February 12, 2016

Council members to consider denying massage establishment permit

City council members will consider denying a license to a massage therapy studio in Gardner.

The council will consider the license application at a Jan. 21 meeting.

Yuehua Feng operated JJ’s Spa at 611 E. Main Street during part of 2012. However, city officials revoked the massage establishment’s license in July 2012 after a massage therapist there was convicted of prostitution.

A codes administrator re-issued Feng a license in October 2013, but it was revoked again after city officials were unable to verify the accreditation of the college from which Feng received her massage instruction.

However, Feng continued to operate a massage establishment without a license throughout the spring and summer of 2013. Police and community development staff forced the business to cease operations on July 24.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    This property owners are/have been involved in the politicians’ handout program of the Downtown “Enhancement” District. Under this program the owner in 2009, as an example, paid property taxes of $20,111.58 but got $19,108.00 rebated to them under this program. The owners applied for this program in 2005 and have been receiving these types of tax rebates for numerous years I would say. County records indicate the owners have a mailing address in Green Valley, Az. – guess I could be sunning myself in Arizona too if I got this type of legal tax evasion. When you have the politicians taking care of the special interests in this manner, you should know why average citizens’ taxes are higher than they should be and why we don’t have the money to put in stop lights when they are so needed.

    Are the property owners “enhancing” the city of Gardner or are they enhancing their bottom lines? And citizens are much to blame by supporting and enabling this type of cronyism government.

    I think I need a massage to reduce my blood pressure when I am aware of at least 22 business owners on Main St. taking similar advantages of this handout program brought about by the bureaucrats and politicians and the apathy of the citizens or them always going along to get along – one expensive process.

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