February 5, 2016


  1. State of Affairs says:

    Soup Kitchen–Edgerton, Kansas Methodist Church
    Lunch Bunch
    From : 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
    Every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    A free lunch for all children and youth offered during summer vacation.

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Opportunities to serve at the Edgerton United Methodist Church:

  3. What is it, State, that makes you think that repeating the same misdirections over and over will somehow make them more meaningful, relevant, or accurate?

    You’ve already been shown to be wrong about Argentine. You’ve yet to show us why Edgerton, itself, is a soup kitchen, even if they have one to help people. You continue to make up stuff like a six-lane 56 highway. And you ride the same, tired-old “Intermodal is teh evulll!!” blather that we’ve heard non-stop for years.

    If you’re so upset about Edgerton getting the Intermodal, why in the world are you aping the comments of people like Judith, who, with her well-funded friends, successfully DROVE the Intermodal from Gardner and into Edgerton? Why not criticize the TBG “big boys” who got their way and dumped the whole thing in your laps?

    Better yet, why are you complaining here about how badly you think things are going for Edgerton instead of taking action, mobilizing people, and DOING something about it? Or do you have no other perspective than to simply keep repeating lies and innuendo, and crying about unfair it was that the people you elected to run Edgerton didn’t bother to read your redundant posts, a year or so after the fact, that you wanted to vote on the Intermodal coming to town? Little late, isn’t it?

  4. Though I normally find the ignorance of State to be amusing, today it’s just tiresome. Maybe it’s the weather?

    I’m still having a hard time believing it’s not Judith on the other end of the keyboard though. Let’s see…

    Constant misdirection and posting of unrelated links? Check
    Refusing to listen to logic or reason? Check
    Very frequent posting to the point of posting responses to herself? Check
    Constant spouting of phrases like ‘big boys’ and ‘sweet deals’? Check

    Yup, the signs are all there. Also notice how you never see Judith and State posting at the same time? Seems like our good friend Judith has all but vanished since State came around.

  5. Freddyhusker says:

    Soup Kitchen in Edgerton??? I have been a regular attender to the Grace Cafe (i.e. soup kitchen) for several years. It is more like a church who wants to provide a meal for the community each month to symbolize the grace shown to then by their Lord. True, some attenders come because they need a hot meal. Many come to see friends once a week. Still others attend because it is there and it is one meal that doesn’t have to be prepared at home on a very busy Wednesday evening.

    By the way, lest you think Edgerton is alone in having a “soup kitchen”, Gardner has at least one church providing “free” meals on Wednesday night (and they serve actual soup more often than Edgerton’s). Spring Hill has a church with a “free” meal night, but I think it is on Thursday instead. I bet even Olathe has a “free” meal night (aka soup kitchen) at some church or other organization in town.

    I live in Edgerton and the water bills are high. The trash collection, however, is partially subsidized by the city (because of proceeds from the Intermodal, according to the what the city says). I kinda wish the Gardnerites would keep their noses out of Edgerton’s business. You guys had a chance at the Kansas Speedway and screwed it up, you had a chance at the intermodal and screwed it up. Who knows when another pitch will be thrown, but I sincerely hop you don’t take strike three looking (unless, of course, it helps Edgerton).

  6. Agreed. There are just a couple (or one) people out here who keep posting silly things about Edgerton and keep dragging in the Intermodal as the kicking dog to blame for everything bad that’s ever happened there (or ever will).

    Having, or needing, a “soup kitchen” ought to say something FOR a community…that at least the people there care enough to try to help each other out. Instead, we get people who want to use the idea as propaganda for ideals they can’t logically support any other way.

  7. State of Affairs says:

    Getting closer–Edgerton City Council approves design of a new wastewater treatment plant, one of several infrastructure projects that the City of Edgerton has agreed to build for the BNSF and The Allen Group intermodal and KC Logistics Park.

    Early 2012, the Design-Build Team will present to the City Council a Guaranteed maximum Price for construction of the new plant.

  8. State of Affairs says:

    And, for those accusing me of telling untruths, read the City of Edgerton Newsletter enclosed with your city bill (for water/sewer/trash) due 1-15-2012; or penalty if not paid by due date.

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