February 7, 2016

Editorial: School taxpayers have most to lose from intermodal

We hate to say, “we told you so.” But at this point we’re going to have to make an exception and say it: We told you so.

The intermodal project will benefit the state, the county, Johnson County Community College, and the local fire district. Peripherally, Edgerton will see a cost advantage as well. Gardner may see an increase in business growth, but that and the additional infrastructure needs for Gardner were not included in the study.

The concern has never been either Gardner or Edgerton, but the school district; our area’s largest taxing entity, which the two communities share. State statute does not provide school districts a mechanism to say “no,” on abatements, so it’s much like someone grabbing 75 percent of your pay without getting your permission, or even a cursory nod.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, the school district will see a net loss from the massive project if Edgerton doesn’t make changes to contracts allowing the huge abatement. According to the report, the district will lose 46 cents on every dollar spent over the next 10 years educating new students resulting from the project.

That’s almost a full generation of students.

Who will pay for that lost revenue? Best bury your pennies in the back yard, because under current conditions, district officials will have no choice but to reach into your wallet to make up the difference.

Maybe before the industrial revenue bonds are issued, it’s time for the three major beneficiaries of the million dollar deal, The Allen Group, BNSF, and the state to step forward and be good neighbors.

If The Allen Group doesn’t want to pay its fair share of taxes, we have some suggestions:

•The state, which sees a benefit of 140-plus to 1, could share the wealth. It’s unfair the entire state benefits at the expense of our children. Johnson Countians already export more tax revenue than they receive.

•BNSF and The Allen Group could agree to pay in lieu taxes to make up the difference in school revenue lost.

•BNSF and The Allen Group could set aside land for the district’s future use for a school; maybe even a vo-tech school.

• The two entities could establish an escrow to offset the district patrons’  financial loss.

And before you wring your hands and say it isn’t possible, we’ve seen enough shenanigans involved in this deal to know mountains can be moved when the right entity benefits. Local officials have kept the Interstate 70 toll booths in business traveling back and forth to lobby Topeka for special legislation and deals.

It’s sad. The intermodal isn’t bad for Edgerton, if they can afford it.

And Edgerton residents may eventually get lower city taxes because of the project, much as Gardner would have had the project stayed here. The problem was, and continues to be, school taxes and what it will cost district patrons.

It seems who really benefits are the taxing entities – excluding the school district – but not necessarily the taxpayers.

The question remains: Why is government involved in private enterprise?  Shifting taxes skews the market.

We’ve yet to hear of a large project that has paid off. Most recently, Topeka officials say they will have to increase taxes to offset losses from Heartland Raceway, which was built with STAR bonds – another economic development tool that provides tax incentives to large developments.

Contrary to popular belief, this newspaper’s editorial board has never opposed the intermodal project. We do, however, take issue with large tax abatements that favor one business over another – especially when that favoritism comes at the expense of school children.

It appears Edgerton and state officials are more worried about how much money will pad the coffers of city hall than the effect on local youth.

We implore the USD 231 school board to take steps and oppose this.

It’s about the children.


  1. Wouldn’t there be 10% more that would be going to the schools if the project would have stayed in Gardner? Am I wrong?

  2. If you are losing (about) 50 cents of every dollar, you’re still in the hole if you only lose 40 or 45. You can’t sell at a loss, and you can’t build new schools, hire teachers without the necessary funds. Gardner and Edgerton share the same district, so taxpayers of those communities will probably have to make up the difference, under the current tax shift scenario.

  3. But if the intermodal wasn’t here the other 50 cents of the dollar that we DO get wouldn’t be there at all? So we atleast get 50 cents and then after the abatements expire we get 100%? I’m honestly just trying to understand, is my thinking off?

  4. Look online at the documents. Payback for the school district is 10 years, every other entity is paid back within 2-3 years. Payback for the state is 140 to 1 (as I recall), and they get the profit back in under a year. Call your school board representative and ask them to explain it. They dropped the ball by not keeping watch. Edgerton dropped the ball by not informing them. And those of us who live in the district will have to make up the difference.

  5. Dust in the wind says:

    “But if the intermodal wasn’t here the other 50 cents of the dollar that we DO get wouldn’t be there at all? So we atleast get 50 cents and then after the abatements expire we get 100%? I’m honestly just trying to understand, is my thinking off?”

    Let’s say you are given $99 million dollars. To get it, you had to pay $100 million dollars. You didn’t make any money on the deal. You lost money on the deal.
    I don’t understand why this is so confusing, so I’ll spell it out in simple math. I’ll even make it multiple choice:
    Fill in the blank

    1. 0 ___ 3
    c) =
    d) Mary Peters is mean.

    2. -3 ___ 0

    c) =
    d) Dave Drovetta tastes like bubble gum.

    If everyone here is able to correctly answer these questions, we can continue the conversation. But until we all have an understanding of basic math, I think it’s pointless to have a logical discussion with someone who is unable to reason.

  6. Dust in the wind says:

    “But if the intermodal wasn’t here the other 50 cents of the dollar that we DO get wouldn’t be there at all? So we atleast get 50 cents and then after the abatements expire we get 100%? I’m honestly just trying to understand, is my thinking off?”

    Let’s say you are given $99 million dollars. To get it, you had to pay $100 million dollars. You didn’t make any money on the deal. You lost money on the deal.
    I don’t understand why this is so confusing, so I’ll spell it out in simple math. I’ll even make it multiple choice:
    Fill in the blank

    1. 0 ___ 3
    c) =
    d) Mary Peters is mean.

    2. -3 ___ 0

    c) =
    d) Dave Drovetta tastes like bubble gum.

    If everyone here is able to correctly answer these questions, we can continue the conversation. But until we all have an understanding of basic math, I think it’s pointless to have a logical discussion with someone who is unable to reason.

    After 10 years, the school MAY start making money, but we don’t actually know that. The study doesn’t say. These projects have a history of requesting extended abatements or threatening to leave, and each warehouse gets 10 years so the bleeding could continue for quite some time beyond 10 years. And are you willing to send your kid to an overcrowded, underfunded school for 10 years? Crappy schools will certainly hurt the Dave Drovetta holy-grail of growth.

  7. Gardner1 says:

    So, it looks like the Intermodal is a good deal with exception to the School District. Perhaps the News could clarify their opinion. It appears the abatements and the project are good for everything except for the District, why is that? What is it about the structure that negatively affects the District?

    Also, the abatements in this case seem to be building long term growth for Edgerton, and region, why does the News conclude that the abatements are bad solely on the fact that the School District loses, or is that the only reasoning? I’m not saying that is not a good reason but is that something that could be worked out?

    I think it is once again interesting that the debate whether it would have been better if Gardner would have been able to keep control of the project if this would negatively affected us like this. Here we are and those proponents of signing the Intermodal agreements are kind of vindicated, Gardner residents lose.

  8. Dust, I know your point was to make us feel dumb for not understanding so congratulations! I clearly don’t understand your formula or your 99 to 100 analogy.

    It looks like over the next 10 years, the District is losing .50 per dollar which will effect the ability for our school district to keep up with the growth that is projected along with BNSF project. That blows, yes. But, the Gardner News here is making an assumption that it won’t make money after the initial 10 years (which history kind of proves their point, see race track, Legends etc). It does seem like the State would step in here and correct the gap.

  9. Judith’s 99 to 100 analogy is typical of people that oppose the Intermodal. They like to talk about issues that are well past the worst case scenario, it is their scare tactic.

    Where would I find a break down of the cost of this project and who is paying what amount for it? That would be a good FACT that I think everyone would like to know, instead of Judith’s end of the world statements.

  10. I consider myself a realist rather than a happy talk kind of person or a fatalist. I also believe in doing my homework by doing in depth research and not rationalizing away the truth or manipulating a process to get what I want.

    How can anyone believe anything that is printed on those two benefit analysis reports bought and paid for by the Allen Group????? The data, assumptions, etc. used have not been checked for accuracy in way, shape or form. Your Edgerton politicians like those in Gardner and beyond have not protected the people’s interests from the get-go.

    Even when those thieving developers and others start paying their full tax dollars which I highly doubt ever comes about, the citizens will be paying for new roads and byways, bridges, interchanges, increasing I-35 to three lanes and probably doing the same for Hwy 56, overpasses, underpasses, maintenance of the road up the gut from now until kingdom comes, medical and disability costs into the billions and that is just for starters.

    You might start with checking to see how railroads are assessed and taxed like I have done in at least two states including Kansas. You will find out how little taxes they pay and how they are always taken care of in taxation by the political so-called representatives you vote for much to your detriment. Find out how BNSF had a small intermodal in Montana with an appraised value of over $1 Million but due to their favorable tax deals that gets cut down to only $87,000 which is much less than any citizen has in appraised value. Yeah, if you did your research you will find out how the money mongers keep dragging in the money due to the people being the ATM machine. Good ole Buffet knew it was a good deal to buy BNSF because he can do what he wants when he wants because the railroads are pretty much unregulated and very much protected.

    Most people in this area did not want this project. From Day 1 I said the way to stop them is to NOT ENABLE AND SUPPORT THEM which was proven very well when BNSF and the Allen Group didn’t get what they wanted here in Gardner and moved on down the road. If all of the worthless politicians had worked with the people on this issue and said NO right up front, we wouldn’t be facing what we will be facing from now until who knows when with much suffering along the way. You say NO by saying we will not subsidize and incentivize you, we will not pay for all of your needed infrastructure – we will not allow you to privatize gains and socialize the costs and losses once again.

  11. Ryan, I saw the complete benefit analysis on this site. Look at the first article. It clearly breaks down how the school district loses. You guys have got to give up on the old “intermodal fight.” Who is going to lose are the taxpayers in the school district. Quit arguing and call the school district. I did.

  12. gardner2 says:

    Judith, you’re wrong. The vast majority of people DID want the intermodal project. The vote proved it.

    Anyways, the analysis does show that the school is indeed losing money. So what is next? I guess mill levy will have to go up to support the new schools etc.

    I’m sure Drovetta will welcome that so that he won’t be the only one raising taxes.

  13. Maybe it would be wise for the school district to put together a little opinion piece or article to educate us on the issues?

  14. No, the people did not want this intermodal but they bought into the propaganda put out there by the likes of Drovetta, Lehman, Mertz and a whole bunch of other worthless politicians and voted like sheeple. Part of that propaganda was the lie of “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Tax ‘Em” – those backstabbing jaybirds had no more intention of taxing the thieves than a man in the moon and that is documented very well by their words, actions, inaction and voting record – that is if you take the time to research those facts. No, the people due to their laziness, fear of standing up to the no good people in office and in your city administration will get what they deserve but certainly not what I and many others deserve who have had the courage to stand up for what is right and call out the people who are the wrongdoers and bloodsuckers.

    How do you know the school district will be losing money and other taxing entities will be making out like crazy?????? What independent benefit analysis are you using to make that statement and has it been proven to use accurate data and information??????? You are putting eggs in a basket based on an analysis bought and paid for by a belly-up developer and who is only here for the smell of money.

    Before the school district can educate the people on this issue, they are going to have to educate themselves, secure a valid analysis (if one is available) and use some integrity and ethics while they are going thru the process – lots of luck on that one. I still say and will always say that this project is a loser for the people and in so many ways – time will bear this opinion out but, of course, it is always in the eyes of the beholder and since I don’t worship money, I am sure I would have a different opinion than those who do.

  15. gardner2 says:

    Who’s shelling out the thousands of dollars to do an independent analysis Mrs. Rodgers? If you’re such a civic saint why don’t you put up the money for it?

    Ryan makes a good point. I hope the School board puts out their findings or their presentation to the City of Edgerton. It seems like someone should be lobbying the State to recoup some of the money that we will be in the whole as a district. I don’t want my taxes being raised for a project not even in my town. Again, thank you Mrs. Peters for that!

  16. Judith I’m proud of you for admitting that you really don’t have any idea what this project is going to do. It could be a winfall for the surrounding area or it could be a bankrupt landfill waiting to happen. Your ideas are your opinion and “time will bear this opinion”, just like you say.

    This is a big step for you. Congrats.

  17. Ryan, once again you are like others who like to twist the truth into lies – could you possibly be the Ryan Beasley who led the recall lynch mob????? Sounds like him.

    I really do have an idea as what this project will end up being because I have done my research for years on intermodals across this nation. They will line the pockets of the thieves, lowlifes and the worthless politicians but will financially rape the average citizen. Stick around for the next 20 to 30 years and see what you will be living with and how much it will be costing you.

    Also gardner2 the state is not going to be bailing out your sorry rearend – those state legislators have already told you what your role is and that has come in the form of an increased sales tax that went into effect July 1, 2010. If you think I am a civic saint, fine but in reality I am a low income senior who is doing well to cover my needs, however, I still do care about my fellow man which is more than a lot you seem to do.

    I remember well when I was lobbying hard with the state legislators not to pass a bill enabling this project and Sen. Wysong said he would have to abstain from voting on the issue since he was an investor in some of the warehouses, however, he was going to a KU ball game with Governor Sebelius and would talk to her about the loss of school tax dollars we would see – so much for your state or legislators protecting you. He like many other legislators aren’t working for the people – they work for big biz, developers and other special interests – the taxpayer is merely a pawn to be used for a revenue source.

    No one is going to take care of you gardner2 or any other average citizen – you are going to have to fight to keep from going under from the transfer of the tax burden to you and allowed by the worthless politicians. That is what is wrong now as so many people think someone is going to watch out for their interests – you will have to look long and hard for politicians of that kind – you had three individuals here in Gardner that knew when to say NO for the people’s sake and what did the people do???? You nailed them to the cross for doing the job they were supposed to be doing and supported the lying, hate-filled bunch who brings you the cronyism government that so adversely affects you.

  18. Ignore morons says:

    Shocking how Beasley can’t figure out how this whole thing works. He wasn’t in town when the Can’t Beat ‘Em Tax ‘Em campaign occurred, so he should be effectively ignored on the topic.

    I think it’s ironic that he doesn’t care that his OWN kids’ educations will be the ones that suffer. If, and that’s a BIG if, the intermodal starts providing an adequate revenue for the SD in 10 years, that’ll be great. But what about the kids here in the meantime? We just ignore them?

    And, the school district DID address the Edgerton council and released a statement requesting Edgerton reconsider the 75 percent abatement.

    And (banging head against wall) yes, Gardner kids and Edgerton kids both suffer with this project whether it’s in Gardner or in Edgerton. Doesn’t matter. School taxes increase for both towns.

    Beasley, please start doing your homework. You’re lack of intelligence on all civic topics is like a vacuum sucking the integrity and smarts out of others.

  19. gardner2 says:

    I’m so tired of people like “Ignore” acting like they know anything about everything. The bottom line is no one knows what is going to happen. Businesses make projections all the time, governments do the same thing. Everyone is so quick to blame business when the people are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves and be held accountable.

    Like the article stated, no one was there but the school board. If people cared about what was going on they would have been there. Based on all projections, it appears that the all except the school district will benefit, based on projections. What more does everyone want? If everything was a slam dunk Moron we wouldn’t need government or probably you. We don’t know what the heck is going to happen, but we have to try and if it doesn’t work out the people of Edgerton will have to hold their officials accountable. The people of Gardner already did and recalled their politicians for under-handness and neglecting the City.

    This the real world and is full of unknown, we need to do our best to combat it and make good choices.

  20. In the amount of time you all have spent name calling, blame placing and chest pounding, you could have called the school board and asked them to please step forward and do the job they were elected to do — look out for the taxpayers interest. How we got in this mess is less important than what we can do to fix things.

  21. Jayz: I tried working with that school board for numerous years and what did it get me???? Some worthless lip service and them suing the people with our tax dollars for more money while we have had the highest mill levy in the whole state for years. Do I hope you get better results??? Heck yes, but if you don’t, then don’t be surprised. You might also want to put some pressure on them to control costs and debt and spend wiser, especially for actual education rather than so much money going to sports programs. You recently saw an article written by a young student in our school district telling about kids sleeping in class, copying their homework from others and a general not really being there while only showing up but not educating up – you might have your school district address some of these problems while the worthless politicians give our tax revenue to an out-of-state belly-up developer instead of their own people.

    I went around and around with our school board several years ago when the county was considering the tax incentive for Kimberly-Clark. I asked for and received a copy of the notice sent to the school board about that incentive sent by the County and I asked the school district to not support that incentive. I was advised by the County the school district was not adverse to the incentive and the day of the public hearing on that issue Annabeth Surbaugh, Chairman of the Jo. Co. Commissioners, made the statment of: “Since the school district is not here to object to this incentive, then I see no reason not to give it” (approximate quote – see county records for exact verbage). And yet the school board swears they were adverse to the incentive and told the county that – go figure – who is lying to you?????

    So if you think all of these jaybirds are working for you, fine but you may find a rude awakening but again, if you can get them to do the right thing, then more power to you because if you don’t get all of these politicians to change their ways, the transfer of the tax burden to you is going to continue and you will certainly be feeling the financial pinch along with many other adverse affects.

    It is important to speak out and contact these jaybirds but it is also very important to know the proximate causes of your problems so you can avoid them in the future and hold these politicians’ feet to the fire when needed and not repeat history and get you further in the hole.

  22. Judith you could be a lot of help to people, but you’re a terrible communicator that may be why people don’t want to work with you. I would listen to you if you provided some actual facts about what you’re talking about.

    I have never claimed to know what where who and how things are going to go down with the Intermodal that is why I ask the questions, what is the break down of who is going to pay what amount for the intermodal?

    Also if the school is taking such a loss where is the board members telling us the details of why this is so bad?

    Part of the downfall of Shepherd and Co. was that they never informed anyone of their reasoning. Many of us were told we wouldn’t understand or we were “misinformed”.

    Where is the editorial from the school board explaining the issues?

    And I’m pretty sure I saw a red train sign in Beasley’s yard back in 2006

  23. I could sit here and spout facts to you all day long and would you believe me??? No, you wouldn’t. That is why I say do your own research because you think you know it all – you sure won’t listen to anyone else or all of the facts and figures I have given you in the past with respect to TIFs, tax incentives, Main St. businesses getting their sweet deals, legislative bills that financially rape the people and on and on. Until you take an interest yourself and not be looking for others to do your work for you, you are are just a whiner. How do you know what I or the school board or the Allen Group or BNSF or any other entity is telling you is the truth and valid unless you do your own homework? You won’t – you will just buy into whatever propaganda that suits you at a particular moment of time and you will not be served well since you let someone else do your thinking for you.

  24. Judith if you posted some links or references I would be more apt to believe you.


    But when you’re talking about green clouds, babies dying, and deformed frogs I have a hard time believing you.

  25. As I said earlier, you are just looking for a scapecoat or someone to do your work for you. Grow up and do your own work.

  26. gardner2 says:

    Judith, what work are you doing? You just copy & paste and spout baseless assumptions about things you know nothing about. The people have to rely on their elected officials to support their interests.

    The people are mostly to blame for this, they are not holding their officials accountable. The BNSF seems to be doing their part by providing tax revenues by all projections. The City and School Board did a terrible job fighting for the residents, that isn’t the job of the BNSF.

    I would love for you to start putting your salty words to good and productive use instead of your own vanity.

  27. I would just like for you to provide some type of proof without it no one can believe what you’re saying.

  28. Ryan and gardner2: How do you two think I work for you and should do your bidding???? Where did you come up with where I have to satisfy your every whim???? You are both arrogant jaybirds in your words and actions. Your job is to try to discredit me like others have tried to do in the past or shut me up – taint going to work. Rubes like you are a dime a dozen. I am not asking you to believe me – you do and say whatever the Sam Hill you want to do and say but it won’t be changing my mind about BNSF, the Allen Group, the city, the county or worthless politicians and corporate scumballs across the land. Now if you are not a worthless politician, corporate scumball or those who support them, then I might have something in common with you.

  29. That is what I figured your answer would be.

  30. gardner2 says:

    Tin Hat, you’re not understanding. I think Ryan and I would agree, if you can help please do. If you have a great mechanism to encourage growth responsibly and save the taxpayer, please tell. If you have a way where we can get our politicians to start fighting for us and keeping our taxes low, please tell us.

    All you do is demonize and unfairly criticize the doers. You have no answers except to say “all are crooks” etc. That helps nothing. You’re a cancer and what is wrong with public dialogue. I’m willing to concede that this may not be a great deal but where is the evidence? Where are the numbers? The elected officials are the ones accountable. Blame them, blame the people who don’t go to town hall meetings (by the way for as much as you talk I’ve never seen you at any Gardner City Hall meeting) and blame the people who are apathetic. The BNSF are bringing jobs and growth in the area. It appears the politicians failed us, not the developers.

  31. Ryan: Glad I didn’t disappoint you. Now you and gardner2 go play with someone else who will fall your bull hockey.

  32. gardner2 says:

    The real question is, and hopefully the editorial staff at the News can clarify, do the numbers projected by the analysis account for any additional houses being built?

    If the intermodal park brings jobs and by reasoning more move ins, are the numbers built on that assumption? Because if more houses are built doesn’t that mean more revenue for the Cities and hence the school district? By the looks of it the numbers don’t make that assumption.

  33. gardner2 says:

    I think it is worthwhile to go back and see Danedri’s other article explaning more on the analysis. Plus, it has all the hard copies of the actual analysis. http://gardnernews.com/analysis-shows-intermodal-project-net-loss-for-ge-district/

  34. Pick your colors for all of the rentals that will soon be coming to your local neighborhood…………

  35. If you read the article, the school district guy (hansen I think) says the projections for homes and kids is way low. Apparently no one asked the school district for input, but with all the administrators they have, I’d think somebody could have attended the meetings. Who’s the school rep down there? I’d have to flip back to the other article, but I think the cba only calls for 180 some kids, so apparently the warehouses are only hiring sterile people, (that’s a joke) or those who don’t want kids. But it doesn’t matter how kids, if every child is going to cost about 50 cents on the dollar. No matter how many kids you get, you’re still not making enough to break even – at least that’s what I understand. The pdf says the district won’t even begin to see payback until 10 years. We’ll all be broke by then.

  36. Back in 2006 my research on intermodals found that Centerpoint made a separate agreement with the school district involved in the Elwood, Ill. intermodal travesty since the TIF they got would have totally wiped out school tax dollars. That school district agreed for the developer to pay so much money each year to the district for the cost of education. Well, not all goes as planned when you don’t have reputable parties involved. The 23 year TIF was renogiated after its inception and somewhere along the way the developer didn’t think they had to pay the school district as was agreed. Consequently the school had to SUE to get their money from the thieves. I sent that information to our school board at that time and have sent it several times again since 2006 to warn the board to be consciencious with the people’s interests and protect them. Well, here the people were sold down the river right up front just like they were in Gardner as early as 2005. In my opinion the elected officials have not been working for me or fellow citizens by a long shot.

  37. I do want to give the citizens a further history lesson on this intermodal issue which may give some credit to the USD 231 School Board, however, I do not have solid facts to see if the School Board did the right thing.

    Back in 2007 Sen. Brownlee along with Lehman, Drovetta, Gardner city administration and others started their campaign to take care of BNSF and the Allen Group by submitting S.B. 693 (going on memory and hope this bill no. is correct) which was to provide a TIF as a financing tool. All previous TIF legislation carried a stipulation that only blighted land could be involved and that the county and/or the school district could nix a TIF if they felt it would not be beneficial to the people or would hurt them financially. Well, that bill that Brownlee introduced in the Senate and where it passed, did not have those two provisions. When the bill got to the House, it was noticed the safety valve for the school district and the county had been deleted. The House redid the bill under H.B. 1421 (again not sure on that bill no.) putting back in the safety valve for the school distict and the county, however, the final bill which passed still allowed a TIF for unblighted land which is totally adverse as to why TIFs were created – that portion was just exactly what BNSF and the Allen Group needed.

    So, Brownlee got that bill thru for BNSF and the Allen Group but it was worthless to them because now the school district and/or the county could nix this particular financing tool and gave these two entities the power to protect the people.

    So the TIF financing tool died on the vine since I feel sure the worthless politicians, BNSF and the Allen Group knew very well the school district and/or the county were not going to go along with that financial raping of the people. I don’t know that the school board pretty much told them that but I hope they did and if they did, I will pat them on the back for that.

    The worthless politicians regroup then and go for an 85% tax incentive for the thieves and which they voted for plus a handout at the state level of about $8 MILLION if my memory serves me correctly. They went the incentive route and have stayed with it since they know the school district and/or the county can’t stop them on that mode of operation and this applies to Gardner and Edgerton.

    City of Gardner, Brownlee, Kiegerl, and many others have gone to that legislature year after year to get BNSF and the Allen Group what they want and need. I have yet to see where they are working that hard for me or other citizens or protecting our interests. Know what your legislators are doing for the special interests, read the testimony at committee meetings where Drovetta, Lehman, Gourley, Mundt and others go to bat for what they and the special interests want. I would say 9 out 10 citizens don’t have a clue as to what is occurring in their halls of government.

    Get informed, educated and make smart choices or plans of action for YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.

  38. CORRECTION: I just was looking back thru my records. The bills in 2007 were S.B. 316 and H.B. 2005.

    S.B.693 and H.B. 1421 was for another year I believe when Brownlee was again taking care of the big boys.

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