February 14, 2016

Deputies arrest 2 women in Gardner prostitution sting

Mark Taylor
Two women were arrested in Gardner massage parlor stings on July 5.
According to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, Qui Lan, 57, of Gardner, and Shu Han, 49, of Kansas City, Mo. were arrested on charges of prostitution at two Gardner business locations.
The women were arrested at JJ Spa at 611 Main St. and at Autherapy at 235 1/2 Main St.
Tom Erickson, public information officer, said the women were arrested after an undercover operation that resulted from a tip that “sexual services were being provided in addition to massage services.”
The women have yet to be charged.
They are expected to make an appearance in Johnson County Court soon.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    One of the ladies recently jailed under the charge of prostitution was from California……….I made the comment that I am sure they will be coming for “intermodal opportunities”……….

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I note public records show the ownership of the property at 611 E. Main St., Gardner, Ks. is David and Sharon Meyer. As an example public records also show the total 2009 property taxes for this property were $26,269.57, however, $20,111.58 was refunded to them under the glorius city of Gardner’s Downtown Enhancement Dist. The Meyers got these kinds of refunds on their taxes for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 from the public records I have and I presume they have continued to receive that kind of refund until their full 10 years of handouts are depleted. Wonder why you don’t have enough funds to run your city or schools or your county or your county libraries or wonder why your taxes are so high???? Think about it.

  3. nonamers says:

    Be careful, your slander there, Judith. Your post implies that the property owner was implicit in the illegal activities going on at that location and if I were them (and not involved, of course) your words would be suing words. As if slandering people is has ever worried you.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Nonamer, I no more implied that than the Man in the Moon………..but you sure did imply that and you need to think about that fact. I gave you facts found in public records which any citizen can find if they so choose. You show your slimy colors time and time again and I am glad you do so all will know what you stand for. You certainly don’t stand for the TRUTH and that is made very evident by your own words.

  5. nonamers says:

    Nice try, slanderer. You’re the one dropping the names of the owners of the place, tying them to the women who were arrested. Why even mention the owners in an article about the crime if you weren’t out to tar them with the same brush.

    Face it, Judith. You slander everyone. You tell lies about everyone. You misrepresent and twist random facts so you can pretend your allegations have logic when they’re really just plain slander.

    Do we need to search the archives here? Shall we have a contest on how many unfounded allegations you have made against people? Or shall we just stop at “too many to count”?

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Just checked the Sheriff’s Office Booking Report. I find 5 of Gardner’s Finest checked into our expensive taxpayer hotel on the hill (biggest jail in the state of Kansas) since I checked the report yesterday. Business is booming……………crime does create jobs, expensive jobs for the taxpayers………

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    I can see you are upset, Nonamer. Maybe you should post more about it on Facebook. That should help eliminate any drama.

  8. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Querying the internet today for JJ Spa and Autherapy, I found a website out of Las Vegas that features “Erotic Massage Parlors & Massage Parlor Reviews.” Each Gardner parlor is listed; however, I suspect they both may eventually be dropped from the webpage.

    Patron arrival at these Gardner establishments must have been by foot, rollerblade, skateboard, cycle or auto, since truck parking at both locations is extremely limited, especially the site whose entrance was in the rear of a building accessed by a rather narrow alley. However, the BNSF tracks are immediately adjacent to one building and only two blocks away from the other, and trains occasionally stop along that stretch, although I have never witnessed anyone exiting or boarding.

    I was unable to determine how long JJ’s was in operation. Comments on the website indicate Autherapy had been in business at least as far back as June 2009. Here is a partial breakdown of the website’s listings, if former patrons are seeking alternate points of service:

    UNITED STATES (4822) (with over 1/3 in California)

    California (1660)
    Florida (370)
    New York (359)
    Texas (257)
    New Jersey (243)
    Oklahoma (63)
    Missouri (7)
    Iowa (5)
    Nebraska (4)
    Washington DC (4)
    Arkansas (3)
    West Virginia (2)
    Maine (1)
    South Dakota (1)

    KANSAS (34):
    Wichita (12)
    Lawrence (4)
    Lenexa (4)
    Shawnee (3)
    Topeka (3)
    Overland Park (2)
    Gardner (2) well, should be zero now
    Atwood (1)
    Eudora (1)
    Hutchinson (1)
    Westwood (1)

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    And pimps are everywhere you go…………….

  10. nonamers says:

    Gutter mouth, Judith. What ARE you trying to sell us?

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Did you notice it looks like one of our intermodal ladies was an illegal immigrant and ICE has been called in………….I know of quite a few people I would love to put in a container and shipped one way to China…………

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