February 8, 2016

County to consider redistricting commission

Proposed county redistricting map courtesy of Board of Johnson County Commissioners

Mark Taylor

Johnson County Commissioners have green-lighted a tentative redistricting map that they are expected to formally vote on in June.
The new map would impact southwestern Johnson County by joining Spring Hill and Gardner together in District 6, which is represented by Calvin Hayden.
Spring Hill and Gardner were split into separate districts during a recent redistricting.

The county is required by state law to evaluate representative districts every three years and make adjustments as needed based on population changes.
The most recent redistricting was in 2007.

Don Jarrett, chief counsel for the BOCC, advised against redistricting for 2011 because population distributions among the six districts were within acceptable ranges.

Projections for 2013 show variances among districts ranging between -3.72 percent to 2.93 percent.

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