February 6, 2016

Gardner Citations Report for February


  1. The Gardner News has stooped to another low level. Seriously, why are Gardner Police traffic tickets and other personal information printed for everyone to see? What is the purpose except to embarass our friends and neighbors. This is not news! I encourage people to quit purchasing the rag and for advertisers to cease placing adds until the newspaper quits this practice.

    Rhonda – you have allowed Ms. Thompson to run you virtually out of business. Your reputation has been tarnished because of her. Get back to what you used to stand for. This community wants positive news, unslanted reporting, and and not gossipy news like traffic tickets.

  2. State of Affairs says:

    Olathe Daily News prints the report, or at least they use to.

  3. State of Affairs says:

    The sheriff’s department lists its report daily.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Know what you are living with – be informed and educated. Every person should know how to utilize the public records and websites – could save you a lot of suffering or a hit to your finances. All make their own record of citizenship and tell you what they stand for. Coverups or not taking responsibility for your actions and/or inaction will not result in good government or good neighbors or good employees. Hardworking, decent citizens always have to pay for the wrongdoing of others and the price is getting higher by the day because so many are turning their heads to the wrongdoing or don’t want you to know what is happening right in your backyard, especially within their government entities Too often today the wrongdoers are readily accepted in society and too many are ready or willing to accept the rationalization away of what is not acceptable.

    http://www.jococourts.org/ – Use this site to check the criminal and/or civil records of citizens, bsinesses, etc. in Johnson County. This site will certainly tell you whether people pay their bills, are responsible and take care of their obligations, etc.

    http://www.jocosheriff.org/br/ – This site will tell you who is creating costs for you in so many ways.

    http://www.jocosheriff.org/Index.asp?incl=omap – This site will tell you of the registered offenders, such as sexual offenders, in your neighborhood and beyond. I would think anyone and everyone would want to know of these individuals in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

    http://www.jocogov.org/ – This site never ends in giving you information you need. On the right hand side of the page there is a section labeled “Quick Maps”. Enter any address or parcel i.d. number and find out the ownership of the property and much more. Good way to find property after property where the thieves are getting “farm” appraisals on their property when no farming is being done and citizens are losing millions and millions of tax revenue due to this fraud (see tax bills and appraisal info) – wonder why your tax bill is so high – your cronyism government will do it to you faster than lightning. Find out if people are paying their taxes (property, income tax, etc.), child support, etc. as they should or whether they are going 5, 6 and more years of not meeting their obligations but have money to contribute to such things as a rigged recall or having money for a privacy fence, a new hairdo or whatever.

    These examples are just a few examples of how you can inform yourself for your own protection. Some don’t want you to know the TRUTH and many do not want to meet their responsibilities. We are in the midst of an election year and before you ever enter a voting booth or mark a ballot, you better be informed through thorough research and not listening to worthless, morally corrupt politicians or the wingnuts – the decisions and choices you make and how well you are informed do have a long arm of affects to you and your loved ones. Anyone who does not want the TRUTH out there or who restricts the information highway are entities I distrust and there are many in our society in today’s world and if you think you have a transparent government, then you are a FOOL in my opinion. The political and government systems are so rotten to the core because so many within those systems have totally lost their moral compass and many never had one – that is my opinion. We all need to be thinking about what the Sam Hill we are doing and the choices we are making every day and what examples we are setting – your record will speak for itself and tell all what you stand for.

    Some want just to look at the world through rose-colored glasses (most of the time to get them what they want from others) but if you are smart, you will want the black and white of the TRUTH.

  5. I agree. Information that’s on the Sheriff Department’s website is published there as a matter of public record, but it’s also not intended to be used as cheap shot material for petty people to exact petty revenges.

    We’re not stupid. We can see the name on the list that was apparently the intended target of this particular report. Not got your pound of flesh, yet, Danedri?

    Phil is right. Rhonda needs to get ahold of the people on her staff who are using her newspaper to get back on people they don’t like.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    People make their own records – you don’t have to find a scapegoat or blame others for what you have done or not done.

  7. State of Affairs says:

    Uhm–Be glad you don’t live in Kansas City. The police pickup the “Johns” and post their names. There is a 1-800 number, so wives and employers can check the sites. (At least use to be. This rule went into effect in 1993.)

  8. State of Affairs says:

    P.S. Also, besides having their names posted, they were to be fined $250.00.

  9. Of course, YOU’RE in support of smearing people’s names, SWOTI. You wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation at all if you didn’t have people’s private lives to snoop around in so you can throw stuff in their faces. How ELSE can you win an argument if you can’t change the subject by saying, “Oh yeah, but YOU got a speeding ticket, so NYAH!!!” Brilliant logic you’ve got, there, SWOTI. Too bad you aren’t shamed by your own sleaziness, but then, you’d have to face all the nasty, disgusting things you do while you’re blaming others.

    @State – There is a decided difference between a law enforcement department following its legal requirement to post information like police blotter and/or arrest reports, and a local newspaper or certain snoopy individuals to use that information in an attempt to smear others. The sheriff department website actually warns people that it’s illegal to misuse the information they post.

    So, yes, Gardner News running a ticket report because it may or may not contain the name of someone that one of their employees wants to get back at for some old political disagreement is pretty skeevy. It puts them in the same boat as SWOTI, only worse because GN is pretending to be a newspaper, not just a nosy busybody with an overdeveloped sense of vengeance.

    If anyone doubts my allegation against Gardner News, you only have to note the fact that, although the four images they posted of the ticket report are in alphabetic order, one name is magically sorted to the top. It is a blatant character assault on a single individual with the obvious intent of singling him out. If I were this individual, I’d be talking to lawyers about libel. Clearly, he made a mistake and, yes, that mistake is a part of the public record. But highlighting it in the way that GN did reeks of a cheap-shot vendetta against a guy who isn’t likely to be able to afford to defend himself legally from them. I reiterate Phil’s point: Rhonda, you should know better.

    On a different not, I don’t think I have anything to worry about KCMO’s “john line”, but it’s interesting that you bring it up. In that instance, the police department itself is using shame tactics in hopes that it will discourage people from going to prostitutes in their jurisdiction. I’d be interested in finding out if it actually had any effect on the overall amount of prostitution and if they’ve ever been sued for putting up someone’s name who was later acquitted of charges.

    It’s a very gray area, balancing the public’s right to know against an individual’s right to privacy and the overall concept of innocent until proven guilty. We see with Gardner News and this page, the kind of dirt campaign that crosses the lines and offsets the balance.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    It becomes more evident by the day who does not want to be held accountable for their actions nor do they want anyone to know what they are doing. Reminds me of Gardner City Hall and the Beasley Bunch as prime examples and I can think of a few more. Thy protest too much and look for a scapegoat as usual and it shows you for what you are.

  11. Judith…. Huh?

  12. Hahahaha! says:

    Changing the subject, SWOTI? Too close to the mark? Methinks YOU protest too much. What kind of lowlife does it take to look up someone’s bankruptcy proceedings just because you don’t have a logical answer to his political opinions?


  13. Rhonda Humble says:

    The court report appears as received from Gardner City; it’s simply scanned and put online. Danedri has no part in the process. These reports are routinely run by media; it’s nothing new, and to my knowledge this is the first time anyone has ever questioned it. Ryan, if you’d like a copy of the report as received, I can e mail it to you.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    As I mentioned in my earlier comments of 3-25-12, many do not want the black and white of the TRUTH out there – they deal in lies, conniving, manipulation, etc. which works so well for them in the short term but in the long term it never pays off.

  15. Why is there only one name that’s sorted out of order, to the top of the first image?

  16. Judith Rogers says:

    Does it matter where in the Sam Hill your name appears on the report??? Not really, your name is on the report for a good reason – you have broken the law and now you will have to pay the consequences which many don’t want to do and many don’t want you to know what the Sam Hill they have been doing. Look up anyone on the Johnson County District Court website and review their criminal and civil records – the records speak for themselves.

  17. Charlie K says:

    Who is Sam Hill? I didn’t see his name on the citations report.

  18. Judith Rogers says:

    Sam Hill is another one of the cowardly, backstabbing no-namers, just like you Charlie K…………….

  19. Hahahaha!! says:

    Hey Charlie! You’re a no-namer!!

    I guess we’re to presume that, according to SWOTI, posting under your name makes you a no-namer? So that must make all the no-name posting SWOTI has done even WORSE than the no-name posting she does by actually posting her name. Hard to follow SWOTI’s rules. Maybe she’ll make sense someday.

  20. George A Rifford IV says:

    Perhaps GPD has a rationale for readily providing this information to the media (such as future deterence)? Just a thought…

  21. They have a legal obligation to make the information available. I do not see “embarrassment” as a viable function of enforcement of laws.

    People who are charged with infractions pay the legal consequences and, in the eyes of the law, have paid back their obligations to the government and society at large. We aren’t (or shouldn’t be) in a mode where we’re making people wear a “scarlet letter” so that they have to continue paying for their crimes for the rest of their lives.

    Now, if we all decide that the legal consequences for breaking the law aren’t severe enough, I suppose we could change the laws to, maybe, brand them or something. Or we could parade them down Main Street and throw stuff at them. Make ourselves feel superior. That’ll show ’em.

    Or we could let the legal system deal with crime and deterrence and not play smear games with the mistakes in people’s lives. Just a thought….

  22. Judith Rogers says:

    Or you could look at the records of these people and make an intelligent decision of whether you want to do business with them, hire them, have a relationship with them, whether they should represent you as an elected representative, etc., etc. Choices, we all have them.

  23. This type of information is public records and some areas decide to release them. My hometown in Nebraska used to send them out every week. I used to scour them for people I knew and then send them an e-mail with the link and tease them. It was mostly speeding tickets and the like. While it is probably tacky to re-sort the list to put someone you don’t like on top, they could have NOT broken the law and their name wouldn’t have been on the list at all. I’ve agreed with SWOTI two times. I think I have met my quota for the year.

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