February 6, 2016

‘Final offer’ made to new administrator

Danedri Thompson
In what council president Kristina Harrison called a “final offer,” city council members authorized Mayor Dave Drovetta to sign an agreement with Cheryl Harrison-Lee to become Gardner City Administrator.
Council members retreated to chambers for 25 minutes during the May 21 meeting for an executive session to discuss personnel matters.
The council agreed to formally offer the vacant city administrator position a few weeks ago. Since then, they’ve met a few times in executive session likely hammering out contract details.
The position has been vacant for more than a year, since the departure of Stewart Fairburn in February 2011.
Assistant City Administrator Melissa Mundt’s last day is set for May 23.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    The citizens will be well served to certainly have a copy of that contract if it is accepted and compare it to the previous administrator’s contract. We will see what kind of job your Dictator and his Council did in protecting the citizens who pay the bills and are so very much affected by the administrator’s words and actions. Of course, the biggest responsibility lies with the citizens who absolutely have to provide the constant oversight that is so needed and NECESSARY – if they don’t do their jobs, then the done deals (example: Brownback’s and leglislators’ financial rape of the common man in this past legislative session) will continue much to their detriment.

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    I suspect Ms. Harrison-Lee will respond rather promptly to the Gardner City Council’s offer of employment.

    According to the Feb. 3, 2012 newspaper story linked below, city commissioners in Lake Alfred, FL (2010 population, 7519) decided to hire their second choice for city manager candidate after the top-ranked candidate failed to timely respond to a request to negotiate a contract.

    The article also reported that Cheryl Harrison-Lee, the third-ranked candidate, made a public records request for all information related to the city manager search, stating she made the request “to have the benefit of some of the feedback. It’s a great opportunity to be (able) to talk with them and look at this as a learning experience.”


  3. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    On April 13, 2012, town Council members in Lantana FL, population 10,422, hired a new Town Manager with a unanimous 5-0 vote. Councilmembers had reviewed the original twenty-seven candidate applications and agreed to interview seven finalists, including Cheryl Harrison-Lee.

    At the completion of interviews, the Mayor asked Councilmembers to decide if there was a clear consensus on an individual for the Town Manager position and a second choice candidate in the event the first choice did not work out.

    Ms. Harrison-Lee was not one of the top two choices. The Council’s first choice signed a contract during the Apr. 23, 2012 council meeting and was presented an employee identification badge by the Mayor.

    On May 2, 2012, during the Town Council meeting of Lake Park, FL (population 8,155) the five final candidates from a list of seven semi-finalists for Town Manager was announced. The five finalists are to be interviewed on Jun. 16, 2012. Ms. Harrison-Lee and one other candidate, tied with the fewest votes (two), will not be interviewed.

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