February 10, 2016

County drafts 2013 legislative platform

Lynne Hermansen
Special to the Gardner News
Johnson County Commissioners discussed the 2013 State Legislative Platform and 2013 Joint County/City State Legislative Platform at their Nov. 15 meeting.
Fifth District Commissioner Michael Ashcraft was not in support of the platform and requested further discussion.
“It befuddles me as to what our strategy is,” he said. “I fear when we share with legislators we might be interpreted as talking out two sides of our mouth.”
Ashcraft said the Board’s posture should be that all exemptions are removed.
“I feel like this is the cause du jour, the cause of the moment,” he said. “It cumulatively undermines these entangled webs of tax responsibilities that benefit a narrow group.”
The platforms were approved by the Board.
The reallocation of fund balances from the Public Works, Developer Fees and Public Health Funds was, also, approved. These funds provide for the Public Works capital building project, Park & Recreation Aubry Township Park project in Stillwell and the Health and Environment department to account for additional grant funding.
An increase in environmental sanitary program code fees was addressed to the Board.
James Joerkie, Health and Environment Department Deputy Director, said an installation permit for septic tanks or pools would rise from $310 to $341.
Calvin Hayden, 6th District Commissioner, asked See
what was involved and why it was so expensive for a permit.
“This seems pretty expensive for doing something standard,” he said. “It seems pretty steep to me for doing paperwork.”
The topic was left for further review at a later date.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is my e-mail to the Commissioners with respect to the 2013 Legislative Platform. It will roll off of them like water since they don’t work for me, however, I know I have made myself very clear on one issue that is wrong, wrong, wrong…………..and why Joe Blow is banging his head against a brick wall every day of the year, however, many Joe Blows have themselves to blame because they keep voting for these worthless politicians.


    I cannot see where you addressed the issue of the continued use of fraudulent “farm” appraisals which allow the thieves to avoid their responsibilities and resulting in the citizens not receiving millions and millions of dollars in tax revenue. Entities are receiving “farm” appraisals on properties that have no farming activities whatsoever – I have given you example after example of these practices which financially rape honest, hardworking citizens. And you don’t even address this issue that you know will take legislative action in order to right this wrong – as usual your lack of action on this matter tells me you DO NOT govern for average citizens who do the right thing year after year and have been so loyal – that type of inaction breeds contempt.

    Judith Rogers
    Gardner, Ks.

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