February 12, 2016

Edgerton hiring process winds down

Mark Taylor

The city of Edgerton is nearing the end of its search for a new city administrator.
The council interviewed the final round of candidates on May 15 and has set June 6 as the target date for naming a new hire.

Fifty applicants submitted resumes for the job, and the top five were interviewed.

“Things are going well,” Mayor Don Roberts said . “We’ve had some just outstanding applicants. We’ll see how it goes from this point forward.”

The council has been searching for a new city administrator since David Dillner resigned the city’s top staff post earlier this year to take a job in Abilene, Kan.

Mike Press, retired Johnson County administrator, has been filling in on an interim basis.

Council members have said during recent meetings that they are searching for an “innovative” administrator who “thinks outside of the box.”

The new administrator will be responsible for guiding the city through residential and commercial growth that is believed will accompany the intermodal logisitics park planned to be built within city limits.

In other business, the council:

• Discussed the city’s fireworks policy.

Resident Shelly George asked the council to expand public notification of the city’s fireworks ordinance, which restricts the use fireworks to July 3-4.

“The last several years it has gone from a couple of days of fireworks to a week, all day and all night through the next morning,” George said. “That’s OK I guess if you don’t have to get up early, but I am exhausted by the time the whole thing is done.”

Roberts said he believes the cut-off for fireworks use is 10 p.m. on July 3 and midnight on July 4.

He said the sheriff’s office makes an effort to police fireworks during the July 4 holiday and intervenes when deputies are notified of violators.

George suggested notifying residents of fireworks regulations on the city’s Web site and water bills.

Roberts said notice could also be posted at Dee’s Mini Mart and at local fireworks stands.

• Approved animal permits for Glyn Powers to keep for animals and 24 fowl on four acres; for Jarold D. Owens to keep up to 10 horses and cattle on 10.2 acres; and for Maurice and Joan Taylor to keep 10 chickens on two acres.

• Approved governance new governance policies as proposed by Press.
Press said he compiled the policies from those of several other cities across the country.

“These are essentially the rules and parameters of how the council governs itself, your ways of working together, your principals and values,” he said.

The policies make a distinction between council and administrative roles.

“The council will be responsible for excellence in governing; the staff will be responsible for excellence in management,” Press said.

Press said the policies would ensure staff accountability without the council having to be directly involved in day-to-day operations.

The council also reviewed a second set of policies outlining staff conduct and limitations on the city administrator.

The policies define the administrator’s fiscal and budgetary responsibilities as well as their role in providing support and information to the council.

The council is expected to vote on those policies during its next meeting.


  1. I am sure the one chosen will be one who takes direction well from the big boys and Mike Press will be glad to mentor the new city manager. Mike has already got the Council convinced that they are only to set policy which will be highly influenced by what certain people want and let good ole rotten politics take the people for an expensive and loss of quality of life ride – a ride that will be not be pleasant for generations to come. Edgerton and this whole area will be the new Argentine and more or should I say less than what Argentine is now.

  2. Judith, if this intermodal project turns into a mess for this area, I will hold you and your take back Gardner friends solely responsible.

  3. The Beasley recall Sperminator speaks…………I am impressed (NOT!!!!!)…….

  4. Ryan–And, just why would Judith & her take back Gardner friends be responsible for the mess???

    Edgerton residents that don’t want the intermodal have the big shots in Gardner to thank for even letting the project into the area.

    Meanwhile, we have a tick, snake infected easement in our neighborhood around where children play that the neighbors were asked at a special meeting to keep up, since the city can’t afford to. But, we can afford to pay for the rail yard.

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