February 12, 2016


  1. Kevin Collins says:

    I for one would like to see that the City of Edgerton at least once address the issues concerning junk cars(with and without current tags),trashy houses and the barking dogs.Getting a logo to draw people here is the least of their problems. They need to figure out how to keep residents who have lived here their whole lives. I encourage anyone to just take a drive around town to see for themselves.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    And, Kevin, I would like for the city of Gardner to do the same. I see illegal parked trailers, motor homes, etc. setting where they are not supposed to be for YEARS. Go to North Spruce & Westhoff Pl. in Gardner and note the portable basketball goal right out in the street which to me presents a real danger to cars going around that corner and I can’t imagine parents stupid enough to allow their kids to play in the street at that location – a car could go around that corner, hit the basketball goal and perhaps take out a few kids. All I have to do is drive just a little south of 183rd & Center and there is a huge eyesore on the west side of Center – been there for years and it gets worse every day. Then we have had an open storage lot right on Main St. that has been an eyesore and they just cleared it out some and the other day when I drove by they had two huge dump trucks parked there. Then we have Gardner Bank who wants their zoning for more open storage lots so they can unload some property while the citizens will have to be dealing with that and in the meantime Gardner Bank is claiming farm use on that property to get their rock bottom tax bills. Lots could be done across and around these two towns but the bureaucrats and worthless politicians don’t seem to know how to handle those things but they sure know how to take care of the thieving big boys. Ole Lehman and Drovetta want people to come to Gardner – I can’t imagine why they would considering what eyesores are already here and what is coming down the pike. Property values are hitting bottom in Gardner and Edgerton and I don’t look for them to ever come back as a person would hope. People’s biggest investment in their lives is usually their homes – well, that investment is going to hell in a hand basket in my book.

  3. State of Affairs says:

    Well, Kevin, get out your calculator and start adding how much money you, great-grandma, and the other residents of Edgerton will have to pay for the intermodal. Warren Buffet says to give to charity. Why can’t he pay for his own water/sewer setup. A government by the people and for the people was in a land of long ago. The only people with money are the politicians with their insider tips and like Judith says “the big boys”. Will be interesting if you are contacted for your input from this marketing deal.

  4. HELLO STATE says:

    To State of Affairs, I have read many of your postings, and felt I need to reply… are you just that closed mined that you have to repeat yourself, or just that stupid that you can’t think of anything else to say?

    It sounds like to me, IMO, that you are not from Edgerton, and you have made this point MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY (get the point) times, move on back to Gardner business, they have a lot of issues going on, pick one and repeat yourself on one of them.
    You have driven this point onto the tracks already and I hope the train hits it, and carries it away.

    Oh by the way, have a MERRY Christmas. Just because I can!

  5. State of Affairs says:

    Don’t you know it is not politically correct to say “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas tree”? We are suppose to say “Happy Holidays” and “Holiday tree”.

  6. State of Affairs says:

    I will quit repeating when someone tells me how great-grandma and the other residents of Edgerton are going to pay for all the needs of the intermodal and high property taxes.

  7. Re: "Great-grandma" says:

    You can stop now. At least until you tell us precisely WHICH property taxes Edgerton currently has that are the result of the Intermodal. And until you can tell us how Edgerton is supposed to lower high property taxes with comparatively no business tax base to support the growth that is already heading its way.

  8. State of Affairs says:

    So tax rate just goes up and up. Will put some people out of house and home.

  9. State of Affairs says:

    Gardner Council opened Pandora’s Box 7 years ago by inviting the rail yard in. Nothing but trouble, discord, and grief for a lot of people. Now, even former Gardner councilman is charged with assault and battery.

  10. Boy you are all over the place there State of Affairs. I imagine it’s difficult for someone like you to hold onto one train of thought for too long. Heck, I’m surprised someone of your limited intellegence can even managed to operate a computer to come here and post so good for you! Your parents would be so proud!

    As for you Judith, boy your complaint list just doesn’t stop does it? How dare people play basketball on their property! Or even think of storing their vehicles and boats at their house. Jeez, get over it. Don’t be upset because no one wants to play basketball or go boating with you. I, for one, am sick of people telling me what I can and can’t do at my house. I chose to live in Gardner because of a lack of home owner’s associations and Overland Park style property rules so if I want to play basketball in my driveway I should be able to do so.

  11. @Stateless says:

    Some proof, State. Way to punctuate your point with a solid piece of factual evidence to back your oft-repeated claim. “Up and up” is SUCH a quantitative way of illustrating the precise costs that you say are tied to the Intermodal throwing grannies out on the street. What’s next? Blaming them for old age?

    And speaking of the Intermodal, BNSF had already bought up a lot of land before Gardner did anything like “inviting them in”. If you’ll recall, that land was not even annexed to be part of Gardner’s city limits at that point. And even WHEN Gardner, as you so incorrectly put it, “invited them in” by annexing the land, the Take Back Gardner crew threw it all away so that Edgerton would not only end up getting it, but also end up annexing the eight or so miles between the towns.

    If you REALLY want to complain about all the high taxes coming from the Intermodal, try blaming Take Back Gardner and its deep pocket financiers for organizing just barely enough of a coup to get the Intermodal tossed Edergton’s way.

  12. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlie–I have enough “upstairs” to read my water/sewer bill and property tax bill. Do you?

  13. State of Affairs says:

    News today–Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Reardon to Washington D.C. With new EPA regulations, residents may have to pay 400 per cent increase on their bills.

    Add on, the Legends has defaulted on their taxes.

    Like Judith says, the big boys get their sweet deals and the little fellow gets to pay.

  14. Honestly, State, you’re sounding more like Judith in disguise every day. Especially with the part where you take random thoughts firing across your synapses and post them wherever you can as if they’re relevant to whatever topic is being discussed.

    Which “big boy” are you talking aboud, Judith…I mean, State…when you’re ragging on the EPA? I thought you LIKED the EPA. Who’s getting the grease there, eh?

    And “defaulted” on their taxes is SO informative. Was Legends late in paying? Are they heading for foreclosure? What’s the truth there? Ah, I get it. The truth doesn’t matter as long as you get to say “defaulted”. Now it makes sense. Still not relevant to our situation here, but it’s clearer what you’re trying to do.

    Besides, you AREN’T counting the sales tax generated for the Legends area by all those shops that are so busy with people every day that you can’t hardly find a parking space. And their property tax, for that matter. Oh, but you CAN’T count the positive effect THOSE had on the area because that’s not NEARLY as condeming as using the big-boy word “defaulted”…

    Sheesh, what silliness.

  15. Right on the money ‘And?’.

    The double talk out of these two is absurd. One second she is going crazy over water source contamination and the next complaining about the EPA. You want clean air, clean water, and environmental protection and it is going to cost you and me money. That’s it, no other options! These things aren’t free and don’t lower costs. If they were, there would be no need to legislate it and force companies into it.

  16. Judith Rogers says:

    Charlie K., what you are experiencing are different opinions………….I know is hard for you to handle or to consider many different viewpoints and then make good decisions on different issues…..have you done your own research, Charlie K.??????? I believe you are one of those who only want your opinion and viewpoint out there with your tunnel vision and one who just loves to control the message……………

  17. Sorry Judith, but no. Different opinions is one thing…but when one person complains about lack of EPA regulation one minute, and then the higher cost to us because of all of EPAs regulations, that is double talk. People are more concerned about air and water quality than ever which is great, but if you are really informed then you should at least know that all this additional regulation is going to cost someone some money. So yes I have done my research, but I doubt you have.

    YOU accusing me of wanting to stiffle other people’s opinions and viewpoints and controlling the message is an absolute laugh. That is your speciality. Everyone should have their own well thought out and researched opinions and viewpoints instead of blindly accepting others, it would make this country a lot better.

    What I can’t tolerate though is ‘opinions’ like yours & State’s that have no factual basis and instead rely on insulting others and outright lies. Nor can I tolerate ‘opinions’ that are constantly changed to meet the current situation and advance whatever goal you have at the moment, such as one minute asking for more regulation and then complaining about it the next just so long as you get to take a shot at someone in the process. That is not really an opinion so much as a convenient lie, another little specialty of yours Judith.

  18. State of Affairs says:

    Lies, Charlie? Tell me then:
    1. When did Edgerton Residents get to vote “yes” or “no” on accepting the intermodal?
    2. My neighbor goes to the Edgerton City Council meetings. 2 options for Edgerton Residents to pay for the water/sewer setup for the intermodal–$12 a month more to already high water/sewer fees or $174 a month more. Are you saying that my neighbor is a liar?
    3. There is a great-grandma in Edgerton and the last time I saw her, she was walking and talking. Wanted to have some flowers in her yard–$100 extra water bill. Is she a liar too? Is she incompetent too because she doesn’t want the intermodal?
    4. Warren Buffet does go on national TV and says to give to charity. Why can’t he pay for his own water/sewer setup. Call national news to tell them they shouldn’t post news clips of lies like that.
    5. Retirees had stock in BNSF that had accrued interest over the years. They had planned on leaving in their wills. They were forced to sell when Warren Buffet bought BNSF. They were given 2 years to pay taxes on the gains. When they tell me this, am I suppose to tell them they lie because Charlie K. says this is a lie?

  19. Well State, tell me this… How come Gardner Residents were allowed to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the intermodal and yet their City Council went against the vote and now the Intermodal is in Edgerton?

    As for your neighbor, maybe I am saying he is a liar. Why don’t you tell me what the name of your ‘neighbor’ is and I will go call him a liar to his face? For that matter why don’t you tell me what your name is and what the name of your elderly friend in Edgerton is? If Judith doesn’t allow people to post anonymously than neither will I, nor will I let you invent people to advance your point. Please don’t give me that tired out line about some ‘poor elderly lady who is just trying to get by’.

    If those people even exist then maybe they are both incompetent liars, I have no way of knowing because I don’t know who they are or anything about them. I am fairly certain that you are a liar though.

    So you are saying the options are an extra $12 a month or $174 a month? Seems like an awfully large gap between the two options. I don’t see how an extra $174 a month would even be a reasonable option that would be considered given the alternative of $12. Something certainly doesn’t sound right with that.

  20. State of Affairs says:

    Well, Charlie K who are you? Appears you are posting anonymously. I have not invented people or statements. They are real live people. Why should I have you call them liars to their face? However, great grandma is a wise and spunky little lady. She might like to tell you what for to your face.

    Not unusual for high water bills in Edgerton. Retired neighbors $400.00. Said he was thinking about taking out a second mortgage. Quite a fee to pay when you are on Social Security. My bill not far behind. That is why we pray for rain for our lawns.

  21. State of Affairs says:

    Edgerton, Kansas water–Google December 6, 2011 The New York Times–Toxic water, a series about the worsening pollution in American waters & Utility Billing, City of Edgerton, Kansas.

  22. State of Affairs says:

    Google Warren Buffet buys BNSF–his company Berkshire Hathaway buys BNSF for $44 Billion–acquires the remaining 77.4% of the company for $26 Billion for the 77% shares it didn’t already own–the sale also included the $10 billion debt of BNSF.

  23. No, of course not. Your word is no doubt the indisputable truth! Well I hope you, your neighbor, and great grandma have a Merry Chrismas then with your $400 water bills.

    Looking over my water bill I used a maximum of 13,000 gallons this year during the month of August. At Gardner rates that puts my bill at $10.40 + ($4.65 x 13) = $70.85. At Edgerton rates that puts my bill at $26.54 + ($9.47 x 11) = $130.71. Quite a bit higher, I’ll give you that, but not quite $400. In fact, to have a $400 water bill you would need to use a little over 41,000 gallons of water on Edgerton’s rates. So just how many acres of land is your good retired friend watering? Sounds like you and your elderly friends either need to practice a little conservation or downsize to a smaller home.

    Your rates certainly seem high no doubt about it, but I think that $400 for water is stretching the truth a bit. Oh well, its ok since you are just another cowardly backstabber too scared to post under their own name!

  24. Whoah, whoah, whoah! Which is it now?

    Three days ago you were complaining about the EPA:

    “With new EPA regulations, residents may have to pay 400 per cent increase on their bills.”

    So which is it? Those regulations that keep your water clean is what makes your water bill so high.

  25. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlie K–have you ever tried to start a new lawn in the heat of a Kansas summer? Takes some water.

  26. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlie K–you said I was lying about the people having to sell their BNSF stocks and pay the taxes on interest gained over many years. Did you Google that issue? Several articles. I know that the people had 2 years to pay their income taxes on the gains. Check with a financial expert. That is where I got my info.

  27. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlie K: The 400 per cent increase due to EPA regulations hangs over Kansas City, Kansas. But, don’t fear, it will hit Gardner-Edgerton.

  28. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlie K: Still don’t know who you are. So, don’t slam others for not using their real identity.

  29. To State of Affairs says:

    Charlie K seems like kind of a bully.

  30. Pot, meet kettle says:

    Funny, Judith calling Charlie K a bully, when all she and her alter-ego State spend all day browbeating anyone who dares ask them a question.

  31. State of Affairs says:

    I am not Judith and it is amusing that you think I am.

  32. @State of Affairs says:

    Yes, when a stock is sold at a profit, you owe taxes on that profit. The taxes you owe aren’t income taxes, they’re capital gains taxes.

    Long term capital gains tax rates are the lowest that you pay the Federal Government. When you buy shares of a publicly traded company, buyouts are a possibility, but they almost always earn profits for the shareholders. Why is this bad?

    The following specifics about the Berkshire/BNSF buyout in the very article that you cited:

    “Under the terms of Tuesday’s deal, Berkshire will pay about $100 for each Burlington Northern share, a price comprised of about 60 percent in cash and 40 percent in stock. Berkshire deals historically have almost never used stock, but Mr. Buffett told CNBC that Burlington Northern wanted a tax-free component for its shareholders.

    Shares in Burlington Northern, which closed Monday at $76.07, jumped nearly 30 percent in premarket trading on Tuesday to $98.15. Class A shares in Berkshire were up slightly in premarket trading at $98,971.57.”

    So, BNSF shareholders made a 30% profit just in one day. Ultimately, this deal made a lot of money for the shareholders and they had to pay SOME taxes on the money they made. Why is that bad?

    Because there were some retirees who were hoping to avoid paying taxes on their profits by leaving their shares to their heirs, Warren Buffet is some evil monster? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  33. State of Affairs says:

    That was not the point. #1. I was told that I was a liar. That this didn’t happen. Some retirees live off the interest of their investments. Now, they were forced to sell, having to pay massive taxes, and were only given 2 years to pay the taxes. What would you do for retirees? Just give them an aspirin and let them die? Just remember that one day you will be a senior citizen. And, the way society is thinking, you might just be given “the green needle” to get rid of you, so you won’t be a burden on society.

    #2 Warren Buffet goes on national TV and says give to charity. Why not Buffet pay for the water/sewer setup that he needs for the intermodal, instead of asking the residents of Edgerton to pay?

    #3 Consult Warren Buffet on how to make money. The article I read said to visit him in Omaha and you all might go to McDonalds to eat (Wonder who would pay? Bet it would be dutch.)

  34. State of Affairs says:

    P.S. All I see here are Double Standards.

  35. @State of Affairs says:

    First of all, I never said you were a liar…that was somebody else.

    Now, back to the subject…If the retirees had to pay “massive taxes”, that means they made massive profits. If they were living on the dividends from BNSF stock, they can reinvest the proceeds of the sale (that they made massive profits on) in a different dividend paying stock, or some other fixed income security. When they do this, they should have a higher income level because of the increase in principal created by the buyout…even after paying their capital gains tax.

    As far as getting 2 years to pay their taxes is concerned, that’s a sweet deal. When I take profits on my stocks, I’m not given that luxury.

    On a side note, anybody who owns stock in a publicly traded company and doesn’t understand the possibility of a buyout and it’s tax consequences, needs to do more homework before investing.

  36. State of Affairs says:

    No fear about studying investments. By the time Edgerton Residents pay for the rail yard, they will be lucky to still have a roof over their heads. I understand when Judith posts “the big boys and sweet deals”. Understand more and more every day.

  37. @State of Affairs says:

    Based upon your posts, it doesn’t appear you understand much of anything.

  38. Yes, I did call you a liar and I stand by that. You are a liar and you lie, but I didn’t say everything you post is a lie, just most of it.

    Either way please stop trying to distract from the subject at hand. If you and Judith aren’t the same person you two should probably get together for lunch, because you are a lot alike.

    You are the one who brought up this whole BNSF stock thing, which really has nothing to do with what we are talking about other than you want to paint BNSF as this sort of ultra evil company and Warren Buffet as I guess some sort of super villian who I guess takes money right out of his employees pockets and eats children.

    Seems like the other poster there illustrated just how foolish you are with these accusations but if there really is someone who planned to retire using only their stock profits as their income source then they are even more of a fool that you are. Stock is a pretty volitile investment and is not suited for a nice stable investment that you would want for retirement. Someone should tell those people at BNSF to take the profit they got from selling that stock and put it in an IRA.

  39. State of Affairs says:

    Well, Charlie K–the subject was Edgerton is spending thousands to promote the town. And, Mr. Collins posted that he wished that just for ONCE the Edgerton City Council would address the issues to keep lifetime residents and other residents to stay in Edgerton. Let alone trying to get other people to move here.

    I said if Buffet wants to give to charity, why doesn’t he pay for his own water/sewer setup instead of the residents of Edgerton. The residents of Edgerton are already paying for their water/sewer. And, high fees at that. Plus the highest taxed city in the State of Kansas.

    Just like Judith says “the big boys and sweet deals”.

  40. Why do you care if he paints BNSF as some sort of “ultra evil company?” Do you work for the chamber of commerce, the city, the developer or BNSF management? The fact that you are so easily offended suggests you have a personal interest in this.

  41. Wrong on all accounts. I just have a personal distate of people who like to slant the truth.

    Take a look around the site at some of my other posts. The intermodal is certainly not the only thing I offer my opinion on, heck take a look at my other posts further up the page. My first post had nothing to do with the intermodal, just the amount of double talk and spinning that Judith and State like to partake in. Really, I don’t even like to talk about the intermodal anymore. I would much rather focus on all the other issues that Gardner has, especially the ones with our current elected body. Going round and round about the intermodal is really beating a dead horse as far as I’m concerned. It’s going to be built in the same spot as always, but it’s in Edgerton and not Gardner. That’s it, done and over with for me at least as I live in Gardner and the rest of the decisions will be made by Edgerton’s residents and elected officials and I’m fairly certain that none of them care what anyone in Gardner has to say about it.

    Warren Buffet is certainly no saint and BNSF isn’t UNICEF, but it’s not like they are going to come in and this area is going to degenerate into some sort of mafioso criminal cesspool with Don BNSF at the helm either now is it? That’s the picture Judith and State like to paint. All I’d like is a little fairness and reason out of some of the other people who post here, which is apparently asking too much as all they seemed interested in is slandering anyone who doesn’t subsrcibe to their lunacy. I call it slander because I have yet to see any factual evidence backing up any of their claims and accusations.

    Yes State, I remember that. I agree with you and I think BNSF should be paying the costs for their water & wasterwater system. I think where the disagreement came in is when you started claiming that a $400 water bill was commonplace in Edgerton.

  42. @State of Affairs says:

    You asked this question:

    “I said if Buffet wants to give to charity, why doesn’t he pay for his own water/sewer setup instead of the residents of Edgerton.”

    I’ll answer that for you. Berkshire Hathaway is a publicly traded company. While Mr. Buffet runs that company, the assets it owns are not all his. Being the Chairman and largest shareholder doesn’t give him the right to give away money that is also owned by the other shareholders. In addition to poor corporate governance, it’s illegal.

  43. State of Affairs says:

    To Charlies K–The people with the $400 water bill to start their new lawn, put their house up “For Sale by Owner” the moment Edgerton City Council took over the intermodal. (And, by the way my first water bill for only 2 weeks was $283.) Just ask Edgerton Residents about the high water fees.

    And, you post “the rest of the decisions will be made by Edgerton residents and elected officials”. Now, that is a farce, Edgerton residents have not gotten to vote on anything. Nothing can be done over here unless it is for the rail road.

  44. State of Affairs says:

    Like Judith says “the big boys and sweet deals”. Mr. Collins wishes that the trashy be cleaned up. Now, if the rail road requested it, it would be done. But why? The Argentine site will be closed in Kansas City, Kansas and moved out here. The Argentine looks pretty trashy. So, things out here should be right in style.

  45. Argentina shutting down?

    What’s next? Starving grandmas? No, wait. You’ve already thrown that one out there.

    Maybe it’s the “Dogs and cats, living together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!” from Ghostbusters. You seem to enjoy throwing in apocalyptic end of the world scenarios that have no basis in truth.

    As for the Argentine railyard being closed and moved to Gardner…care to back up THAT little piece of obvious misniformation? Or are you, like your keyboard-buddy Judith, only interested in innuendo and not honest fact?

  46. State of Affairs says:

    Edgerton has the soup kitchen at the Methodist Church. Or, at least, it use to.

    It has always been stated in the Plan of Action to close the Argentine site in Kansas City, Kansas.
    Olathe woman is happy that her husband won’t have to drive so far to work.

  47. Documentation? says:

    You keep saying that Argentine is going to close, but can you back it up?

    Also, for someone who pretends to be interested in the well-being of Edgerton, you seem to dislike it quite a bit. “Soup kitchen”? Really?

  48. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    The Argentine Yard is not closing. According to an email that I received on October 18, 2011, from Steve Forsberg, BNSF General Director of External Relations:

    “There are about 80 or so trains in total currently passing through Gardner and about 8 Intermodal trains that originate or terminate in KC. Once the new Intermodal facility is operational, those trains would terminate and originate at the new Intermodal facility west of Gardner. About 90 percent of the trains passing through KC on that line are enroute to other destinations and do not originate or terminate in KC. They stop to change crews, refuel and undergo inspections & servicing and then continue on.”

  49. State of Affairs says:

    Yes, soup kitchen. My neighbors were cooking for it.

  50. State of Affairs says:

    Big Boys?–No worry for you, unless you are a Resident of Edgerton. Then, you get to pay for the water/sewer setup besides your own; the toll road the Governor plans; expanding Highway 56 to 6 lanes; and the school bonds.

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