use the same name for State of Affairs or any of your other faceless buddies. You’re not being honest when you pretend to condemn them, but never call them out. You’re not being honest when you, yourself, have posted anonymously in the past.

    Three posts I’ve written here, Judith, asking you to explain the inconsistencies of what you write. The illogic of your complaining about anonymous posters when you’ve done it in the past yourself and refuse to challenge anyone who seems to agree with you. The stark audacity it takes to accuse others of cowardly backstabbing when you search court records for dirt to throw on people. The mind-numbing arrogance it takes for you to circle a halo over your head at how decent a person you are when in the very next breath you call people every name in the book and make unsubstantiated allegations against them.

    I don’t have to backstab you to illustrate your inconsistencies…those things that ring of hypocrisy. I only have to throw your words back at you.

  10. State of Affairs says:

    Gardner has really hit the news! People in the city are telling me about the article they saw in the Kansas City Star.

  11. Judith, You fail again to remember the context of the discussion that lowering the age requirements and not making high school a “have to” but a “privilege” might change attitudes of students that don’t want to be there. Similar to our colleges which attract students from around the world. Anyone that has raised teenagers knows that when you tell a kid they “get to” rather than “have to” you usually get better results.

    There might be some value to having an intelligent discussion with you but find someone else to have it with. You only hear what you want to hear.

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    Yeah, Tom, you are another one to rationalize away your failings, be involved in the conniving and manipulation and I don’t have to look any further than your own kids and see how they have struggled and to understand why they have the problems they have.

    I remember well the day you made that statement to me because you were running your mouth like you love to do and being the big man with all of the answers. I loved the look on your face that day when you found out it was me you made that statement to. I also hit you up that day about your lovely 70% tax incentive you got and how you kept telling me you wouldn’t be lowering your tax bill by at least $75,000 that year and I had kept telling you to check with the Treasurer’s office since you wouldn’t believe me. And you finally agreed that day that I was right. You are just like so many other sneaky hypocrite fakey people who don’t want to be held responsible for their words, actions and inaction. You were the author or co-author of that lying slogan of “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Tax ‘Em” since you and Drovetta only brought home 15 cents on the dollar for the people and I saw you at meeting after meeting with Bill Crandall with the Allen Group and Skippy Kalb with BNSF. I know who you as a business person works for just like I know who those worthless politicians work for and it sure isn’t for the common taxpayer who keeps having to lay the golden eggs to keep you in the style to which you are accustomed.

    There would never be any value in having a conversation with you unless you were another special interest looking for a free ride on the backs of the people – that is my opinion.

  13. 1. BNSF never even asked Olathe about the ground east of town. The curve in the tracks combined with the lack of track length on which to build limited their options building east of Gardner.

    2. BNSF asked the City of Gardner whether they wished to consider annexation or whether they should go to Edgerton. The vote to was to give the City of Gardner the opportunity to negoiate. If you care to ask any of the City Council members I had no input into those negoiations.

    3. Despite the fact that TradeNet recieved a tax abatement on the “expansion” portion of our building our taxes increased significantly due to a 300% increase in our investment in Gardner. If you look at the history of our tax payments there has been a steady increase in the taxes paid without regard to whether we enjoyed sales increases or not. Out of the over 20 years TradeNet has been in the community we have had partial tax abatements for less than five years.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    Oh, yes, Tom I have heard your spin for years along with the spin that has been coming from that stinking City Hall for years. I remember when I asked Fairburn why your tax incentive was given and he stated it was given to “keep” you here. I know the blackmail message that biz uses such “I won’t come or I won’t STAY unless you give me the deal I want and/or need”. I rememer well how you yelled about those companies not paying any or little taxes in New Century. You weren’t yelling because it was financial rape of the people, you were yelling because you weren’t getting the sweet deal like the other thieves were getting. That is my opinion. I have no respect for you Tom and never will. As far as I am concerned our foundations are built on totally different moral standards and we will always not see eye to eye.

  15. State of Affairs says:

    And, people were duped into buying property in Edgerton, without stating that a rail yard was coming. Further, the residents of Edgerton did not get to vote yes or no on accepting it.

    Now, the residents have to pay for the water/sewer set up for the project plus the Edgerton City Council has promised to provide the rail road with other projects they need.

    Now, great-grandma and I have to cut and worry how we are going to make expenses, while the big boys and girls take care of themselves.

  16. Amused citizen says:

    Judith, As I said earlier I do agree with some of what you say. At times you make very valid points. I agree that the City council needs fixing but disagree that Mr. Fotovitch is any help in fixing the problem. I agree that the school board has issues and that Mr. Gilhouse should go away. I was not sold on the Bond. Now I found the article that you spoke of stating that Olathe said no to the intermodal. I agree with Mr. Mertz BNSF had no intention to build there given the way the tracks lay but hey the Mayor of Olathe looks like a hero by saying he told them no, hmmmm very convenient. As far as the land owners say “no they would not sell to BNSF”, well guess what if the railroad wants it they will get it. It is called eminent domain, the right for the government to come in and take your property ( with compensation). This was created for the railroads and Military bases but has been abused in some instances. It was also used to clear the way for all that new construction in Wyandot County. And in my search for the little article you spoke of I also found many more articles that said BNSF was coming whether we wanted it or not (thanks for that one Johnson County). And are you really that deluded if we gave them a million dollars to go away they would? (from an earlier post of yours) A multi-million dollar operation would go away for a million? Sorry that one made me laugh. Now one last point… The whole country is screaming for jobs and I believe this whole project will bring in more than a few. And before you say something about the level of pay I will stop you right there. Do you want them to have a pay check or to continue to live off your tax dollars?

  17. State of Affairs says:

    To Amused:

    I am NOT amused.

    Now, the residents of Edgerton have to pay for the water/sewer set up for the project plus the Edgerton City Council has promised to provide the rail road with other projects they need.

    Now, great-grandma and I have to cut and worry how we are going to make expenses, while the big boys and girls take care of themselves. So, great-grandma and I get taxed out into the streets while others get jobs. The sign posted at the rail yard in KC said something like $9.57 an hour. (Rush to apply.)

  18. Judith Rogers says:

    Yes, when Mr. Montgomery, Olathe City Council member, who was hired by BNSF to make those land purchases, he most definitely had Mr. Eminent Domain sitting in the chair beside him and he made that entirely clear to those landowners when he was negotiating the rock bottom prices for BNSF – another form of fear and intimidation.

    However, to me what would have stopped BNSF would have occurred before the land purchases started. BNSF already knew they had politicians in their pocket who would provide the financial backing they always want and need such as tax incentives for developers they hire and to sell the private/public partnership deal which results in the people paying the astronomical costs and the thieves lining their pockets – the deal had already been made in the back room. As I have said a thousand times they had already made the deal with the slimy politicians and knew they were going to get what they needed while the people would be financially raped, put their health in jeopardy and totally lose their quality of life.

    I will never back a pay check that is a wage that people cannot live on or a job with no security and little or no benefits to provide them with any stability. I will support my tax dollars paying for people to live vs. the robber barons and the lowlifes abusing our citizens and providing tax dollars for TOP NOTCH EDUCATION so people won’t find themselves in a position of being pissed on. Just like those old mine workers and factory workers who had to suffer so to get some decency for their hard work back in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, I will back them. But I will not back unions when they use their power to ask for unreasonable pay and benefits and never being able to cull out the people who aren’t doing their jobs as they should. Common decency and strong moral values need to be exhibited by all parties and you are not seeing that and haven’t seen for I don’t how long.

    The choice is yours as to what you enable and support but I hope to God you are looking at the big picture and not going along with the lies, dishonesty, manipulation, conniving, etc. that is so rampant in our society today.

  19. Amused citizen says:

    Sorry State, I guess you can yell at the Gardner city council that voted to un anex the property. Those would be some of the same people that we recalled from the city council

  20. Judith Rogers says:

    Amused Citizen, you are far from being funny or amusing to others. Edgerton citizens have the same kind of politicians that Gardner and cities across America have (good ole Press was over there guiding the way for your financial rape and getting the big boys what they needed before he shows up at Gardner to help out the Dictator – that is my opinion) …………politicians who sell their people out, don’t work for the citizens but are only working for the money and greed guys who have bought our country Mayor Roberts of Edgerton still works for the city of Gardner, cut his teeth on the rotten politics here in Gardner and has bought into the rot and slime too in my opinion. Only the people can save themselves and get the government they should want and deserve. The price is going to be high if the people don’t set the bar high and hold some people accountable and responsible. People will take advantage of you only IF YOU ALLOW IT!!!!! The choice is yours.

  21. State of Affairs says:

    To Amused:

    Several years ago, I heard great-grandma go before the Edgerton City Council, voicing her fears that this project would take over Edgerton. Her fears have more than come to pass. We all should have just left our homes standing and got on the bus and left.

  22. Amused citizen says:

    I’m Sorry Judith, But I fail to recall any place in my posts that I was trying to be funny. As I said before I totally agree with the problems with our government. And as long as we continue to have voter apathy it will never change.

  23. As a new resident, I am so glad to know that every single politician in Gardner is corrupt and that someone who is so poor that they have to clip coupons to get by can’t figure out that the $40 a month they are paying for internet access would save a lot of coupon clipping.

    This is the thread that keeps on giving. Apparently both sides believe that victory is whoever posts last. Keep it coming!

  24. BNSF Article from 2005 says:


    Can we put the Olathe argument to rest now? Olathe’s mayor clearly passes while Gardner’s embraces. What more evidence do you need?

  25. Amused citizen says:

    @ Article, Show me evidence that BNSF even trully planned on Olathe. You are going on the Mayor saying no and Judith would tell you not to trust any of them. Oh better put use your name on here or Judith will call you a back stabbing low life

  26. Now I'm amused says:

    So you believe our mayor but not Olathe’s?

    Why don’t you e-mail both, call them liars and post their replies.

    You could also e-mail BNSF and claim they lied and post their response. Just do something other than calling the sky purple, ‘cuz we both know that isn’t the case.

  27. Judith Rogers says:

    I have sent and continue to send my e-mails to the lowlifes and they know exactly how I feel about practically every issue facing the citizens but they don’t give a rat’s kaboodie about what I or many other citizens like or dislike because they don’t work for me – they work for the thieves and other corrupt politicians. Welcome to your world of 2012 and what has been your world for quite some time.

  28. State of Affairs says:

    Was at a Johnson County Board of Commissioners meeting. Saw Mayor Lehman hugging the big boys from the rail road. That was after the last landowner that had held out announced that he had sold out to the rail road.

  29. State of Affairs says:

    P.S. So now be amused!

  30. *Mr. Mertz says:

    Mr. Mertz I have watched over the years what you have done for the community. As I recall, you led the “if you can’t beat ’em tax ’em” committee – or were at least very active in it. Did you at any time feel betrayed when Gardner city came back with a plan that would only have required warehouses only pay 15 percent of their taxes, or were you aware of that plan when you spearheaded the “tax ’em” campaign? I’ve always wondered that. I am not attacking you, I would genuinely like to know. Thank you. And for your service to the community.

  31. Judith Rogers says:

    Pander to Tom…………….LOL……….I wonder if he will fall for that one………..probably will considering how arrogant he is and every time he sees you, he tells you how much he has done for (I would say TO) the community…………I am waiting for your reply, Tom……….give it your best shot………..I want to hear some of the City Hall rationalization skills……..that is what you should be selling instead of refrigerator magnets…………

  32. *Mr. Mertz*Judith says:

    Not sure about pandering, just want to know.
    Not even sure how to pander; although I have seen pandas at the zoo.
    Up to Mr. Mertz whether he answers.

  33. No worries about facts, eh Judith? says:

    You’re STILL misquoting Tom Mertz. I seem to recall reading that you ALSO dug up arrest records on one of his employees in order to trash HIM to the public. And you have the nerve to call ME a cowardly backstabber?

    And you’re STILL holding up the so-called “integrity” of Olathe’s mayor, claiming that he magically changed BNSF’s mind about building on the OTHER side of Gardner? How old IS your computer, that it can only find (mis)quotes from 2005 that don’t mean anything other than the propaganda you spin it into? The article you’re so fond of linking doesn’t say that Olathe’s mayor turned it down…only that he wasn’t big on the location. That’s not exactly compellling proof that the mayor said “no”. Or even that he COULD have said no. Others have posted that BNSF wasn’t all that impressed with the site, either.

    For that matter, do you have proof that Gardner mayor could have stopped it either? The Gardner (now Edgerton) location was unannexed by either town. Rural properties that the railroad bought up. Wasn’t the Olathe site already annexed and under Olathe’s control in 2005? And if it wasn’t, had BNSF actually bought land there at the time it talked with Olathe’s mayor?

    You keep saying that it could’ve been stopped, but you never get beyond your propaganda articles that only scratch at the surface of the entire story.

  34. Judith Rogers says:

    Contact Tom Mertz or the Dicatator and perhaps they will give you a certificate in propaganda and/or a nice raise……………..

  35. Judith Rogers says:

    Pander, pander, pander…………..


    Example Sentences
    Worse, often school administrations pander to these affluent-powerful parents’ whimse.
    We want people to actually do there freaking job instead of pander to the propaganda used to train the herd.
    In other words, politicians pander because it works with dullard voters.
    Worse, often school administrations pander to these affluent-powerful parents’ whimse.
    We want people to actually do there freaking job instead of pander to the propaganda used to train the herd.
    In other words, politicians pander because it works with dullard voters.
    It would require leadership, and it’s easier to pander than lead.
    Greed and greed alone, as producers pander to their corporate backers’ lust for a few more dollars.
    Silly idea meant to pander to the worship of all things athletics.
    But many businessmen worry that the next government may pander a bit more to its trade unions and communist allies.
    They seem designed mainly to give politicians cover and pander to voters’ desire to feel virtuous.
    Maybe also in schools with administrators who pander to students.
    Any other approach, it was feared, would pander to racists.
    Companies, governments and international organisations pander to them eagerly.
    Unfortunately, politicians pander because the people demand to be pandered to.
    Partly because politicians prefer to pander to xenophobic fears than to explain immigration’s benefits.
    Not since pander entered the political lexicon has an obscure verb so suddenly come into vogue.
    Attempting to pander to the preferences of students has always resulted in better education.
    It is a photodrama in which the producers do not pander to popular appeal by portraying a happy ending.
    He plays music that rarely challenges his own historical achievements, and that in its simplicity seems to pander to his audience.
    If the people did not demand it then politicians who pander would not be elected.
    Wagner never breaks character to pander to his fans as a lesser actor or bigger ego might.
    It is one thing to pander and obstruct when you are out of power.
    McCain’s occasional, tactical pander to the right because he has demonstrated that he has the character to stand on principle.
    Some will say that such actions pander to a repellent elite.
    He is also asking him to pander to a single group when the candidate should be running as president of all the people.
    He does not have to pander to racialism to convey his message.
    The nightclub manager realizes that he must pander to the hidden and unconscious snobbery of the great majorities.
    Both big parties often felt they had to pander to anti-immigrant, if not xenophobic views.
    They reasoned that an informal, late-night atmosphere is exactly the setting to challenge audiences, not pander to them.
    The reform must overhaul the curriculum and not pander to teaching unions.
    Rather, the problem would seem to rest with the political leaders who pander to the margins of the.
    These candidates pander and rant on with tautological rhetoric now decomposing.
    These are the group’s dimmest songs, the ones on which they pander the most.
    He tried to pander to leftists by asking for money for teachers, and by talking about higher taxes on the rich.
    It is merely a set of racial talking points intended to pander to a demographic to which he cannot relate.
    Net gainers are landlords, political parties that pander to them, and small businesses that employ them.
    And sadly, they pander to the religious right, which is a bad thing.
    Politico’s cannot pander to specific demographics at the expense of the disenfranchised who tend not to vote.
    He wonders why hotels, which go to such pains to pander to guests’ bodily needs, are so negligent of their mental requirements.
    They have all been suppressed by governments who pander to big businesses.

  36. Pander-less says:

    Thanks Judith. So I guess it’s better to be pandered to as opposed to pandering. Although being pander-free is preferable.

  37. Take a gander... says:

    …at the pander.

  38. Re: Mr Mertz says:

    Feel free to contact me at tmertz@tradenetpublishing.com and I will share my thoughts. This forum lacks the civility to carry this discussion further.

  39. Judith Rogers says:

    Oh, I love how Mertz wants to talk to you via his personal e-mail………….is it harder to manipulate in an open forum or a court room, Mertz, where people can call out your sorry rearend…………

  40. Judith Rogers says:

    Mertz will now revert back to being one of the no-namers ………………

  41. Nope, not irrational hatred, eh Judith? says:

    Could you BE any more spiteful, Judith?

  42. Judith Rogers says:

    Spite doesn’t have a thing to do with it but the TRUTH does…………….I think I am going to start saving so I can afford to hire an attorney to require the names of the no-namer posters to be identified. I have read about this being done and found to be successful in calling out the lowlifes and it was found many of the posters were people working for government entities, politicians, etc. Harder these days to be a member of the Klan and not be found out and isn’t it amazing how people are still today operating as the Klan operated…………….the sinners are always out there but just with different methods due to technology.

  43. Classic Judith Rodgers. Since she says it is TRUE it somehow means that it isn’t spiteful, as if it is not possible for someone to be spiteful about a truthful situation. She also mixed in random insults and a desire for full disclosure so that she can PERSONALLY ensure that everyone on the interwebs is who they say they are and try to use intimidation to shut down free speech.

    The only thing to make my day better would be a random post from State of Affairs ending with a sad heartfelt plea about him/she/it and their poor grandma (as if anyone cares).

  44. Judith Rodgers - Lie or Truth? says:

    Direct Quote from Judith;

    Judith Rogers says:

    February 13, 2012 at 11:20 am

    The intermodal could have been easily stopped as cities have done across the nation – you would know that if you had done any indepth research on the matter. I know of cities offering to pay the railroads $1 Million or more to NOT come to their communities.

    Second Quote:

    Like I said I know of cities across the nation who have not got an intermodal forced upon them and it is because they had decent elected representatives, actual representatives, to stand tall with them and say No, Thank You.

    End of Quotes.

    Judith, the anti-intermodal crowd for two years could not and even you today cannot provide the name of a City that supports the statement you made.

    Judith, until you can name a City that supports your repeated claims you are as in your own words part of that “corrupt, terrible conniving and manipulation and dishonesty are still going on in your city”.

    Look in a mirror.

  45. Judith Rogers says:

    Like I said I don’t have time to handfeed you information……………..I will save the information for much bigger/more important venues that for a lowlife posting here and who won’t even take ownership of his/her comments…………..

  46. AKA SWOTI doesn’t have the information or the information she has we will *sniff sniff* rationalize away.

    Don’t bother waiting for anything from her she has already proven that all she knows how to do is make random posts (she thinks that if she puts a lot of words together and put in a random link that we will think it is well researched) and then call people names when they disagree with her. Don’t forget that SWOTI believes she can win any internet argument by posting last. That is why I have crowned her ‘Supreme Winner Of The Internet.’ Everyone can feel free to call her SWOTI.

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