February 9, 2016

Commission approves preliminary plans for Gardner QuikTrip

Danedri Thompson


Planning commissioners approved a preliminary plat and a site plan for a

Rendering of proposed QuikTrip courtesy of city of Gardner

QuikTrip convenience store in Gardner as part of the consent agenda on Tuesday night.

The store would be built just between the Casey’s General Store and Walgreens Store on East Main Street. As part of the project, the store owners would construct a westbound right turn lane into their entrance off Main Street, or U.S. 56 Highway, and an east bound left hand turn lane into the Moonlight Plaza entrance on the east side of the site.

City staff did not formally present plans for the 20-pump gas station and convenience store, but plans are available online as part of the planning commission Feb. 28 agenda packet at www.gardnerkansas.gov/pc_agenda_022812/.

Before construction begins, QuikTrip must submit a final plat plan for approval. Amy Kynard, city planner, said she does not know when that might occur. However, the preliminary plat approval is good for up to three years.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    What happened on the Russell property issue on the agenda????

  2. Jerry L Kellogg Sr says:

    Feb. 28, 2012 Gardner Planning Commission meeting video:

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    I know where to find the meetings on Utube, Kellogg……….I believe you were at the meeting last night……..what are your thoughts on that Russell project clear back to 2004???????

  4. What are YOUR thoughts? says:

    You asked a question as if you didn’t know the answer. Kellogg posted it for you, or anyone else, to get answers. And all you do is ask HIS opinion? Without giving yours?

    Perfect SWOTI lack o’ logic.

  5. I hope they deny the Quik Trip. I looooove their jalepeno chees sausages. If I have one too close to me I will probably spend waaaay too much money there.

  6. Judith R0gers says:

    I recant everything I have ever said! I love everyone on the Gardner City Council, including Drovetta. I think I may even ask him to marry me! If these guys in Minnesota are good, then so can our crew here in Gardner!!!!


    Time for a Positive Local Government Story
    Here in Minnesota we’ve had quite the active storm season. Several destructive tornadoes, hail the size of grapefruit in some cases, and damaging straight-line winds. I’ve been fortunate and haven’t had serious damage to my home or threat of injury. There was a night in June, however, when I was returning from a walk with my dog and rounded the corner of my street to discover an extremely large branch from the towering, 100-plus-year-old tree in my boulevard had fallen onto my front yard and the driveway of my neighbor’s house. In fact, the gigantic limb was completely covering my neighbor’s driveway, preventing any entry or exit.

    As I walked toward the scene I was greeted by another neighbor who heard the branch crack and fall. With my eyes looking downward in disbelief, he redirected my focus upward toward another branch from the same tree that had cracked and was poised to fall. We weren’t quite sure what to do and just then the neighbor whose driveway was obstructed joined the conversation. He informed me he had called Xcel (because there were some secondary power lines near the tree). I wasn’t quite convinced Xcel was the right call, so I quickly went inside to investigate online.

    To my surprise, my first Google search for “City of St. Paul MN + tree down in boulevard” directed me to precisely the right page on the City of St. Paul’s website with the after-hours number for the Public Works Department (not the forestry office that handles such emergencies during business hours). “Huh,” I thought. “An informative and useful city government website.”

    I expected to get a voicemail but an attentive guy from public works picked up the on the third ring. I informed him of the situation, adding that the fallen branch was a hazard because it was obstructing the sidewalk and that another large branch could fall and potentially hit a pedestrian. He, in turn, informed me that his crew had been cleaning fallen trees and branches all day and someone would be out to take a look at my tree that evening. When I asked whether they would be able to clear the branch that night, he said he couldn’t make any promises due to the day’s high volume of tree cataclysms.

    Again to my surprise, two young gentlemen rolled up in a public works truck within a half hour. Upon quickly assessing this was a significant hazard, they called for reinforcements—their supervisor and two other seasoned department members. Minutes later, the crew was deftly and loudly dismembering the tenuous branch and clearing the downed limb, providing an hour’s worth of neighborly gawking. As dusk set it, there was no evidence that anything had even transpired that night.

    Prior to this experience, I had dim hopes for a quick and thorough response from my local government to something like this. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that the City of St. Paul suffered a black eye with its pothole patching scandal in which a TV news crew caught city workers slacking off. But this experience showed me the other side of the story—St. Paul city workers springing into action and getting the job done.

    Thanks, St. Paul Public Works Department. You guys were great!

  7. Judith Rog3rs says:

    I told you that government can be great! Does this sound like Drovetta and the Gardner City Council to you?

    How does Linn County work for you? Read on to find out.

    Many people associate County government with services such as road construction and maintenance, resource conservation, issuing license plates and collecting property taxes. However, Linn County provides critical services that are available to all 211,000 county residents, regardless of where you live in Linn County. We work to protect our most vulnerable citizens with essential human services like youth services, mental health programs, veteran services and in-home care. We work to provide experiences that enhance quality of life like hike and bike trails, camping, hunting and fishing and other recreational and educational opportunities. County government performs critical functions like restaurant inspections, monitoring air quality, vaccinating children, providing public safety, emergency management and building inspections to name a few – all to keep you and your family safe.

    County government is often a person’s last resort to being homeless, living an independent life or simply making ends meet.

    Following are a few examples of everyday people who are impacted by Linn County.
    Their stories highlight what County government does and why it’s important.

    Options of Linn County is a sheltered workshop that partners with community businesses to provide employment services to adults with disabilities. This is the only county program of its kind in Iowa. Options of Linn County serves more than 350 people every year and has been serving families and individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities since the mid-1960s.

    One Options client, a 60-year-old male, lived at Woodward, a state mental institution, for many years. He relocated back to Cedar Rapids from Woodward with the agreement that if the arrangement did not work out he could return.

    He moved into a Residential Group setting in Cedar Rapids and began working at Options to increase his social and work skills. After some years of training, he now is employed in the Cedar Rapids community with minimal employment and residential support with the assistance of Linn County.

    His story is important for several reasons: because of Options he was able to learn the necessary skills for him to find employment and as importantly, stay in the community. The cost for institutionalization for taxpayers is high. Anything we can do to help people stay in the community and provide the wrap-around services they need to live a better life is something we can all be proud of.

    Another service that compliments Options is our para-transit bus system called LIFTS. Transportation is critical to maintaining an independent lifestyle and having a good quality of life. LIFTS helps our residents get to work, doctor’s appointments, grocery stores and shopping centers.

  8. county of affairs says:

    In OTHER news….

    http://www.puppymillrescue.com/ —- PUPPIES are saved.

    Now me and great, great, great, great, great, great Grandma don’t have to clip and save anymore!

  9. Judith R0gers says:

    Those puppies could have ONLY been saved based on the hard work of our local governments in Edgerton AND Gardner. This can only increase our property values!!!!!!!

    County, you are soooooo wise.

  10. county of affairs says:

    That is interesting Judith, but in OTHER News


    This is the most important information that has EVER happened.

    Thank goodness because Great Grandma and I were going to have to cancel our limbo party.

  11. county of affairs says:

    You didn’t even read my post. I said that PUPPIES are saved.

  12. county of affairs says:

    I just met someone that said that Chinese people eat rice. RICE!!!!!!

  13. @Judith clone – and people say I have too much time on my hands!

    I think things just got interesting.

  14. Judith Rogers says:

    The lowlife no-namer comments continue to show what they are………lowlifes, idiots and cowards………

  15. State of Affairs says:

    Nate L–How are the “pox”.

    Judith–Common sense obviously is in the past.

  16. Judith Rogers says:

    I forgive all of the ‘no-namers.’ I know that they are just trying to work hard and make a happy life for themselves in Gardner. They are definately HIGHlifes and A-OK in my book.

  17. @state – Jr. is doing better and went back to school on Wed. He was happy to get back! I was glad to get back to work, since I am salary all my work just stacked up on me and awaited my return.

  18. @state – I didn’t get chicken pox (thank goodness) I didn’t get it as a kid so I had to go to the Dr. and get blood drawn. The tests confirmed that I had the antibodies, so I didn’t have to worry about getting it myself.

  19. SWOTI forgives herself? says:

    She says, “I forgive all no-namers”…

    Of COURSE, she does. She’s got to cover her own no-name posting habits, after all.

    Gotta love her lying hypcrisy on that tired ol’ issue she keeps bringing up. It’s funny that she NEVER owns up to the fact that she used to be about the worst of no-namers and, for all we know, still is.

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