February 8, 2016

Edgerton council reviews Logistics Park regulations

Corbin H. Crable
The Edgerton City Council acted swiftly on news it may be home to a 312,000-square-foot warehouse June 17, reviewing a host of regulations for Logistics Park zoning at its work session last week.
Earlier in the day, City Administrator David Dillner posted an announcement on the city’s website that the Allen Group had submitted an application to rezone 16 acres owned by BNSF from Agricultural Zoning District to Business Park Zoning District. If approved by the city, the property would house a warehouse/distribution facility for Leawood-based Demdaco, a business that specializes in figurines and collectibles. According to Dillner, the facility would employ approximately 150 people and would receive a hefty 75 percent tax abatement. The city plans to pay for the project through industrial revenue bonds, although Dillner did not disclose the amount.
Edgerton’s Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on the rezoning application next month.
The Logistics Park zoning regulations, presented to the council by the Allen Group’s Patrick Robinson, include lengthy regulatory statements about lighting, signage and architectural design standards, but little on issues such as diesel emission requirements. What regulations are offered do not specify  where idling vehicles may park on the property. According to the section on diesel emission requirements: “Except for loading/unloading operations, heavy duty diesel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 14,001 pounds shall be restricted from idling on site for no more than five minutes in any 60-minute period. For loading/unloading operations, idling shall be restricted to no more than 30 minutes in any 60-minute period.” Exemptions apply to emergency vehicles or vehicles in extreme hot or cold weather, according to the regulations.
Robinson said he believes the regulations are an effective blueprint for the design and operation of structures related to the intermodal facility.
“We feel the Logistics Park district will be pretty uniform throughout,” he told the council.
Dillner said he agreed.
“This is designed to protect the Allen Group’s properties … and adjacent properties as well,” he said.
A related statement, according to the regulations, is that “…residential uses should be discouraged from locating near the L-P District to protect the industries from residential complaints.”

In other business, the council:
• heard a presentation on the U.S. 56 corridor management plan from Jeff McKerrow of TranSystems. McKerrow notified the council that the project should be done within the next month (see related story on www.gardnernews.com.
• reviewed the city’s property maintenance code.

The council will next meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 23 at City Hall, 404 E. Nelson St. The council is meeting Wednesday instead of Thursday due to potential conflicts with Edgerton Frontier Days, which begins the evening of Thursday, June 24 and runs through the evening of Saturday, June 26.


  1. McDonald says:

    Dear Edgerton Council and Mayor. Due to the fact that this logitics park is 8 miles away from the main city of Edgerton and will have no physical affect on the main city itself, as a Gardner resident I plead that you will have mercy on us Gardnerites. In your planning will you please set requirements on the Allen Group and BNSF that they make the structures look presentable, that the landscaping is presentable, and that the Logistics Park is walled up to prevent sound and light from flooding the surrounding community. (Gardner)

    We would have done it ourselves, but Shepherd, Peters, and Thompson pissed away our opportunity. I appreciate your consideration in this matter.

  2. Jack Burden says:

    Hear, Hear!

  3. Beg and reason with these worthless politicians and government bureaucrats who work for BNSF and the Allen Group and see what you get……………..to show you how they want to help you, they will soon be routing their trucks through Gardner instead of their town and this with the full approval of the Gardner Mayor and Council. Beg a little more and do the nice, rearend kissing as only you can do and I will await to see the marvelous outcome you get……………that wall should do wonders with trapping the pollution in – kill off a few railyard employees before you damage the lungs of our babies and small children and make adults sick ……..and you can start paying higher taxes with the costs for Hwy 56 and then, of course, the millions that will be needed for the new interchange and then we have…………….put those knee pads on and beg real good for all of the citizens and whatever you do, be sure to bend that knee whenever you see some of those worthless politicians out somewhere…………..

  4. McDonald says:

    Once again Judith spouts rubbish. I think you’d like the plan for the 56 highway into Gardner. They will have a round about right where Main and 56 split, that will deter trucks from wanting to come through town. I think that is a great idea.

    Correct me if I’m wrong (Someone besides Judith because she’s nuts) if the City of Edgerton says they need to have x amount of trees, and the look of the buildings need to meet y standards do TAG and BNSF not have to comply?

  5. McDonald, open your mouth again and let me know all of the important info you have to share about how TAG and BNSF are going to make your life heaven on earth with streets paved in gold. Come on, give me some more of your inside info.

    You think that roundabout is going to deter the pollution that will be coming to your doorstep one way or the other????? Do you think that landscaping is going to save your rearend???? Does pretty save your health???? Will a pretty building hide the truth – the real truth that you don’t want to admit to???? Will the landscaping and the pretty green buildings cut the infrastructure costs that you will be paying from now until you hit the grave????

    I enjoy hearing from you McDonald – it makes my day for you to repeat all of the propaganda and rhetoric you have bought into. I will be awaiting more of your gems of wisdom.

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