February 9, 2016

UPDATED – Intermodal crane transport delayed

Mark Taylor
Cranes were expected to be transported from their storage place at New Century AirCenter to the intermodal logistics park property in Edgerton this week.
However, it did not happen.
Dave Greene, Gardner public works director, said he was notified that the cranes were planned to  be trucked from New Century Air Center to Edgerton beginning on Oct. 1.
But Edgerton City Administrator Beth Linn told The Gardner News on Monday the transport was being delayed.
Mike Mabrey, Edgerton superintendent, did not return calls before press time.
BNSF spokespersons did not return phone calls, either.
Greene said the railroad will be limited to three trips per day.
Activity will be restricted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
The cranes have been in storage at New Century AirCenter.
Tom Riederer, president of the Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corp., told the Gardner News on Oct. 1 that the cranes were still at New Century.
“They have been here for a year, maybe two years,” he said.
Reiderer said the cranes would be shipped in pieces and assembled at the intermodal.
Transport activity will be restricted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
The cranes have been in storage at New Century AirCenter.
Greene said the trucks will not be stacked high, so no utility lines will have to be moved.
He said the cargo trucks will be about 110 feet long.
Greene said BNSF recieved a state permit to begin moving cranes to the site, but is awaiting a county permit that is expected to be issued soon.
Greene said Gardner police will be available to assist in the move.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    These cranes have been stored at New Century by BNSF. The ownership of the property in New Century where these cranes have been stored is under the name of BNSF Equipment Acquistion Co., LLC – the dear ole LLC designation will now allow them to NOT pay any state income tax thanks to jaybird politician Brownback and his slimy cronies in the legislature. They received their first property tax bill on that property last Nov. and the total was $1,168.69 and, of course, they haven’t bothered to pay that tax bill for the needs of the community ($738.81 of that tax bill was for our schools) and appeared on the delinquent tax bill list recently printed in the KC Star. The parcel i.d. no. for this property is 2L231418-2031 in case any citizen wants to check on that property.

    So this project will cost taxpayers billions of tax dollars and those costs will never end for this project and the people will suffer in so many ways but the big boys never want to pay their taxes and will do just about anything to avoid paying them such as paying big bucks to elect slimy politicians and employ bureaucrats who enable and support them.

    Every citizen needs to think long and hard as to the PROXIMATE CAUSES of their problems and their individual responsbility in many of these problems. You suffer the consequences of what you enable and support.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I failed to mention that Jo.Co. Community College has also missed out on their $78.49 that hasn’t been paid by BNSF. And yet I believe that college has a training department for citizens who would work for railroad companies such as BNSF – cuts down on training costs that BNSF used to pay but now have the citizens pay for and yet they can’t even pay taxes to support that enablement and support of them – that is another way corporations now have the highest earnings they have ever had and citizens are falling into poverty from the middle class faster than lightning – the big boys are well taken care of while the average citizen is used and abused. Look at all of the tax incentives, TIFs, Star Bond deals, tax eliminations, tax exemptions, etc., etc. and thoroughly recognize the loss of billions of dollars of tax revenue to the people due to one sweet deal after another that is provided by worthless politcians and bureaucrats. Know where you fit into the PROXIMATE CAUSE of the huge problems facing the American people at this time of history.

  3. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Components have been stored on Connestoga Drive, south of 167th Street, at New Century AirCenter since early November 2009. The transfer of components to the Edgerton Intermodal Facility at 183rd Strreet and Waverly Road began this morning, October 1.

    Photos may be viewed here:

  4. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:
  5. submissions says:

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