February 8, 2016

County Commissioners adopt regulations for cargo container usage

Danedri Thompson
County commissioners approved zoning standards for using cargo containers as storage units in unincorporated parts of Johnson County.
Dean Palos, county planner, said he hopes to share the county’s standards with Gardner and Edgerton to assist them in drafting their cargo container regulations.
“I hope we got it right, because we plan to talk to Gardner and Edgerton about using our models,” Palos told members of the county commission during a May 1 meeting.
There is a deficit of manufactured goods being shipped from North America overseas, and it is expensive to ship empty containers to Asia. Therefore, officials anticipate an influx of cargo containers as the Edgerton intermodal facility reaches full capacity.
The county’s regulations will manage the number, appearance, location and screening of cargo containers used as storage units.
Under the recently adopted guidelines, the owners of property in unincorporated Johnson County in rural, residential, planned rural and planned residential districts will be allowed to use cargo containers or hauling trailers as permanent storage, kind of like a shed.
The guidelines mandate that the cargo units can only be used on lots that are bigger than three acres or less than 10 acres, and the units must be screened from adjacent homes and roadways. The containers must be painted in earth tones.
Commissioner Steve Klika worried that the commission was adopting the guidelines without adequate notice to the public. He said the regulations were only made available a few days prior to the May 1 commission meeting.
“It’s going to take one or two of these issues and then folks start coming out of the woodwork and saying what’s happening,” Klika said.
Planners said residents were heavily involved in early discussions about the regulations. Paul Greeley, county planner, said planning commissioners were also involved in setting the cargo container standards.
“I am just making sure it doesn’t happen under the radar,” Klika said.
The commission unanimously agreed to adopt the proposed regulations.
The county commission will next meet at 9:30 a.m. on May 8 in the board hearing room in the county administration building in Olathe.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Get your Oriental container and faux paint it to look like a forest and you will have it made. The new Edgerton chic……………probably could be used for a weed distribution center or a red light house with imported labor or a NRA gun center with all kinds of amenities for the Second Amendment nutjobs and it could have Sutton campaign yard signs posted here and there for the Patriots and with plenty of room for all kinds of ammunition, etc., etc. ……………….

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    As these businesses described above come about, I will be looking for a Brownback visit with his taxpayer funded photogragher so he can can provide some tax incentives or handouts for these “job creators” and those incentives, handouts, etc. will be taxpayer funded also. A constant rainbow will be on our horizon on a daily basis. The only thing that will be required for the businesses will to be for them to use the government approved paint colors.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Surely SW Johnson County needs a Duck Dynasty camo earth colored container on 10 acres. The NRA boys and girls could adjust the container so one side folds down and the interior will be painted red, white and blue for all of the Open Carry Patriots. The fold down portion would be used as a stage for the hard core redneck musicians and they could have an Open Carry and Open Bottle gala every Friday and Saturday nights for about six months out of the year at a nominal cost for the Patriots. Plenty of room for parking on that 10 acre site and just think of the good jobs that would be created such as concession stand workers or parking attendants like at Sporting KC. And the big attraction will be when Sutton appears with his entourage decked out in their cargo shorts and the latest in open carry holsters and their white polo shirts. Betcha ole Kobach and some other politicians would love to come such as Drovetta.

    One thing is for sure and that is ole Denning could probably squeeze some more dollars out of the County Commissioners to provide the proper oversight of this good ole boy party place – I wonder how many overtime hours Denning would say he would need for the job.

    Taxpayers, you better have some funds in your checking accounts.

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