February 14, 2016

Edgerton councils discusses comp plan update

Danedri Thompson

Edgerton council members will take more time to consider possible changes to the city’s comprehensive plan. The plan maps out future land uses in Edgerton and lays out goals for the community and development.

Roger Kroh,a planning consultant, told council members a lot has changed in Edgerton since the plan was last updated in the 1990s. He listed the county’s acquisition of Big Bull Creek Park as well as Edgerton’s annexation of the intermodal.

Since the county acquired the park near Edgerton, they’ve since put the brakes on developing it and have said it may be years before that occurs.

“It was time for a major update,” he said.

A draft of Edgerton's comprehensive plan update

The Planning Commission hosted a series of work sessions and meetings and has approved a draft update to the plan, however council members requested more time to review the 100-plus page document.

The proposed update envisions the majority of Edgerton’s future growth north and east of Edgerton proper near the BNSF intermodal. Kroh said the proposed plan specifies the majority of that growth will be industrial, however the update carves out areas of mixed use for retail and multi-family residential near Interstate 35.

The intermodal annexation nearly tripled the size of Edgerton geographically, but Kroh said population growth would likely follow. He said it’s difficult to predict population growth, however when analyzing for the comprehensive plan update, consultants projected Edgerton’s current population of 1,880 would increase by another thousand residents to 2,800 residents in 2020. By 2030, the comprehensive plan anticipates there will be 4,100 residents in Edgerton.

Mayor Don Roberts said he would like to have a more in-depth discussion about Edgerton’s goals before passing the comprehensive plan. The council will discuss more specifics about the proposed plan at its next work session scheduled for Nov. 18.

In other business, the council:

• awarded a $28,700 contract to Shafer, Kline and Warren, Inc. for the creation of a wastewater master plan. Steven Baker with the company told council members the wastewater master plan naturally follows the comprehensive plan update.

• approved a motion to solicit proposals for design of quiet zones related to the intermodal project.

• approved a motion to solicit proposals for design of sanitary sewer improvements related to a 2011 Community Block Development Grant.


  1. Edgerton and its citizens are and will be owned by BNSF, The Allen Group, other special interests and developers on the horizon and worthless politicians at all levels from now until eternity. The price is going to be mighty high for the citizens of this area in my opinion, not only in Edgerton – I am already telling my young family members not to come back home after college because it is not going to be pretty and there is a better place for them in the years ahead. To be living smack dab in the middle of a freight corridor and having a railyard/warehouse city/trucks by the million environment in your backyard is not something I can recommend for my loved ones – I want something much better for them and I tell them that.

  2. Monies for the intermodal–“. . . and from property taxes” (always “. . . AND from property taxes”.) Edgerton is widows trying to live on their deceased husbands’ pensions; retirees; and young families trying to get started.

    Warren Buffet says give to charity. Why doesn’t he just pick up the tab on the whole project? He owns BNSF.

  3. Edgerton Insights said the council met behind closed doors but it didn’t say for what or how long, just under their attorneys concern and with a financial consultant. Why don’t they want to talk actual numbers in front of the public? And why do they keep hiring financial consultants from Olathe and Lenexa? I thought tht was the adminstrators job but he’s always twittering. Maybe Gardner should just hire him as social media director.

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