February 12, 2016

Edgerton to discuss heavy haul corridor

Danedri Thompson
Edgerton council members will consider creating a heavy haul corridor near the intermodal. The governing body discussed the idea during a council meeting on Aug. 8.
When it opens this fall, heavy haul traffic will be routed down a newly-improved, two-lane 191st Street. Johnson County provided the funding for upgrading the then dirt road. The heavy haul portion of 191st Street currently extends from Waverly Road to the BNSF intermodal’s doorstep, but council members agreed to extend it further – to Four Corners Road – last August.
This August, council members are considering ways to recoup the cost of upgrades to the road. Members tabled the discussion on Aug. 8.
Anna-Marie Keena, Edgerton administrative services director, said city staff has been researching the costs associated with a heavy haul corridor. Once the county completes construction on 191st Street, the road and its maintenance will be turned over to the city of Edgerton.
Keena said the cost of maintaining a heavy haul road can be prohibitive.
“A heavy haul road is very expensive,” Keena said in an interview after the Aug. 8 city council meeting. “It’s not just pushing snow. It’s going to be patching a road of that size and stature.”
She said city officials have been working with the Kansas Department of Transportation and other entities, including the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and other intermodal facilities to research prospective costs and requirements related to the road.
Council members will discuss hold a work session on Aug. 22 to further consider the issue. Keena said they have not yet determined whether the work session will precede or follow the regularly-scheduled council meeting that evening set for 7 p.m. at city hall.
In other business, council members:
• approved a budget that maintains the current mill levy rate at 36.935. With the proposed rate, the owner of an Edgerton home appraised at $120,000 will pay $509 in property taxes to the city next year.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I wish journalists would say “the CITIZENS of Johnson County” rather than Johnson County paid for the improved 191st St. In the same vein, KDOT or any other state, federal, county or city entity does not pay for infrastructure, the CITIZENS of those entities are the ones to foot the bills and that is clear because the developers and the big money boy thieves never want to pay any taxes if they can avoid it and most of the time they are able to do so due to worthless, conniving, manipulative politicians and bureaucrats and the citizens who support them.

    Citizens will NEVER stop paying for that intermodal and the costs, and not just monetary costs, are high, expensive and never ending. But the going propaganda and always the propaganda that you will hear is that this project will create jobs – for the most part they will be jobs that will kill, maim, disable and not even provide a living wage and the citizens will continue to pay social costs for those who don’t earn enough to support themselves and their families. I would much rather more of my tax dollars and the tax dollars that the thieves SHOULD be paying be utilized for education and, of course, I continue to hope and pray the citizens finally see the light and get some people to run for office and support them who have a moral compass and not allow all of the moral corruption that is so widespread – someone has to set the example of honesty, integrity, ethics, character and it should start with the CITIZEN but that hasn’t been happening for years now and our country is becoming weaker by the day because of it – that is my opinion.

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