February 14, 2016

EUB discusses 2011 budget in joint meeting

Corbin H. Crable
Gardner Energy is poised for a budget surplus for fiscal year 2010, and 2011 looks financially promising as well, members of the Electric Utility Board said June 14.
The EUB participated in a joint meeting with the Gardner City Council and the Planning Commission the evening of June 14 at City Hall, with Electric Director Bill Krawczyk providing an optimistic financial outlook for the coming year.
Gardner Energy’s total operating revenues for 2010 were placed at $13.8 million; the board has estimated total expenditures at $13.3 million, creating a budget surplus of $486,000. For the year to date, total operating revenues stand at $4.3 million, with total expenditures at $3.8 million, creating a surplus of more than $419,000.
Fiscal year 2011 also likely will see a budget surplus, Krawczyk said, with total operating revenues projected to be $14.3 million and total expenditures at $14.1 million, creating a surplus of roughly $159,000.
Gardner Energy has maintained 14 full-time employees this year and expects to add one position in generation and one position in distribution for 2011.
The Gardner City Council itself will discuss its 2011 budget beginning with a work session on June 28.
EUB Chairman Randy Tedford also told the governing bodies that Gardner Energy still plans to throw its proverbial hat in the ring to provide service to the intermodal facility, although he acknowledged GE would face a significant challenger in Kansas City Power and Light.
“It may be a long shot, but we’re going to work at it,” he said. “We’re going to submit a proposal to service the intermodal.”
Krawczyk said that on the whole, however, he was optimistic about GE’s role in the intermodal, saying board members have met with BNSF representatives several times in the past few months.
“We need more commercial customers, and we need more commercial customers who operate longer than eight to 10 hours a day,” he said.
Absent from the meeting was new EUB member Eric Schultz, who was sworn in as a mayoral appointee only last week. Gardner Mayor Dave Drovetta appointed Schultz to serve the remainder of Brian Broxterman’s term on the board. Broxterman, in turn, was appointed to the council last month.
An area of concern surrounding Schultz’s appointment, voiced by at least one member of the council, focuses on Schultz’s prior record of attending meetings when he first served on the council in 2008.
Schultz was one of eight candidates vying for the council seat ultimately granted to Broxterman, but he withdrew his name from the pool in April, citing increased time commitments from a new job as his reason.
Schultz told council members last week that his schedule was now more manageable, and that he did not foresee attendance problems being an issue.
“I have confidence that I have better control of my schedule,” Schultz told council members.
In other business, the council:

• heard a presentation on the city’s comprehensive plan. The Planning Commission, as it does each year, will review and approve the community development portion of the plan. One of the issues the commission will examine includes changing land use as it relates to the Highway 56 Corridor Study.
• heard a presentation on the corridor study from Jeff McKerrow of TranSystems Corp., which is working with the Kansas Department of Transportation on the project. McKerrow told the governing bodies that the study, which examines a 22-mile stretch of the highway and its projected traffic patterns and land use for the next three decades, will be completed by the end of the summer. At the conclusion of the study, an interlocal agreement must be signed between multiple entities, including KDOT, Douglas and Johnson counties, and the cities of Baldwin, Gardner and Edgerton. That agreement, McKerrow said, will establish a corridor advisory committee, which will meet and discuss the evolution of the corridor as traffic patterns shift.

The council will next meet for its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, June 21, at City Hall, 120 E. Main St.

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  1. Chris Morrow says:

    A mere one week after Eric Schultz is sworn in as a member of the Electric Utility Board he has missed the very first meeting in which his attendance was expected.
    As a concerned citizen I expect Mr. Schultz to make a public statement explaining this absence. I also call for him to make a publicly stated commitment to attend his scheduled meetings for the Electric Utility Board.
    I also call on Mayor Drovetta to make a similar public statement to monitor Mr. Schulz’s attendance and make a commitment to take appropriate action when necessary.
    If Mr. Schultz’s attendance had not previously been an issue in his appointed positions with the City, and if his public statements from the Spring 2009 election and his letter to Mayor Drovetta in April of this year had not indicated a potential for problems with attendance, perhaps this wouldn’t be a big deal.

  2. Who does the budget? Wasn’t it just a few months ago utility bills increased because they were losing money? Now this miraculous surplus? Lower my electric rate please. I don’t want my money used to pay off your poor planning elsewhere – like the super,dooper aquatic pool.

  3. Mr. Morrow is much more diplomatic than I am. I ask for Mr. Schultz’s letter of resignation from the Electric Board. I didn’t want him before he was appointed and I still don’t want him on that Board along with Ryan Beasley. I have had enough Drovetta cronies and poor excuses of appointees to last me a lifetime.

    When you look at our astronomical city indebtedness along with the sweet deals given to the fat cats and the business owners along Main St., in my opinion you will continue to see an ever increasing tax bill, sales tax, fees, cuts in service, etc., etc. The Lehman/Drovetta regime continues to transfer that tax burden to the average citizen and gives you lip service to think you are well off.

  4. Jack Burden says:

    What a farce!

    Eric Schulz should have never been seated, and with the ignominious start to his 3rd city appointment he should avoid the hassles to come and resign now.

    If he doesn’t resign on his own the mayor should display a lttle testicular fortitude and ask for his resignation or begin the process of removing him from his seat.

  5. Willie Stark says:

    Seems like people are just for looking something to be wrong. Did anybody bother to ask why he wasn’t there?

  6. Willie, if you have followed Schultz’s actions in the past, you would realize he is called No Show Schultz for a reason. Again, I want him to permanently not show by submitting his letter of resignation. People do not hold Schultz accountable and he doesn’t recognize there are consequences for his actions or inaction and he never will if people continue to let him off the hook. Mr. Schultz and many others absolutely have got to realize their intentions do have consequences and with respect to the city of Gardner, it has been the people of Gardner who have been suffering the adverse affects of people like Schultz who are just drifting thru life and don’t meet their responsibilities. You keep enabling him, you become part of the problem.

  7. Jack Burden says:

    @ Willie Stark … I don’t want things to be wrong, they get wrong all on their own. Some things I can let slide, but this Schulz guy, do you understand that he did this on the planning commission, he did it on the city council? Who knows, if attendance hadn’t been a problem for him perhaps he would have been re-elected last year.

  8. McDonald says:

    The next EUB meeting is the 21st. Let’s pray he’ll be there. I am a little disappointed by the Mayor and his appointment of Schultz. He pooped away any good will he had available with that appointment.

  9. As far as I am concerned Drovetta pooped away a whole lot for the people of Gardner and this area and it has been going on for years and certainly doesn’t stop with the appointment of No Show Schultz and Schultz doesn’t just have an attendance problem. People had better smarten up and not just go along with the propaganda and rhetoric put out there by the status quo and do their own research and stay on top of what is ACTUALLY occurring, especially in the closed door back rooms at City Hall and beyond – keep your own scorecard, know your history and make intelligent choices at the voting booth and in the interim period, you better be ready to stand up and speak out to protect your best interests. That recall horror story should have opened any person’s eyes, that is if they have a brain and use it. The status quo didn’t like how that last election went whatsoever and the day after the election they put the ball to working to get rid of people they felt they could not control or who weren’t voting the way they wanted them to. If anything should scare the daylights out of people, that recall should have done the job and you now have a dictator city government that will do you no good as a result of the recall.

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