February 5, 2016

Committee Chair right to throw photog out

Rep. Mike Kiegerl
43rd District
Your editorial in the Feb. 22 edition, “Recording Should be Allowed in Committee Meetings,”  is so far off the mark that a response is required. The Rules for all committees are traditional and set for a reason. To begin with, all committee activities are open to the public. Conferees are asked to provide 30 copies of their testimony in advance which is also available to anyone.
There are compelling reasons to prohibit recording and taping of hearings. For once, it is impolite and disturbing to both the committee and the conferee to have someone walking about taking pictures while they address the 24 members of the committee. Many conferees are nervous, intimidated and uncomfortable to begin with. But the more important reason is that conferees deserve the right to privacy.
The Federal and State Committee, on which I serve, hears very controversial issues such as gun rights, immigration reform, abortion and homosexual matters and at times, opposing testimony gets very heated and hostile.
The last thing we want is that pictures of conferees find their way on the social networks which could have serious consequences. In fact, we just passed a bill to remove the home address of police officers who testify in court because of cases of serious harassment and threats to their families and children. You have seen in the recent event concerning the city council that tempers flare.
I was present during the event you cite and Chairman Steve Brunk did exactly the right thing in enforcing the rules. As chairman of the Children’s and Families Issues Committee, I have also enforced the rules. In fact, I ejected an individual for trying to film the testimony of a distraught grandmother who tearfully described how her grandchildren were removed from her home.
She is not a public figure and invading her privacy is unlawful. I see no reason why Chairman Brunk or I should apologize to all of Kansas as your editorial suggests, nor do I see how free flow of information is impeded when anybody can attend and every word spoken is readily available.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    I do not believe anyone’s privacy is being invaded by “recording” since every word they speak is in written record at these committee meetings Kiegerl states “recording” should not be allowed – this makes no sense to me since every word that is spoken is evidently “recorded”. I get upset at the no-namers while Kiegerl doesn’t want the faces “recorded” – somewhere along the line, you have to be willing to stand before all and state your piece. We have too much of our government being done behind closed doors – the more open, the better it is for me. I want all statements recorded and it is even better when I can see the people who are there for a purpose – let your government be truly transparent – most of the time it is not. I put myself out there every day and I get bashed constantly for what I say, think, have an opinion on, etc. but it sure isn’t going to stop me from trying to get a government that is working for me rather than against me which happens so much today.

  2. Charlie K says:

    Poor Judith the Martyr :(

  3. Judith, you have to be the nosiest person I have every come across. Do you stand up in church and demand that people explain their “unspoken” or private prayer requests? How about we put cameras in all the confessionals too. Get a new hobby.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    Let the sun shine………………..many want to continue to work behind the dark, closed door rooms………it is your choice to testify before a government committee many times or to be an elected official and involved in these meetings and you should be ready to be before the cameras and stand tall for what you believe in………….let the sun shine………

  5. Im with stupid says:

    Its medication time.

  6. Test

  7. State of Affairs says:

    @wow: Informed. Judith is informed. Like all good citizens should do. BECOME INFORMED.

  8. Don't mind SWOTI.. says:

    She’s NEEDS all that private information about people. If she can’t dig up dirt about people, she ends up having to rely on her logic to try to win all the arguments she starts. And we’ve all seen how thin her logic usually is…

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    I don’t dig up dirt on people – the yoyos have made their own dirt and they can be responsible and held accountable for their dirt…………..

  10. Bulls&%# says:

    Shall we start a list of people you’ve slandered by digging through their personal records?

    Can we talk about the guy whose bankruptcy proceedings you smeared on the Internet? Or the criminal record of an employee that you tried to use to smear a local business owner…before learning that the employer offered the job as part of a program to help rehabilitate offenders so that they don’t offend again? Can we also mention the religious slurs you’ve tossed out against the faiths of the people you don’t like?

    And let’s keep in mind that none of this “dirt” you keep digging for has any relevance for the issues in which these people have been involved. You’re just trying to smear the names of good people any way you can.

    But let’s also not forget that you completely ignore the very real dirt on your friends. Don’t see you posting the names (or your guesses) of the KONA deep throat on the Council. Or digging up the muckfeeder to the muckraking Gardner News whenever it spews out yet another behind the scenes “scoop” about the Council or the Mayor.

    So c’mon, dirt-digger SWOTI. If you’re going to hold people accountable for their dirt, you think you can shed some light on your cronies as well as the people you hate?

  11. Judith Rogers says:


  12. The more I read Judiths comments the more I think Jerry Springer.

  13. Judith Rogers says:

    Love the no-namers who won’t take ownership of their “dirt” ………………………

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