February 6, 2016

District, teacher union agree to new contract

Danedri Thompson
Teachers in the Gardner Edgerton School District will receive raises next year.
School board members approved an agreement between the district and the Gardner Edgerton National Education Association to ratify teacher contracts during a board meeting on June 10.
Under the terms of the agreement, teachers will advance one vertical step on the staff salary schedule, which effectively gives each a raise. The district will also continue to fund increased costs of the single health insurance plan. The cost of dental plans isn’t expected to increase this year, so the district’s portion will remain stagnant.
With raises and increased health insurance premiums, the district will spend approximately $422,250 more in total employee compensation during the 2013-2014 school year.
In a press release, USD 231 Superintendent Bill Gilhaus said he is pleased the district is in a position to offer increased compensation this year.
“Our teaching staff is beyond exceptional, and we truly appreciate their patience, and the understanding of the financial challenges and ongoing uncertainties the district faces,” he said.


  1. Walter H. says:

    “…ongoing uncertainties the district faces.”

    Yes, like not knowing if your favorite teacher will be back again. We have had 28 teacher resign/retire in the last 2 months and other 10 or so will be added to that list. How many of these positions will be replaced? The teachers may get a small raise but at the cost of less positions, larger classrooms and more hours.

    Families are uncertain of fee’s, class sizes etc.

    One thing that is not uncertain is that the Superintendent is taken care of. His retirement was approved and he was given another contract to be rehired (behind closed doors) all in one quick session. Now he can collect his KPERS retirement and collect a check from the USD taxpayers. This was all done before the teachers were taken care of. The teachers were told that we just don’t have the money to give them some of the things they wanted. They were after all asking for such amenities as an reduced cost on enrollment for their kids.

    BUT our Superintendent can enjoy an $800.00 a month automobile allowance among other benefits. I wonder what would happen if someone told him we don’t have the money to give you what you want?
    I don’t think our chief double dipper would be very happy about that.

    This is my opinion. =)

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, you have to look no further than your Gardner City Mgr.’s employment contract to see how she, like Gilhaus, works for herself rather than the citizens and once again so-called citizen representatives certainly rubber stamped their approval of her demands. Both of these government entities need citizen oversight and regulation but that is like finding a needle in a haystack……citizens have lost their moral compass right along with the worthless politicians and bureaucrats and I have to look no further than the Sutton gun gang to confirm that opinion.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Hooray for Crosby Kemper III!!!!!. He fights those TIFs and the shuffling of money by the politicians and bureaucrats just like I do along with cronyism government. I mean to tell you that you have to call the lowlifes out in order to protect your interests. Not many people out there like Kemper who fight so hard for the people – he needs to be cloned and spread across the land. Elizabeth Warren is another person who I would like to clone for the benefit of the citizens.


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