February 7, 2016

County approves intermodal agreements

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners approved agreements for public road infrastructure improvements to accommodate the intermodal facility last week. Estimates for necessary road improvements total more than $32 million.

One agreement replaces a previous agreement between the city of Edgerton and the county for road improvements on 191st Street. Under the new agreement, the county will make upgrades on the street between Four

Corners and Waverly Roads. The city of Edgerton will be responsible for maintenance of 191st Street.

The commissioners agreed to establish a $2 million project account with the Kansas Department of Transportation to fund design, right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation along that section of 191st Street. Reserves from the

County Assistance Road System (CARS) program will be used to establish the fund and KDOT will reimburse the county.

Commissioners hired Shafer, Kline and Warren for design engineering services on the 191st street project. The commission earmarked $456,300 for the project with an option to spend $44,040 to study a connection between U.S. 56 Highway and 191st Street or Four Corners Road.

County commissioners also agreed to provide $14 million in federal funding through the Kansas Department of Transportation to help finance a new Interstate 35 interchange to be built at Homestead Lane.

Construction of the road improvements, new I-35 interchange, and the Intermodal Facility are expected to start in early 2011, weather permitting.

The road work is expected to the completed in time for the opening of the rail-truck hub by late 2013.

Negotiations involving the rail-truck hub, with an estimated investment of $250 million, have been under way for more than two years.


  1. Once again citizens should be fully aware that they will be paying BIG tax dollars for this polluting, low wage project at every level of government – city, county, state and federal levels. It will be expensive and the people will be paying an even bigger price with their health and their loss of quality of life. Hope all citizens know who they have to thank for the horror story that will never end. You might want to think long and hard about this issue and other issues before you hit that voting booth the next time but considering the low voter turnout last week, I highly doubt if the citizens will be doing their job, much less being informed and educated on important issues.

  2. Just checked with the Jo. Co. Election Office and found there are 10,281 registered voters in Gardner, however, only 4,021 bothered to vote last Tuesday. When over 60% of the people aren’t even voting, you will get LOUSY GOVERNMENT AT EVERY LEVEL. Wonder why your taxes are going up, wonder why you have the highest school tax mill levy in the whole state and that district is suing you for more money and why they want to charge you up to $150 to answer a simple question, wonder why you got that lovely sales tax increase eff. 7-1-10, wonder why your city doesn’t have enough money to pay the bills due to their huge city indebtedness and gives you the biggest mill levy increase on record for 10 years or more, wonder why you are seeing the losses of jobs like a tsamai (spelling?), wonder why you are seeing big biz, developers and other special interests well taken care of on your dime, wonder why we are suffering so from the housing/financial meltdown brought on by greed and money??????????????? I could go on and on but basically you don’t need to wonder about these things because THE PEOPLE themselves have brought this havoc on themselves by not doing their job – especially the job of voting and knowing what the worthless politicians are doing to you every day and you not doing a hooting thing about it. Look in the mirror – see the reason for many problems and stop your whining and start doing your job.

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