February 12, 2016

County law officers warn of warrant scam

When the sheriff’s office contacts someone about a warrant, they don’t demand cash over the phone.
That hasn’t stopped scammers from seeking a big payday, however. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that scammers are using a telephone number registered to the sheriff’s office in an attempt to solicit money.
When the scammer calls, the call appears to come from the main, non-emergency dispatch phone number, (913)782-0720. The scammers identify themselves as employees with the sheriff’s office and warn that the victim has a warrant. The caller demands money threatening that the victim will be arrested.
The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office procedure for contacting those with warrants does not include a demand for immediate bond payment. The public can find outstanding Johnson County warrants online at www.jocosheriff.org.
County law enforcement is requesting that those who may have been a victim of this scam call the sheriff’s office or the local police department.

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