February 13, 2016

District makes first payments for bond issue construction planning

Nearly $100,000 in pre-construction services had already been accrued on Jan. 31 when USD 231 voters approved a $72 million dollar bond issue 53 percent to 46 percent, with a less than 42 percent voter turn out.
Had the bond issue failed, the district would not have been responsible for paying for the services, according to Leann Northway, district communications director.
“The school district was responsible for paying for “pre-construction services” only if the bond issue was successful,” Northway said in a written response.
Under a Kansas Open Records Act request to USD 231, invoice # 2464 for $99,852.50 was submitted by Manning Construction Co., Inc. dated Jan. 31, the day the bond passed.
The invoice bills $55,845 for project management, or 657 hours at $85 hour; project principal for 315 hours at $95 per hour; project administration for 23 hours at $45 hour; and projection supervision for 153.5 hours at $85 hour. Detailed information on hours billed is not noted on the invoice, although it does indicate the percent of hours spent on each school.
A purchase order for Manning’s pre-construction services was issued February 22, 2012, and a check for payment was issued March 5, 2012. The construction management contract with Manning Construction was issued without bid.
Prior to the Jan. 31 election, the district purchased property for a new elementary and middle school campus using the district’s capital outlay as collateral, which is allowed under Kansas statute, but is rarely used, according to state department of education officials.




  1. Senior says:

    So she’s saying had the bond issue failed, Manning Const. would have ate the $100,000? In this economy? I don’t believe it. It’s also poor accounting that there are no specifics as to what was done for all that money. What a load.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    Just read Mertz’s drivel on Beasley’s Facebook page. As usual he is doing his big man about town snorting about the schools while I know what he truly is by his past statement made in Sept. 2006 when he told me: “I am not concerned with kids dropping out of school because WE need more unskilled labor”. And all the while he was getting ready for his 70% tax incentive and industrial revenue bond deal from the citizens of Gardner………he sure wasn’t worried about the schools and the citizens losing tax revenue big time on that deal. I will say it again – turn the faucet off for the sweet deals for the thieves and we would have oodles of money for the needs of our communities. In the Star today I read about a deal Overland Park was giving to another company to move from Mo. to Kansas (I doubt if any new jobs will be created or very few because those present employees will commute if need be in order to retain their employment) and the people across Kansas will be losing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on that deal alone – another example of how the 1% are getting richer by the day and the 99%m who are the backbone of this country, are going down the drain due to the slimy politicians who make these deals in the back room. Keep supporting the lowlife politicians and the thieves and you will continue to struggle to get your kids educated and food on the table and a roof over your head.

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