February 8, 2016

Edgerton plans extensive sewer upgrades with CDBG funding

Mark Taylor
The Edgerton City Council is planning an estimated $275,000 in sewer improvements along three streets in the older part of town.
The council on July 28 accepted a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the county that will cover $182,260 of the project’s cost.
The remaining amount will be paid from the city’s sewer reserve funds.
City Administrator Beth Linn said in a memo to the council that the scope of work includes “upgrading an existing 8-inch clay sanitary sewer main and manholes to improve flow capacity for the developed parts of town and provide additional capacity for future development.”
The mains have been prone to backup and overflow problems in the past.
Linn said the existing 8-inch main is not adequate to serve the peak flow for 75 percent of the community during high demand, and replacing the line will prevent future backup problems as well as provide additional capacity.
Initial plans included upgrading the 8-inch mains to 10-inch mains.
But during plan review, Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) officials said the sewer main should be at least 12 inches in some areas to meet minimum velocity and capacity needs.
Johnson County and CDBG have agreed to the 12-inch upsize based on KDHE’s recommendation.
The location of the work includes 1,300 linear feet of mains along 14 addresses on Third, Fourth and Martin streets.
The city applied for two-years of CDBG eligibility to help fund the project.
Although estimates for design and construction were $275,000, Linn said the cost could be lower depending on bids.
Mayor Don Roberts said construction will be at least 90 percent completed by the end of the year.
He added that all residential properties affected by the construction will be restored to their original condition by the city.


  1. I like how this project was necessary for “future development” – you mean the Allen Group that will only be paying only 25% of their property taxes but the citizens will be required to pay 100% of their taxes. I am glad it is Edgerton taxpayers getting screwed instead of Gardner’s but everyone will be paying for that horror story intermodal through county, state and federal funds and the costs will never end and the suffering will increase. The County has picked up intermodal costs already time and time again and having the citizens pay the bills but again I am so glad that project does not carry Gardner’s name on it. I am anxious to see what Edgerton’s 2012 budget will do to their mill levy.

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