February 8, 2016

Edgerton to consider budget with flat mill rate

Corbin H. Crable

Edgerton City Council members prepared to approve the city’s fiscal year 2011 budget, which may include a 50-percent trash subsidization for its residents, at an Aug. 19 work session.

As of right now, Edgerton residents pay nearly $160 each year for trash disposal services; the subsidization of those services would halve those payments to an estimated $80 per year.

With more than $600,000 coming in from Kansas City Power and Light in the coming year, the city is poised to enjoy a sizeable budget surplus. Council members, at the Aug. 19 work session, briefly discussed the option of enacting a mill decrease. The city currently has one of the highest mill rates in the county, at 42.893. According to former Edgerton City Clerk Rita Moore, one mill is the equivalent of $24,500.

Council members debated the possibility of reducing the city’s mill rate by 15 percent, or $789,000.

“But we’d do that at the cost of cutting back funding to parks and recreation or street maintenance,” Edgerton Mayor Don Roberts noted.

Council member Ken Gillespie said he was not prepared to support a mill decrease.

“I think we need to take care of some great needs the city has before considering lowering the mill levy,” he said.

The city’s 2011 budget allocates $157,000 for street maintenance and upkeep, and $80,000 for parks and recreation.

Roberts said the option that would save citizens the most money varied from one resident to another.

“It depends on the citizen,” he said.

Edgerton’s budget has been calculated on the assumption that the city will see no residential or commercial growth in 2011.

The council likely will approve the 50-percent trash subsidization along with the budget at its Thursday, Aug. 26 meeting. The city will approve the budget a day after it is due to the state. City Administrator David Dillner did not respond to a call asking why the budget was being submitted past the deadline.


  1. It will be interesting to see whether Edgerton’s mill levy will go down in the coming years especially considering Elwood, Ill.’s, where BNSF has had an intermodal since around 2001, tax rate has increased over 4 times what it was in 2001. Yes, we will be seeing whether the good ole propaganda of a broader business tax base will lower an average citizens’s tax rate. I am also anxious to see how the city of Gardner will merge their fire department with that of Jo. Co. Fire Dist No. 1 to get the fire protection that BNSF and the Allen Group and others need – believe that back room deal will be costing Gardner residents too in the long run – time will tell and it will also tell you how your worthless politicians don’t work for you but for the special interests as I have seen time and time again and at the expense of every average citizen.

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