February 13, 2016

Drovetta halts administrator search

Mayor David Drovetta has released the following statement regarding the Gardner city administrator search:

From the Office of the Mayor:

I have decided to place the City Administrator search on hold. I will recommend to the Council that we enlist the services of Michael Press, former Johnson County Manager, to serve as our Interim City Administrator, to assist us with our workload and to provide us with much needed guidance.

I have made this decision since the two top candidates for the position have withdrawn their applications due to the actions of a Councilmember and delays in decisions.

Based on the process agreed to by the City Council, candidates for the position were told that their interest would be held in confidence and they would be informed well in advance of making their names public. This assurance of confidentiality was broken, forcing the candidates to notify their organizations and governing bodies sooner than necessary and without adequate time to prepare.

This breach came to light when a candidate was contacted by an individual who writes about that community on a website. The individual referred to information that was only discussed in executive session. This violation of confidentiality by the Councilmember not only negatively impacted the reputation of our community but also placed us at risk for civil action. Later a Councilmember began to run their own background check of a candidate without notifying the candidate, city staff, or the Governing Body. This action was unethical, unprofessional and again placed our community at risk.

In the letter to me regarding his withdrawal, the second candidate cited that a Councilmember’s letter to the editor and the delays in the process as reasons for withdrawal. He stated the comments in the letter put all the candidates at a disadvantage which I later confirmed with the other candidate that withdrew.

We will resume the search in the spring with the assistance of Mr. Press.

It is unfortunate that our search was compromised by a councilmember who chose not to respect the process agreed to by our Governing Body and communicated to the applicants. It reflects poorly on our community and will likely reduce the pool of qualified candidates that might consider this position.


David C. Drovetta
City of Gardner


  1. Gardner Citizen says:

    If this is true, the councilman needs to resign for violating confidentiality. Does anyone know where Judith is, she has been very quiet.

  2. I leave the silence and the secrecy to the Dictator and his Brown Shirts. Always nice to know you have the Sopranos and all of their charm installed in your local City Hall. In my opinion the Dictator has added fear and intimidation to his repetoire. The Dictator has brought this mess to Gardner just like other messes and his House of Cards is falling all around him because the truth is catching up to him. He now looks for another scapegoat because he never wants to be held accountable nor responsible. Mike Press nor anyone else can cover or make up for what he has brought about but it is sad that the people will have to once again be paying a high price for not doing their jobs and going along with the wrongdoing that has been going on for years thru dirty, rotten politics – all of these comments reflect my opinion after years of watching and listening.

  3. reasonablecitizen says:

    Judith, using inflammatory language doesn’t make you right. You are a broken record.

  4. GardnerPride says:

    If his was anyone other than Fotovich, Judith would be lighting the torches. Hipocrisy at it’s finest.

    He has completely compromised the process and for at least the second time in his very brief tenure, wasted the tax payers money and time, without improving the situation. I can’t wait to see Strike Three. I’m also waiting for the first positive outcome from his time on the City Council.

  5. GardnerPride says:

    *hypocrisy – sorry for the typo.

  6. reasonablecitizen says:

    GardnerPride, well put.

  7. Explain please says:

    “Later a Councilmember began to run their own background check of a candidate without notifying the candidate, city staff, or the Governing Body. This action was unethical, unprofessional and again placed our community at risk.”
    Aren’t background checks fairly routine? Most applications require you to submit to a credit, criminal and drug scrutiny, at least on any application I’ve filled out. And why would the town be at risk for verifying employment history?
    What am I missing?

  8. City Hall has a record of not being forthcoming………………..thru experience I have learned that they only tell you what THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR – it is called dirty, rotten politics and many times they withhold the information you are wanting – the school district is pulling the same kind of stunts………if you don’t do your own research on ANY issue then I consider you a fool and you will not be fully informed nor educated as you should be………independent thinkers have never been valued nor wanted at Gardner City Hall for years….this latest whitewash the Dictator is pulling once again is just another one of many…….the track record is there for all to see if they want to see it and if they respect the truth and they aren’t afraid to use their brain………..

  9. Explain please says:

    Did the current interim administrator quit then? And why is the whole thing confidential? and why does that make us look bad? I’ve never seen something like this before. Poor Mr. Press. I wouldn’t blame him to withdraw his name. We need to put these politicians on Jerry Springer as much bad blood they spew out.

  10. Jared Taylor says:

    I can’t wait for the other side of this story to be told.

  11. Don’t poor mouth Mike Press – he has been a party of dirty, rotten politics for years. I also do not believe a small town of 19,000 citizens should be paying hard earned dollars for an assistant city manager AND an interim city manager or full time city manager, especially during these times when nothing is moving and we are so broke and the huge debt we are barely able to handle. If Mike Press does come on board, my first question to him will be to inform me what deals did the County make with those 38 companies in New Century who have not paid any or very little of their property taxes for years now and the citizens have lost millions and millions of school tax dollars because of the deals given to them that no one will come forward and tell the people what the deals were and how long they last. The citizens certainly deserve that information on a huge, huge loss of tax revenue. I am sure Mike Press is very informed on those deals and perhaps he could be forthcoming with the information but I wouldn’t recommend you hold your breath while waiting………

    Our Dictator and his supporters have sold off our fire department and now he is working on bringing in a third party to run our utilities……….people better start doing their research on that one and asking themselves if they will be better off by bringing in a middleman and the affects that will have on them financially and will they be better off and why can’t we manage our own utilities…….you might want to use your ole brain on that issue because the push has started and if you want to be fully informed and educated before making a decision on the issue then you better be prepared to do your own homework because I know you will only get from City Hall what they want you to know….another dog and pony show in the making and will soon be awaiting you at your Monday night theatre on Main St.

  12. The Libertarian says:

    The ongoing saga of Drovetta and Fotovich … is it a comedy or tragedy? I can’t rightly say.
    What I can say is that they are a disagreeable pair, and their attempts to vilify one another, makes each of them, in turn, look like ineffective jerks!

  13. GardnerPride says:

    Their personal contempt for one another most certainly does get in the way more often than not. When will they realize that they stand in the way of progress?

  14. What do you do Libertarian??? Just shrug your shoulders, walk away and let the crappy status quo continue to bring about high cost cronyism government?????? Did you like that 6 mill levy increase you got last year on your city taxes making Gardner one of the most highest taxed cities in the whole area and in the same year they sold off your fire department? Do you like that huge debt you are having to service? Do you like paying millions and millions of dollars for Walmart’s development costs and you are going to be paying for more years – do you think ole Walmart and the politicians who gave them the sweet deal are worrying about you having to pay those costs PLUS INTEREST? Remember when your Dictator and his buddy Mertz gave you that slogan of “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Tax ‘Em” and then he turns around and gives you a deal where he will only bring home 15 cents on the dollar for the people??? Do you remember when good ole Mertz said “I am not concerned with kids dropping out of school because WE need more unskilled labor”? Do you like taking care of Coleman, Kimberly-Clark, TradeNet, 38 companies in New Century who don’t pay any taxes or very little, do you like have 21 business owners along Main St. getting off from paying their full taxes, do you like the investors/builders/developers claiming farm use by fraud on their properties when there is no farm use and they only pay around $10 a year for a lot when it should be around $300 to $400 – do you think that is ethical or legal and all the while you are losing tax revenue up the gut and your tax bill of all kinds continue to escatlate to take care of the special interests and the takers?? Are you better off than Overland Park, Leawood, Mission, Olathe with those high Gardner city taxes and the highest school taxes in the whole state that you are paying?? Are you enjoying paying higher sales taxes on every thing you buy while the big boys and the worthless politicians who support them have that toothy smile plastered on their faces??? Lots of jerks to blame – the line is long and it has been going on for years due in large part because of the apathy of the people.

  15. The Libertarian says:

    Drovetta and Fotovich are the jerks du jour … of course between the two of them we get a lot of same jerk different day as well.
    Cronyism is for jerks.
    Tax increases and crushing debt, jerk moves by jerk leaders.
    Corporate welfare, for jerks from jerks.
    Tax cheats are jerks.
    and so on, and so on, etc … etc …
    Jerks for today though – Drovetta and Fotovich. Don’t kid yourself either, they are both jerks.

  16. Senior Citizen says:

    Never in my life have I seen a mayor issue a statement like this. Its unprofessional, and undignified. I don’t care what provoked it. So what have they done to our current interim? Demote her? What a way to handle city business. Shameful. On all of them.

  17. GardnerPride says:

    I won’t completely disagree Senior Citizen, but it was the actions of a single Councilmember that compromised, and eventually sabotaged, the entire process. This needed to be brought to the attention of the public, and I think it was the Mayor’s responsibility to do so. This is a big issue, and once again has cast Gardner in a negative light. How much will the applicant pool dwindle after this most recent fiasco? I’m thankful to learn about it, though I’m certain the Mayor isn’t pulling any punches in regards to Fotovich. I believe this letter reflects the facts, each is free to come to their own conclusion.

  18. Jared Taylor says:

    @gardnerpride, with all due resepct what a load of crud. This wasn’t one council members fault. Fotovich did indeed step over the boundry when he sent the letter out but the Governing Body didn’t move quick enough to get this done. Drovetta. This had to do with a break down in leadership from our Body, specifically Drovetta in making sure this got done. Both Drovetta and Fotovich should be ashamed of themselves. They keep allowing this personal fued between them get in the way of doing what is right for our community.

  19. Perhaps our lovely city could start videotaping ALL city meetings and the people could start educating and informing themselves in many ways with respect to issues facing the community. Lots of opinions but how many of them are based on FACTS rather than lies and hate like we have seen time and time again. Last Dec. Broxterman promised me after the first of the year there would be a vote by the Council on whether they would endorse videotaping of all city meetings…….haven’t heard from him since nor seen that vote yet. Until people get actually involved in their city government and KNOW what is going on and do their duty, then you will continue to have crappy cronyism government and their rigged processes with all of the adverse affects. This stinking issue is just one of many and if anyone had really been paying attention thru the years, they would know the proximate cause.

  20. GardnerPride says:

    “They keep allowing this personal fued between them get in the way of doing what is right for our community.”

    Isn’t that what I said earlier? In regards to the timeline, all 3 candidates were still interested in the position during the final interviews on August 22nd. The process has been a lengthy experience, but this wasn’t an issue for any of the candidates just 3 weeks ago. Fotovich’s letter was published 9 days later, and now 2 have dropped out. In my opinion, this is his burden to bear, but I’ve not found him to be the type of person to admit his mistakes. I’m not blind enough to miss the other faults in the process, including those of the Mayor, but jeopardizing the process in such an egregious way during the final stage of the process is a critical error. I also think it will make a very large impact in the quality of candidate that will apply for the position in the spring. Word will spread very quickly amongst the City Administrators in the area, and beyond.

    Until the Council understands the long term effects of each of their actions, we will continue to struggle. The next elections must present the people who will choose to run as a representative of the whole of Gardner, and we must vote to rid ourselves of these agenda driven, small town politicians. Of course, that’s probably another long shot as well.

    I wonder at this point if Fotovich, or the rest of the council, will have a reply to the situation.

  21. Excuse poor behavior any way you want, it’s still poor behavior. You wonder what’s wrong with our youth, look at the example set by our elected officials. Shameful. I don’t give a whinny what other city administrators might think. I only care about this town. I am very disappointed in Mayor Drovetta and the other fellow. Somebody needs to take them out back, put on the gloves and let them go at it. They need to be tending business and not foolishness. Get somebody in here cares about the town and doesn’t run off when the going gets tough. Show some class.

  22. Hey guys, I am still available. Why hasn’t anyone offered me the job?

  23. Have you called or emailed the council and mayor? says:

    Although posting these comments can be informative and entertaining, how about unleashing some of this on the council and mayor? Email or call them and make them accountable. I know, I know, Judith, I’m ready for you to unleash on this post about how they don’t listen, etc., but despite all of your negativity, I still have hope in the human spirit and I think contacting them directly and asking them questions and telling them how you feel is a good thing. All of their contact info is on the city website.

  24. All of the players know what has been going on for years and you see all the Mickey Mouse continuing do you not????? Yeah, contact your so-called representatives, especially those appointed or anointed by the Dictator…………..get reminded up close and personal as to how dirty, rotten politics work in this town and across the nation. Then you might want to figure out what you are going to do to have some real results that are so badly needed. You are going to need to know more than an e-mail address and take more action than sending an e-mail.

  25. For once I agree with Judith. Enough time is wasted on these fools. Vote them out next election.

  26. GardnerPride says:

    Unfortunately, we voted in another fool, maybe a couple of them.

  27. There are 3 sides to all stories. His side, his side and the truth. I want to know what the real time line was!

  28. GardnerPride says:

    Agreed, where is Mr. Fotovich’s comment now? He has a lot of answering to do, and I hope that The Gardner News has asked for his reply.

  29. When do cowardly backstabbers who don’t take ownership of their comments answer to the people???? So pathetic, so worthless, so lowlife………..

  30. Jared Taylor says:

    The more I think about this the more I believe the Mayor and Fotovich share the blame in the debacle. This city is so poorly goverened and the two most vocal leaders are too busy fighting each other than to worry about the business of us citizens.

    Mayor Drovetta purposefully scripted this search and Fotovich purposefully found fault. Neither one of these men are doing what’s best for the City, only for themselves. It is tiresome.

  31. GardnerPride says:

    Very fair Jared. “Luckily” the city has just been granted a re-do and can’t start the process from scratch. Let’s hope they do so more efficiently this time.

  32. Fotovich is doing the job he was elected to do and that is to protect the best interests of the people…………he spoke out when no one else had the moral fortitude to do so in my opinion. I would say he did the citizens a big favor by perhaps stopping the wrong person from being in place to help the Dictator rather than stop his cronyism government and at a high price at that – wish I would have been sitting there – you would have been getting a blow by blow account since I sure don’t go for the secrecy that some want so they may continue their lowlife behaviors.. And, of course, as we have seen many times before the good guys get placed on the cross to be crucified rather than thanked and appreciated – typical Gardner ignorant, corrupt and cronyism style……………especially by those who don’t take ownership of their comments but are mouth pieces for the Dictator………instability comes with needed change and our country is seeing a whole bunch of instability brought about by the wrongdoers and who doesn’t think needed changes are way overdue????? You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know that better choices have to be made and people with courage to speak out – that is unless you are part of the problem rather than part of solutions starting with an open and transparent government and elimination of rigged processes and closed door backroom wheeling and dealing that has been around for so long and it certainly hasn’t brought paradise on the prairie.

  33. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Of course, I could be mistaken (it happens), but it seems to me that what we are witnessing here are the opening months of what will likely become a vigorously contested political campaign for the mayoral seat on the governing body of Gardner in the Spring 2013 election. Both gladiators, each a strong-willed warrior, are belligerently posturing before firmly locked themselves in brutal combat. Others may enter the fray as time passes. Be aware that those sitting too close to the action on the arena floor may also risk becoming spattered with blood.

  34. Just ordered the book named “Snakes in Suits” from the library………thought it might give me some needed insight. Wonder if they have one called “Political Snakes in Suits” or “Dictator Snakes in Suits”??????? I will have to check that out and probably on some books that deal with people who are manipulators and connivers – they certainly are snakes in the grass.

  35. Yes, people used to love to watch the gladiators in Rome as they were slayed or were slaying…….mankind doesn’t change much and here in Gardner they surely love their Friday Night Lights where they can bat their heads together and we pay top education dollars for that…..you have to wonder what kind of brains are used for that one……….I wonder how many cops they have at the game tonight and we are paying for that too plus picking up a few of the lowlifes out at the trailer park, the ghetto across the road from there or they might get started again this weekend over in Edgerton at the Boxcar Tavern or close by………………those policemen in this area are going to be having some job security.

  36. Put your hatred aside for a moment... says:

    Everyone, please put your petty hatreds aside and let’s look at what we know.

    1. The search for the new city administrator has taken a long time. Maybe it’s because the selection process is flawed; maybe it’s because it’s been difficult to find viable candidates; or maybe it’s because the vitriolic state of Gardner politics has made the Mayor and the Council too cautious in trying to find a candidate who will please everyone.

    We DO know that none of the candidates had dropped out or, as far as we’ve heard, complained about the length of the selection process. Not until the unnamed council member got involved.

    2. Council member Larry Fotovich claims to have been upset at how the selection process was being handled. Instead of airing his concerns vocally with the Council at an open meeting; instead of going to Gardner News to make public his concerns and, perhaps, open public pressure on the Mayor and Council to justify their process selection, he decides to take actions into his own hands.

    3. We do NOT know how the selection process was SUPPOSED to work. The Council or the Mayor apparently hired a recruiting company, relying on its experience and knowledge of the process involved in search and selection of potential employees to find the best available candidates.

    Potential candidates looking for jobs are in a precarious situation. They are considering leaving their current positions, often without their current employers being aware that they’re doing so. It is, in part, because of this that companies use recruiting services. It is the job of such services to handle locating potential candidates with professionalism and discretion.

    Beyond that, most companies that have HR departments allow, or require, those departments to handle the initial interactions with potential candidates for the jobs. Either they, or recruiting companies, handle things like background checks, reference checking, drug testing, and any number of other features. It’s rare to see a manager or employee taking on the responsibility of handling things like background checks. And in cases where you DO see it, you can sometimes see problems arise where candidates are chased away or turned off by lack of discretion or professionalism in how such interactions were handled.

    That said, the only insight we’ve been given into how the Council was handling its search, was what we heard from Council member Fotovich. We don’t really know what is the accepted (or legal) process for hiring a new city administrator.

    But it’s almost certain that the process does not include an untrained, individual Council member taking it upon himself to conduct background searches on potential candidates. And it’s DEFINITELY certain that publicly discussing details about potential candidates represents a serious breach of both professionalism and privacy.

    4. We know that Council member Fotovich took it upon himself to investigate candidates and, apparently, to talk about them publicly, in his letter to Gardner News.

    5. We know that an unnamed Council member leaked potentially even MORE information about potential candidates.

    6. We know that, subsequent to Council member Fotovich’s letter, a web reporter went to one of the city administrator candidates and asked him or her specific questions about details that had not been discussed or disclosed publicly but, instead, discussed in a Council executive session. It was NOT said whether those details were included in Fotovich’s letter, or if they represented ADDITIONAL information, disclosed or leaked or exposed in some different fashion.

    7. We know that the “top two” candidates withdrew their names from consideration for the city administrator position. We’ve learned that both candidates cited the release of personal information, combined with the length of the process, as the reason for their withdrawal.

    8. We know that Mayor Dave Drovetta wrote his own letter, informing the city about the collapse of the administration search process, based on the withdrawal of the top candidates and the apparent leak of information that put the candidates’ current positions at risk, along with, as the Mayor notes, opening Gardner up to civil actions by the candidates.

    9. We know that it was a Council member who “leaked” the information.

    10. We know that the Mayor has appointed an intermin city administrator to serve until next Spring when the search can begin again. And that, apparently, Gardner News approves of his selection.

    Does that about sum it up?

    So why do we need to play this off as yet another round of the ongoing feud between Drovetta and Fotovich? Why do we need to dredge up our own petty hatreds and slog them onto Drovetta or Fotovich or whoever else we think we can stick them onto when we can, instead, focus on the facts and improprieties that occured IN THIS CASE?

    Are we REALLY so wound up in our own dreams of revenge and vindication that we can allow yet another serious breach of professionalism, ethics, and disfunction with Gardner government to turn into a he-said/he-said finger-pointing exercise? This is SERIOUS stuff! We don’t need to hate Fotovich or Drovetta or both guys to get to the bottom of this. But we DO need to get to the bottom of this.

    So let’s take this rationally, and by the numbers.

    1. If the recruiter we hired to find administrator candidates was failing at their task; if they were taking too long or the Mayor and/or Council did not provide them with the proper criteria for selecting the right candidates for us…if ANY of the allegations that Council member Fotovich made against the recruiter or the Mayor’s handling of the recruiter are true, we should make sure that in the spring when the search starts again, we find a different recruiter, provide the recruiter with better feedback as to how they should conduct the search, and/or make sure that the entire Council has better visibility on the candidates.

    All that should go with out saying. But if that’s the case, I think we should require and expect Council member Fotovich to back up the allegations he’s making, not with just how he FEELS on the matter but with documented facts. We’ve already wasted time and money with the current, failed search, all apparently because of Fotovich’s (and the unnamed Council member who leaked details) actions and dissatisfaction. It is NOT too much for Gardner citizens to expect that Fotovich have more than just his distrust and suspicions to justify taking such actions.

    2. We need investigation(s):

    * into the actions of Council member Fotovich in taking it upon himself to conduct background checks into candidates
    * into Fotovich’s decision to publicly discuss in his letter the personal information of administrator candidates
    * into whichever Council member leaked personal candidate information to outside sources unless, of course, that information was effectively just the same information in Fotovich’s letter. We need to know who that unnamed Council member was and to determine just how serious the breach of privacy was.
    * Mayor Drovetta’s selection of, and handling of, the recruiter; of candidates who were submitted to the Council for consideration; and of the amount of time allotted to Council members for review of candidates. This was one of the allegations Fotovich made against the selection process that I found concerning.

    It would be nice if we could know that the Council itself would handle such an investigation with discretion and integrity…maybe the could, maybe they couldn’t…but in reality, the investigation would likely need to be an independent one, just to remove even the slightest hint of political agendas or ongoing grudges interfering with the process.

    It would be REALLY nice if we could ALSO trust the local news sources, Gardner News or even GardnerEDGE, with conducting the investigation for us. But it appears that both news sources have, by their actions, inactions, or default, recused themselves from having the appropriate standing to be able to conduct an independent investigation.

    GardnerEDGE doesn’t appear to have reported on this issue. Even setting aside the fact that Gardner News has long been an ongoing critic of Mayor Drovetta and an unflinching fan of Council member Fotovich, it’s obvious that Gardner News is positioning itself to avoid looking too closely at the issue and, perhaps, having to turn a critical eye on Fotovich and any inappropriate actions he may have taken with regards to it. Even to the point of applauding the Mayor’s appointment of an interim administrator.

    Even if we are unable to get an independent investigation into this matter, it behooves all of US, the citizens of Gardner who care about our city, to set aside our suspicions, our grudges, and our mutual antagonism to make sure we get to the bottom of this issue.

    Once we do that, maybe then we can return to hating each other.

  37. Nodding off as I read this says:

    Uh, excuse me, but it’s pretty clear from reading your “War and Peace” length post above, that you are already fanning the flames of hatred toward Fotovich. So, you might want to think about choosing a different screen name there buddy. Your bias is clearly showing.

  38. Nice essay, Jdelphiki says:

    Tired of living on the EDGE?

  39. @Nodding - What is this "bias" thing you speak of? says:

    Let’s shorten it for the reading-challenged:

    Gardner is likely to get sued because one of our Council members took it upon himself to read and publish personal information from people who thought they had the city’s confidentiality.

    And all people seem to want to do is either insult each other, insult their favorite kick-dog politicians, or try to pretend it’s no big deal.

    Short enough for you or do we need to go to monosyllabic words?

  40. Ask to see the withdrawl letters from the top candidates they actually cite the “lengthy” hiring process as a reason for withdrawing their names. The Mayor also says “I have made this decision since the two top candidates for the position have withdrawn their applications due to the actions of a Councilmember and delays in decisions.” Key words “delay in decisions.”

    The breach of confidentiality lays at the feet of the council member who gabbed about the process. It seems to me the delay in process lays at the feet of our Mayor and the consultant. Either way, our leaders are inept.

  41. This article tells you that justice was served and I am glad. With dirty, rotten politics you are FOOl if you do not do your own research when making an important decision and rigged processes are NOT in the best interests of the people Fear, intimidation and even retaliation are just some of the tools used by the wrongdoers to get their way – I have found this through the years. Look up the Supreme Court case of Sheila White vs. BNSF and you will definitely see another perfect example of intimidation and retaliation. Sheila White nailed BNSF after years of standing up to the giant BNSF and I so admire her on behalf of workers and decent people around the world

    You have to dig for the truth and look beyond what information parties place before you. Use your brain, people and do your own independent thinking.


    Judge rules Kline retaliated against a prosecutor
    TOPEKA | An administrative judge in Washington, D.C., has ruled that Phill Kline was retaliating against a senior Johnson County prosecutor when he fired her in April 2007 after he took over as the county’s district attorney.

    Kline, who was Kansas attorney general from 2003 to 2007 before being defeated by Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison, was appointed to Morrison’s D.A. post after he left state office. A few months later, he fired Jacqie Spradling, a 15-year prosecutor in that office who was section chief of the domestic violence unit.

    In that role, Spradling supervised four attorneys and three interns, handled more than 400 cases and supervised nearly 2,000 cases in 2006, while also prosecuting homicide cases.

    The Topeka Capital-Journal reports Chief Administrative Law Judge Susan Biro made the ruling a month ago in the case filed by Spradling with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

    Kline’s attorney, Reid Holbrook, said he disagreed with Biro’s interpretation of case law in her ruling, and that Kline was appealing the ruling.

    Biro’s ruling is attached to a lawsuit filed by Spradling in Johnson County District Court. It’s an exhibit on a Spradling filing in her state case against Kline as district attorney.

    A motions hearing in the state case is scheduled for today at the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe.

    In her state case, Spradling is seeking damages for mental anguish, no less than $63,000 in past wage loss, no less than $68,000 in future lost income, legal fees and lost benefits. She’s also seeking a court order protecting female employees from sexual discrimination and retaliation in the district attorney’s office.

    In her 16-page ruling, Biro said statements in Kline’s June 15 affidavit — three weeks after Spradling filed a motion for partial summary decision — were “not credible” because they conflicted with Kline’s earlier deposition.

    “Excluding Mr. Kline’s contradictory affidavit statements leaves the evidence of discrimination offered by Ms. Spradling unexplained and unrebutted,” she wrote.

    Biro noted that Kline fired Spradling about one month after she submitted written allegations of sexual discrimination, and four days after Kline notified the Johnson County Department of Human Resources that his office wouldn’t cooperate with the human resources investigation based on Spradling’s allegations.

    Kline has denied that she was terminated out of retaliation or discriminated against. Kline’s defense previously called her firing a “legitimate business decision.”

  42. The script does sound like JDelphiki………………and as expected the cowardly lowlife never takes ownership of his comments just like his brother GardnerPride. Once again public perception is trying to be controlled by a script………who will be first in the line to sign up for more of the hate and lies of the script written by community theatre………….

  43. GardnerPride says:

    I own my comments just fine. I always post under the same name and never with random titles. It’s naive to believe that your opinion carries any more weight simply because your name is attached Judith. It still carries the same weight as when you posted anonymously as Dot and Panda. Hate it hate, whatever the name.

  44. reasonablecitizen says:

    Judith, your blatant plagiarism makes it difficult to attribute any weight to your contentions. You are clearly not as adept at research as you claim to be.

    I’m struggling to see your point, or at least how it relates to the politics of this particular issue.

    I haven’t seen any hard evidence of wrongdoing on Drovetta’s part, while Larry Fotovitch himself showed me all I needed to see to know that he acts unprofessionally in his service to the public when he [poorly] wrote a letter to the editor instead of handling his disagreements properly.

  45. Sling that hate without taking ownership not only to me but to anyone who doesn’t work in the shadows ……………that is what lowlifes do and they also love to operate in the closed door back rooms and they always want the people to have the script they are selling and they always want to control public perception……….hey, GardnerPride and JDelphiki, what’s your names?????? Afraid to stand tall and take ownership of your comments?????? You sure are because you are snakes in the grass – that is my opinion. I will be calling out your sorry rearends for ever how long it takes. And it takes a women to do it at that.

  46. I note JDelphiki is also now on the GardnerEdge writing his “scripts” once again – he was successful in his “part” with respect to the Beasley hate and lie campaign – wonder if the people will fall for his crap once again. Drovetta must really be running scared with respect to his contrived image to be calling in this lowlife, cowardly snake in the grass who doesn’t take ownership of his comments but, hey, you have seen these methods before. Rerun at your community theatre. Hold your nose – the stench has gone up another notch.

  47. Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
    From glen to glen and down the mountain side
    The summer’s gone and all the roses fallin’
    It’s you, it’s you, must go and I must bide

    But come ye back, when summer’s in the meadow
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
    I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
    I’ll be here, oh Danny boy, I’ll miss you so

    But if you fall as all the flowers are fallin’
    And if you’re dead, as dead you well may be
    I’ll come and find the place where you are lying
    And kneel and say an Ave there for thee

    But come ye back, when summer’s in the meadow
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
    I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
    Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I’ll love you so – NOT!!!!!

  48. Darrin Collette says:

    Who is this idiot Judith sounds like a truth socialist.

  49. No, just calling out the Dans of the world. You probably don’t recognize them because they work in the shadows but someday their identities will be known because the wrongdoers are always caught at their own game – you just have to be patient. Slime doesn’t always go down the gutter – it also rises to the surface for all to see at sometime or the other.

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