February 9, 2016

District hires interim temporary GEHS associate principal

Danedri Thompson


There’s a new associate principal at Gardner Edgerton High School. Walt Thompson, a retired administrator from Wyandotte High School, temporarily holds the title, according to Leann Northway, USD 231 communications director.

John Duncanson, a former physical education and health teacher at GEHS, was originally hired to replace outgoing GEHS Associate Principal Mark Meyer. However, Duncanson must pass a test to meet state licensing guidelines before assuming the role.

Meanwhile, David Diener has replaced Duncanson in the PE classroom, and Thompson will serve as an interim-temporary associate principal until Duncanson meets state requirements. Duncanson is serving and being paid as a long-term substitute teacher.

In addition to retiring as the principal at Wyandotte High School in 2008, Thompson has served as a middle school principal and an assistant high school principal in Jefferson, Mo., and in the Kansas City, Kan., and Leavenworth school districts. He lives in Olathe.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    So exactly what is Duncanson actually doing right now and what are the taxpayers paying him to do it?????

  2. Gardnerwhos says:

    Wow, this is quite a shuffle by Gillhaus and the school board. Hire the (not-quite-ready) gym teacher as the associate principal, thus freeing up a spot for another Diener to have a “legitimate” job with the school district (as opposed to the entire family “overseeing” the weight room). Oh, and we’ll be on the hook for an interim associate principal while the gym teacher gets himself up to speed. I wonder what connection the new associate principal has to the district, because this group does nothing unless it involves nepotism. You’re really building quite an empire, Dr. Gillhaus.

    Gillhaus runs the place as though he is the head of the mafia: one wrong move and he’ll slit your throat. The dummies on the board just blindly pass his agenda, without question. That’s why he wants them to stay, because they’re not smart enough to question him and he wants a group he can puppet master. The board has to go, Gillhaus needs to be put into check.

    This district is on the wrong path – financially and from a human resources perspective.

  3. Please remember when referring to Mr. Duncanson as a “gym teacher” that he has a Masters Degree in Administration. Just because someone is a Physical Education teacher, it doesn’t mean that they are unintelligent or unqualified for higher positions.

  4. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Does an “interim-temporary” associate principal serve less time in our school district than a “permanent-temporary” associate principal?

  5. Great that’s just what this district needs, another administrator with a athletic background! Oh and another Diener working for the district. First we have Gillhaus trying to make the district into Shawnee Mission out west and then Lord Diener getting most of his family working for the district. Man we really need some new school board members in the next election.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    As far as I am concerned Diener can take his wiener and head on down the road, right along with his supporters and enablers and the citizens better be getting their priorities more in line with respect to EDUCATION.

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