February 14, 2016

County says USD 231 nixes senior meals pilot program

Rhonda Humble
The Gardner Edgerton School District is no longer interested in working with the county on a proposed intergenerational pilot program that would allow Edgerton senior citizens to receive vouchers for meals at Edgerton Elementary.
The meal program was announced by Calvin Hayden, county commissioner, in September. Edgerton is the only community in Johnson County that doesn’t have a nutrition center.
Senior meals have been coordinated by Barb Moody for many years, but she is retiring this month. That leaves Edgerton senior citizens with no where to go.
The pilot program would have been a cooperative effort funded by the county and state in cooperation with the USD 231 school district, Hayden has said.
After the original talks with the district, Hayden said the county held off on the proposal until the district made required changes by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the lunch program.
But the district has apparently changed its mind.
“This morning, we received word from the Gardner-Edgerton (School District) Food Service Manager that they are no longer interested in discussing the new meal program that we had proposed,” wrote Deborah Collins, Johnson County Human Services in an e-mail.  “I don’t know exactly what changed, but at this point we no longer have a meeting scheduled for next week.”
“We would still be very interested in trying to bring the program to Edgerton, should they have a change of heart,” wrote Collins. “At this time, we may consider approaching the De Soto or Spring Hill school districts to see if we can find a home for this pilot project.”
Leann Northway, community relations director, replied by email that she had forwarded the newspaper’s preliminary questions to Bill Gilhaus, superintendent, for clarification.
“I am not aware of the program you are referencing,” Northway e-mailed.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    More information is needed on this program. Will the senior citizens receiving the vouchers be vetted with respect to financial need or will the vouchers merely be handed out like free candy. I do not support the program the County has going with the HyVee stores for those 60 and older for this same reason. Vouchers, reduced cost meals, etc. should be given to those in need only and for those who need the help and you have to vett in order to be sure the resources are going where they need to go.

    Citizens don’t have all the information they need on this issue but they certainly need it in order to know how their tax dollars are being spent and whether responsible management and oversight are involved – that is my opinion.

  2. ThePatriot says:

    Let’s demean Senior Citizens who need these meals by subjecting them to financial audits where they have to bring their paperwork, dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. While we are at it, let’s make them pee in a cup so we can drug test them too. After all we know how much fraud is going on in the meal-on-wheels program.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Yes, Patriot, the lowlifes always make it difficult for the good people as you should well know if you read or are aware of the crime stories in the news daily. The takers are always around to make it rough on responsible citizens or those less fortunate than many and actually need assistance. I will always be there to help the needy if at all possible but I also know by experience you have to vett in order to screen out the takers who are always around. Vetting is a necessary evil in this world that we live in today. Sad isn’t it???? Right along with a lot of other sad things going on.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Don’t ya just love this one…………..and the people voted for this type of government………..BIG MISTAKE………….


  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Citizens have sure picked their POISON and there will be consequences and more than likely more broken promises…………


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