February 13, 2016

EDITORIAL: Legislators stick noses into strip joints

Kansas lawmakers are tightening the G-string on strip clubs. Members of the Kansas House approved a bill that would require adult clubs to be closed between midnight and 6 p.m., be located at least 1,000 feet away from a school or church, and mandate that exotic dancers stay at least six feet from patrons.

Rep. John Rubin, R-Shawnee, told reporters that legislation wasn’t an attempt to legislate morality or sin.

“Nor is it an attempt to prohibit sexually-oriented businesses or drive them out of business,” he said.

We don’t see how the legislation could be viewed otherwise – although Rubin argued that it’s the state’s job to protect health, safety and welfare without infringing on property rights.

This bill misses on all counts. We aren’t sure whose health and safety and welfare are protected with this legislation, and it’s a horrid infringement on personal property rights.

Property owners should be allowed to use their properties as they see fit within the confines of the law. However, this law goes too far.

As distasteful as we find strip clubs, they provide a service – one that poses no physical danger to the health and welfare of Kansas citizens – that some people are willing to pay for.
Gentleman’s clubs, as they’re often called, don’t usually harbor gentlemen, but they are providing jobs. And in this economy, even a distasteful job is better than not being able to feed your family.

The legislation will likely shutter some businesses. The state will lose some sales tax dollars and some people will lose their jobs as a result.

It’s unfortunate that Topeka lawmakers are wasting their time and our money debating the morality of long-standing businesses. Instead, they should be determining how they’re going to fill an enormous hole in the state budget and how they can help put Kansans back to work.


  1. I always love it when the self-rightous hypocrites get their panties all in a wad on social issues such as this but turn their heads on important issues that concern citizens. They will probably argue for hours and hours about whether liquor can be sold here or not there and on and on. Or the special interests will be cutting throuts to get a casino in their town or area and then standing on the corner screaming about something like this. I don’t care for strip joints, pay day loan outfits, the Wall Street and banking bandits, etc. and they would all go broke if they were waiting on me to support them – that is how you take care of places like that – put them out of business by not supporting them – you don’t need legislature for all things for all times. Just like the intermodal – Drovetta and Lehman had so many ignorant people buying into their propaganda about not being able to stop the project. As I said since Day 1, you tell them nicely you are not interested in their project and you will give them NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT (like Olathe and many other cities across America) – that will run them off and the Allen Group and BNSF proved that point just like that point has been proven time and time again across America. The thieves will only come and steal from you if you allow it – people can only take advantage of you if you allow it. Know the difference between right and wrong and what is good for you and what is not will start you down the path of a better life for you, your loved ones and your fellow man but so many cannot make those decisions and all suffer – so many want something for nothing or have no conscience how they will hurt others while they benefit – no moral standards or values whatsoever and I note only one candidate for office here in Gardner even mentioned one of the moral values of honesty, integrity, ethics, character, etc. and in my opinion you do not stand for anything if you don’t stand for those moral values. And anonymous donations I do not believe are viable or honest nor those who claim they have met the requirements of the law by so stating them.

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Bill to restrict sexually oriented businesses stalls in Kansas

    The Wichita Eagle
    March 17, 2011

    TOPEKA — A bill to regulate sexually oriented businesses failed to clear a Kansas Senate committee Thursday.

    HB 2107, known as the Community Defense Act, focuses on strip clubs and adult entertainment shops. It would have restricted such businesses from opening within 1,000 feet of a school, park, church, library or residence. It also would have required such businesses to close at midnight, and it would have outlawed physical contact between patrons and performers.

    It passed the House last week. But the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee voted not to advance the bill to the Senate floor.

    Committee chairman Sen. Pete Brungardt, a Salina Republican, said the bill could now be brought to the Senate floor only by a motion requiring 24 votes. The Senate has 40 members.

    Most of the committee’s opposition to the bill hinged upon resistance to state involvement in what is generally perceived as a community issue.

    “I struggle with government intrusion into business,” said Sen. Jeff Longbine, an Emporia Republican. “I believe this is an issue that is best left to be dealt with locally.”

    Proponents argued that crime goes up and property values go down where sexually oriented businesses open.

    But Sen. Tim Owens, an Overland Park Republican, said he didn’t see enough evidence that crime spikes when strip clubs and porn shops open — at least not in Kansas.

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