February 11, 2016

County commissioners to vote on Gardner Lake sewers

Mark Taylor
Johnson County commissioners will vote Sept. 15 on whether to expand sanitary sewer service to Gardner Lake.
A public hearing on the issue was held in August.
The sewer initiative proposes enlarging the Consolidated Main Sewer District and the Consolidated Lateral Sewer District and the creation of Lateral Sewer District No. 1 to serve  about 279 homes in the area.
If approved by county commissioners, construction on the $8.3 million sewer project could begin in 2013 and be completed by 2014.
The proposed sewer district would consist of 279 homes on 84.3 acres at Gardner Lake, between 151st and 162nd streets at Gardner Road.
Homes at the lake — which was built for about $567,000 as a Works Projects Administration project in the mid- to late-1930s — are currently served by septic tanks.
The district would connect to the Kill Creek Pump Station on 159th Street.
Included in the proposed new sewer district would be new low pressure mains and grinder pumps for homeowners who choose to join the sewer district.
The construction cost is expected to be paid for with $6.6 in special assessments on properties in the district and $2.1 million on the Johnson County Wastewater capital improvement funds.

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