February 11, 2016

Drovetta issues statement regarding Fotovich, Pugh

Mayor Dave Drovetta has released the following statement regarding Monday’s night’s altercation between councilmen Larry Fotovich and Dennis Pugh:
“Since the matter from Monday is still being investigated, (City Attorney) Jim Hubbard has advised not to discuss it until the process has run its course,” he wrote in an email to The Gardner News. “After that I will be happy to answer any questions.”


  1. Understood. Just my opinion….. In response to entire situation, no one should bully someone by following them to their home. Things can get heated, words often inappropriate, but with that said I hope that all involved and making themselves involved realize that many have done somewhat the same I UNDERSTAND that doing it in a drinking establishment may seem different than at a public meeting but when you seek, accept and hold a position your actions, if you judge someone else should be far better than what you speak so coldly of. This includes all internet activity including Facebook conversations and pictures. We are all human, when working together we often become close and sometimes that includes arguements and disagreements. I do not believe a physical attack is appropriate nor do I believe bullying is acceptable by anyone. No one person no matter their position or career choice makes them better than anyone else so before anyone insults, judges or makes accusations remember your words can often be judged by others far worse than your opinion and accusations of another. Regarding recording the meetings, they should be protected by privacy act.

  2. I’m disappointed. It’s as if the mayor is condoning violence. Does he? I understand he can’t speak about the specific incident, but where are assurances this will be investigated. Mr. Mayor, I voted for you, but I am very disappointed by your actions.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    You won’t hear a word from your dictator because he threatened Fotovich in a Council Meeting himself and does his intimidation thing wherever he feels it is appropriate to get him what he and others want and Hubbard has always been there to enable and support it from what I can see – certainly not what the people want in many instances. That City Hall led by Drovetta continues to carry a stench that is unbearable but those jerks won’t go as they should. They will never show any type of high moral standard because it is not in their vocabulary in my opinion and based on my experience for years now. I bet Hubbard hasn’t had the decency to check with Fotovich to see if there was anything he could to do to help him – THE ONE WHO GOT PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED. You just better hope you or your loved ones aren’t assaulted in this town when the police aren’t around to witness it and then you wonder why bullying continues in our schools across the U.S. and parents lose their children in the process. Pretty pathetic what still goes on here in the good ole USA but it is even more rotten when politics and money are involved.

    Thank God I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my loving family and they all know I will always be there for them regardless of whether the law enforcement will do their job or not. I wish all decent citizens out there the very best on our day of thanks – we do have much to be thankful for but certainly not this sorry mess that Pugh and Drovetta are responsible for – that is my opinion.

  4. That's an excellent point says:

    Did the mayor or anyone from the city staff (attorney, human resounces etc) call Fotovich and check that he was physically OK?

  5. Judith Rodgers … The only thing that stinks around here is your poor, pathetic ramblings. You certainly like to make comments on subjects on which you have no first hand knowledge. Give your keyboard a rest!

  6. State of Affairs says:

    So much for moving to the small community of Gardner-Edgerton–
    Gardner with standoffs and escapees from prison coming home to roost. City council fighting.
    Edgerton with arson, drug raids, and shootings.
    Not safe for the law abiding citizen.

  7. @that's an excellent point says:

    Surely someone from the city, be it the mayor, hr director, city manager, or city attorney should be able to answer this question. Please tell me that someone with an official city capacity had the decency to check on Mr. Fotovich’s condition after hearing about the attack????

  8. “His condition after the attack”? Really? His condition was full of shit. Pugh never actually beat it out of him.

  9. State of Affairs says:

    Way to go Gardner!!! “The ruckus” has hit the headlines in the Kansas City Star!!!

  10. Hello Everyone.

    Please read the Gardner news article in the following link.


    This problem is going to continue to be in city council even with Pughs resignation. The one that seems to promote this behavior is the Mayor.
    This came up months ago, also, I have witnessed this kind of behavior before

    The article tells the future months prior to the fight in city council.

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