February 11, 2016

EDITORIAL: Blazers to play in East St. Louis classic

It’s a coup that the Gardner Edgerton High School football team will travel to East St. Louis to play in a regionally televised game. It’s exciting for the fans, and it’s another notch in the community’s belt. We look forward to watching this exciting match-up.

There will be more for GEHS students to experience at such an event. The East St. Louis City of Champions Classic was designed to give inner city athletes the opportunity to shine, and it’s nice that our suburban school gets to share in that spotlight.

It also presents an opportunity for our students to see a different culture – that of an inner city, large high school. And we cherish that local kids will get a chance to see life beyond the suburbs.

That said, we have significant concerns that the community at-large and school officials seem to be placing a higher priority in securing televised football games than in other areas like academics and the arts.

We recognize that may not be a beast of the school’s making. People are interested and entertained by our stellar football team and athletes. But we worry the bright lights and recognition in this one area creates a vacuum for the same things in other areas.

As we cheer the successes of our football team next season, let’s take extra care to consider the students involved in the myriad other activities and express our gratitude and appreciation for the things they do as well.

It’s always a great day to be a Blazer – not only due to the success of our athletic programs.


  1. I do not believe it is a coup for our kids to go to East St. Louis to play football…….I consider it a risk not worth taking and I will continue to not want to jeopardize the safety of our kids. When the State Dept. issues a warning to Americans not to travel to a part of the world, do you want to hop on a plane and go there??? Guess some would but not me. Guess my years as a risk manager put up the red flag for me………..that trip is not worth the risk.

  2. You are kidding says:

    Oh my goodness. Let’s not take risks. What is the risk? That our boys might get shot? I suppose that is a possibility. Total number of homicides in St Louis last year 142. The boys have a better chance at being killed just by driving to school, walking down stairs, slipping in the Gardner pool or any other accidents. But by all means let’s teach our young men and women not to take risks. They can all sit at home, with no electricity (may get shocked), no carpet (may trip), can’t take a shower (might slip), and the big one don’t hug, kiss, or love someone because you may get sick. Lighten up for once Judith and be happy for the athlete’s chance to do something that no other school in the Metro gets to do. Try to remember what it was like to be young.

  3. I would like to respond to this editorial as well as some of the comments. As a proud GEHS Alumni and lifetime resident of Gardner it is wonderful to see all area’s of the high school experience get the opportunity to travel outside of Gardner or Edgerton. What about the band that has traveled to numerous locations for many years, and the drill team that performed on tv, and what about 2 GEHS Seniors that attended a Leadership Conference for Individuals with Disabilities and met the Governor, along with countless other opportunities that many of the students in arts and academics have participated in. Not all of them may have been paid for by a non profit, but it is an experince and an opportunity that I wish I would have been able to have when I was in school. Safety and procedures are always in place no matter if a student is traveling to Blue Valley, or to Orlando, FL.

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