February 12, 2016

Council inks senior center deal

Mark Taylor
The Gardner City Council approved an agreement with the county to continue using the Gardner Senior Center as a Senior Nutrition Center.
The new agreement will cost the city about $25 per month in fee reductions.
The county will pay $125 for use of the facility through September, 2013.
“The previous agreement required payment of $150 per month,” Stewart wrote in a memo to the council. The Human Services Department is requesting the fee be reduced to $125 per month, citing that non of the other participating communities charge more than that amount.”
The Senior Nutrition Center provides regular meals for Gardner’s senior population.
The city of Edgerton, which pays taxes for the county’s human services department, does not have a Senior Nutrition Center.
Rather volunteers host a monthly senior luncheon on their own.
Mayor Don Roberts said the city has been turned down by the county due to budgetary concerns.
In an e-mail to Edgerton City Administrator Beth Linn, Deborah Collins, director of the Johnson County Human Services Department, suggested that Edgerton residents utilize Gardner’s service.
“Unfortunately, our limited resources prevent us from being able to assist with the Edgerton luncheon and in fact, our Congregate sites are likely to continue to down-size,” Collins wrote. “We are finding that the “younger Seniors” (those 60-80) prefer to utilize our CHAMPSS grocery store meal program, which is a partnership we have with three area Hy-Vee grocery stores, to provide a meal option in their food court, as an alternative to the traditional Congregate Meal programs located primarily in senior centers or churches.
“In response, future meal option expansions in the Area Agency on Aging’s Nutrition program will be focused on locating additional CHAMPSS sites at more grocery stores, and away from setting up additional congregate meal sites. We are hopeful that Hy-Vee grocery stores or other stores with a food court and on-staff dietician will soon locate in our rural communities so that we may be able to provide a convenient option for those residents.
“In the meantime, residents of Edgerton are encouraged to attend the Gardner Congregate Meal site located in the Gardner Senior Center, or to come to the Olathe Hy-Vee store located at 119th and Ridgeview to participate in the CHAMPSS program.”



  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Very clear as to why Hy-Vee contributes thousands and thousands of dollars to the worthless politicians and to the Republican Party………….and if you had knowledge about that lovely Champss program, you would know oh so well who pays for that program………cronyism government at work with YOUR dollars………..

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    You should also know that the County refuses to qualify those people under the Champss plan as to whether they are truly needy for the reduced price or free lunches unless they have changed their decision on this unknown to me. I have asked the Commissioners time and time again for the people to qualify themselves so the food is truly going to the needy who I am most happy to help. They refuse to do that and continue with the handout program and it is abused since I know of people who have and probably still do use the program when they can well afford to pay for their food needs. And in the meantime HyVee who gets paid will be a part of any expansion in the future of this program where people are not vetted as to need – I say their campaign donations are for a reason. They can prove me wrong by stopping their campaign finance donations.

    I recently was told by a person who I know to be honest that they had seen a letter sent by the USD 231 Dist. (the School Dist. can clarify this if the information is not correct) adivising this person that they qualified for free lunches and if they wanted to continue to be a part of that program, they would have to do NOTHING. However, they did state that if the person wanted to be removed from the free lunch program, they would need to fill out the enclosed TWO PAGE DOCUMENT AND RETURN IT. Sounds exactly like what the city of Gardner would do or any number of government entities. Make it easy to stay on the handout program and make it hard to get removed from it.

    Think ole Sutton will be addressing or doing anything about issues of this kind or your fraudulent “farm” appraisals that the thieves get or their huge reductions in appraised values they are getting through the appeal system. He will be doing exactly what ole Rob Olson, O’Hara and most of the worthless politicians do and that is NOTHING. That is my opinion. I would welcome Sutton or any other clown to prove me wrong.

  3. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    From what I have read, the CHAMPSS (Choosing Healthy Appetizing Meal Plan Solutions for Seniors) program offers seniors age 60 and older, and their spouse, a hot, nutritious meal Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 7:00pm in the dining area of a Hy-Vee grocery store. Only one visit per day is allowed. The dietitian-approved menu offers an entrée, fruit, and vegetable of choice, along with bread and low-fat milk.

    Costs for this program are partially funded by the federal Older Americans Act and the Kansas Department on Aging in partnership with three Hy-Vee grocery stores in Johnson County. Seniors registered in the program are requested to make a suggested donation of $3.00 per meal. The actual cost of each meal is more than $5.00, so participants are invited to be as generous as possible with additional donations.

    Donations are sent to the Johnson County Nutrition Program in Olathe with meal orders and credited to the user’s account, so there is no need to provide anything other than their CHAMPSS-issued swipe card at Hy-Vee. Re-order forms must be included with donations to assure that meal credits are added to the correct card. Reorder forms are also available at all three participating Hy-Vee stores. Donations in excess of $3.00 allow the program to serve those who cannot contribute. No one is denied service due to inability to donate. More than 3,000 area seniors have participated in this unique meal service, which has become somewhat of a model for similar nutrition programs across the nation.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    In my opinion it is a handing out candy program. No accounability involved since the meal tickets are handed out with no vetting whatsoever. If you tell them you cannot afford to make a donation, 30 days of meal tickets are given to you with no questions asked. Myself I want that food program paid by the state and federal governments there for the TRULY NEEDY PEOPLE. And if you don’t think people are abusing this program, then you are sadly mistaken and a fool.

    Every day we see people not doing the right thing because “everybody does it”. That is the problem – more and more people are doing what others are doing which, in many cases, is not the right thing. This recent article of Billy Graham tells it like it is all to often in our society in today’s world.


    Billy Graham
    Billy Graham for Thursday, Aug. 9

    DEAR DR. GRAHAM: My wife is upset at me because she found out I cheated a bit on our taxes this year. (I had some cash income that I “forgot” to declare.) I say it isn’t a big deal because everybody does it, but she says it’s still wrong in God’s eyes. Is she right?

    DEAR K.D.: Yes, she is right — and I hope you’ll take steps to remedy this, even if you think your cheating will never be discovered. The Bible is clear: “Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes” (Romans 13:7).

    Think of it this way. If you owed someone a sum of money, would you try to cheat them by not paying it back in full? I hope not, because if you did that, in reality you’d be stealing from them. But we all know that stealing is wrong, whether it involves breaking into someone’s house and taking something that doesn’t belong to us, or simply failing to give them the money we owe them. One of the Ten Commandments bluntly states, “You shall not steal” (Exodus 20:15).

    Is cheating the government out of tax money we owe any different? Not really, because if we fail to pay what we legitimately owe in taxes, someone else is going to have to make up the difference. In other words, when we cheat on our taxes, in reality we’re cheating our fellow citizens. We have a responsibility to support good government, not only by our votes but also by our taxes.

    On one occasion, Jesus was asked if it was right to pay taxes to the Romans — a secular, undemocratic government that at times could be oppressive and cruel. Let His reply guide your life: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s” (Mark 12:17).


    There are many, many, many who don’t want to pay their FULL TAXES as we well know and they just transfer their tax burden onto those who can least afford it in many cases. Know what your cronyism government is doing to you and know who is supporting and enabling it and perhaps think twice about whether you want to vote for the jaybirds who go along to get along and who are putting you further in the hole every day.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Here is a reminder of what conniving, manipulating so-called public servants, which includes politicians and/or bureaucrats, can do to taxpayers and it doesn’t stop at the California border. And every time Gardner City Hall and the School Dist. do not answer my pointed questions, stonewalls, are evasive, etc., the more I am concerned as I well should be in my opinion.


    Ousted Bell police chief sues for severance pay
    Randy Adams, one of the highest-paid public pensioners in California, says that, though pushed to, he never agreed to resign or to relinquish his severance.

    Former Bell Police Chief Randy Adams’ lawsuit seeking severance pay engraged Bell officials.

    3 former Bell administrators won’t collect pensions until California clears them
    City of Bell lent employees, elected officials nearly $900,000
    Other cities stuck with the tab for Bell officials’ massive pensions
    Bell salaries raise more concerns about CalPERS

    August 2, 2012, 8:27 p.m.

    The police chief who was ousted after it was revealed that he and other city leaders in Bell were drawing enormous salaries has sued his former employers for severance pay.

    Randy Adams, who is now one of the highest-paid public pensioners in California, stopped working for the small, working-class city shortly after The Times revealed the high salaries paid to the former chief, as well as to Chief Administrative Officer Robert Rizzo and Angela Spaccia, Rizzo’s assistant.

    Adams was paid $457,000 annually, one of the highest law enforcement salaries in the nation and nearly 50% more than Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck receives.

    Adams said in his suit that, although city officials pushed him to agree to resign and give up the year’s severance pay he was entitled to under his contract, he never agreed to resign or to relinquish his severance.

    Adams is also suing Pedro Carrillo, the former interim city manager in Bell, saying he released false statements about Adams’ compensation. As reported earlier by The Times, city records showed that when Adams’ benefits were included, his total annual compensation was $770,046.

    This is the second lawsuit Adams has filed against Bell. The first asks the city to pay his legal fees, amassed in part after he was named a defendant in a since-dismissed lawsuit filed by the state attorney general.

    Officials in Bell said they were enraged by the lawsuit.

    “Adams is just as … unscrupulous as Rizzo,” Mayor Ali Saleh said. “This lawsuit is just another reminder of their complete disregard of Bell residents.”

    City Manager Doug Willmore called Adams’ suit “the height of hypocrisy.” He said the city plans to file a counterclaim against him “that will far exceed anything he is asking for.”

    “No longer can people like Randy Adams be able to extract more money from the pockets of the citizens of Bell,” Willmore said. “That time is over.”

    Eight former Bell officials, led by Rizzo, have been charged with felonies in a case that prosecutors have described as “corruption on steroids.” The financial fallout left the small Los Angeles County city on the cusp of insolvency.

    The trial for the six council members, accused of being paid for being part of city commissions that seldom if ever met, has been set for January. Rizzo and Spaccia will be tried at a later date. All are free on bail.

    Adams has not been charged, which has angered some city residents. At a hearing in December, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy also questioned why he wasn’t charged. “I don’t know why he is not a defendant in this case,” she said.

    Adams is an important player in some of the charges leveled against Rizzo and Spaccia. The two administrators are accused of trying to hide Adams’ salary by dividing it into two contracts. If someone asked how much the chief was earning, prosecutors say, they would be shown a contract that showed Adams was making less than half his true salary.

    According to grand jury testimony, the contracts were backdated a year, and the council never approved them.

    The indictment also alleged that Spaccia and Rizzo hid an agreement allowing Adams to retire with a disability pension, which would have allowed him to avoid paying taxes on half his pension.

    Adams is now one of the highest paid public pensioners in California, earning more than $22,000 a month.

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    The slime and crime go deep to the core and most of it brought about by years of apathy……..it never is right to turn your head away from the wrongdoing………..


  7. Judith Rogers says:

    I always say, watch the pennies and the dollars will be there for you. Always important to keep a close eye on what your government entities are doing with YOUR DOLLARS and whether you should vote to give them more dollars considering how they have spent past dollars or how they want to spend the dollars they are requesting. This article tells you that you wouldn’t be wanting to go thru your government entity’s bankruptcy’s proceedings. Not pretty but it can happen when apathy abounds.


  8. Look at all the Judith posts. Talking to herself again. She must be having a senior center moment…

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    My postings are certainly an interest to you, Cowardly Nonamer, because you always comment on them…………glad to help you out…………..your hatred toward me keeps you going evidently….pretty pathetic but it is what it is……….

  10. So, Judith…when did you stop posting anonymously as Panda or using multiple identities to try to make it seem like others agreed with you? Are you STILL posting that way?

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    Nonamer, perhaps your primary care physician could refer to you a mental health organization……..just saying………in the meantime, be sure to enjoy my postings………..

  12. Who was it you were accusing of being cowardly, Judith? Why are you so afraid to own up responsibility for your own actions, hypocrisy, and lack of integrity? Every single time you try to make a big issue of anonymous posters, you indict yourself. Plain and simple.

    Don’t need a mental health professional to see the truth, do we, Panda?

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