February 8, 2016

Council member Dennis Pugh resigns

The Gardner City Council meeting will be one council member short this evening.

Council member Dennis Pugh this morning tendered his resignation effective immediately.

“I wish you and the magnificent city staff all the best,” Pugh wrote in an email to Mayor Dave Drovetta. “Please know that I did not come to this decision lightly, and this is the best course of action for our city to move forward.”

Drovetta wrote in an email that he will be working to identify a candidate to fill Pugh’s seat.

Pugh was one of three council members elected last April.


  1. Thank you... says:

    …Mr. Pugh, for doing the right thing.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I can hardly wait to see what candidate the Dictator puts on the table………..remember you only have four votes left on the Council now………what happens if two Council members vote for a candidate and two don’t………what happens then??? Does the Dictator break the tie????? I am sure he will and in fact, he doesn’t even need the consensus of the Council to get his candidate into office……………and most of all we again see how the citizens don’t have any opportunity whatsoever to vote for this particular seat and this has happened on several occasions……..so much for government of, by and for the people.

  3. Amused citizen says:

    I will say this right now. It does not matter one way or another who the Mayor brings to the table.. it could be Fotovich family member but because the Mayor made the suggestion Fotovich would say no. Am so glad the the council now has something new to quible over so they can completely forget the important things.

  4. Oh, please, Judith says:

    Pugh’s gone, so now you have to go back into your same, OCD-like mantras. Although, that’s an insult to people who have OCD’s.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    My preference would be for Drovetta to also resign, Morrow take over his slot and he can make two appointments to the Council. Don’t know Morrow that well but hopefully he couldn’t be any worse than the Dictator we now have in office. Or we could have Drovetta resign and we could have an election as to who the mayor and the two new council seats will go to. Regardless, it is a mess and the people suffer from all of it and again the people are never really in the picture …….they are never at the table with all of the controlling, manipulation, politicing, conniving, etc., etc. – they are just around to be the convenient ATM machine and suffer the adverse affects.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is another story about physical attacks…….takes someone from the “old school” like this 68 year old person to do the decent and right thing. Glad this turned out as well as it did. I am sure there are those here in Gardner who would say this woman asked for this physical abuse. I do believe, however, when Johnny Walker or other spirits are about that no good usually results and all citizens pay the high cost of law enforcement because of it.


    Neighbors interrupt sexual assault in KC

    KC Kansas City police arrested a 37-year-old man early today after he allegedly punched a woman repeatedly in the face and tried to rape her inside a mobile trailer.

    A friend who lives in a nearby garage heard the woman’s screams and stopped the attack by firing three warning gunshots, according to police reports.

    Detectives plan to give their case file today to Jackson County prosecutors, who will consider filing criminal charges.

    Police reports gave this account:

    The victim was drinking and “hanging out” with several friends in the trailer in the 7900 block of the Paseo. Eventually, everyone but the victim and suspect left. The victim said the suspect began making “sexual comments” and advances, which she refused. The suspect continued to approach her and tried to pull her sweatpants down. When the victim pulled away, the suspect grabbed her and punched her in the face repeatedly. The victim fought off the suspect and yelled for help. The suspect put his arm around her throat in a choke hold and put his left hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

    The neighbor, whose garage was about 25 feet away, peeked in the trailer’s window and saw the man restraining the victim. He called another neighbor and they tried to force their way into the locked trailer. The suspect then came outside and “aggressively approached” them. The 68-year-old neighbor then fired the warning shots and ordered the suspect to the ground. He kept the suspect on the ground until police arrived

    The victim’s eye was nearly swollen shut and her face was bloody, police said.

  7. On ATM machines... says:

    Judith, maybe you could explain why we have to hit the ATM machine for money to pay for ANOTHER city manager search. Oh yeah, that was Fotovich’s doing.

  8. Okay Judith. We get it. Your old and crabby!

    Now take those happy day tablets the Doctor gave you and go to bed!

  9. @Judith –
    Why would Morrow take over if Drovetta did resign? Isn’t Harrison Council President? I suspect that you are never going to be happy with anyone in that seat. I think if your beloved Fotovich were in that seat it wouldn’t take two meetings before he was out of your good graces. Pugh did the honorable thing now it’s time for Fotovich to redeem his actions since his election and do the same. Please, Mr. Fotovich, resign.

  10. Judith Rogers says:

    When a true representative who serves the people rather than themselves or the big boys comes along then I would say all citizens would benefit and in many, many ways.


  12. Lenexa bench warrent says:


  13. Hello Everyone.

    Please read the Gardner news article in the following link.


    This problem is going to continue to be in city council even with Pughs resignation. The one that seems to promote this behavior is the Mayor.
    This came up months ago, also, I have witnessed it personally.

  14. Yep. its true…………

    Where is the cotton ball lady. She usually follows me around and post long rants behind me.

  15. Don’t forget to remember what was scribed and nearly forgotten by re vesting to recall what was recanted 5 months prior to therein foretold and a recent yesterdays consequences of the contemporary impact to today’s setting and with great haste forth to promote onto the distant tomorrows costly state of being!.

    Council decorum questioned
    June 27, 2011 By Rhumble

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