February 10, 2016

Column: Palin-haters green with envy

Danedri Thompson


To hear some people talk, you’d think Sarah Palin personally accosted them in a dark alley. I’m fairly certain that isn’t the case for many of the people who react to the mere mention of her name as if they’ve been slapped since Palin has spent most of her life in Alaska, and most of the people I meet have never even been there.

A lot of the vitriol comes from people who appear to be high-functioning, rational members of society. When asked about their hatred, they fail to access the part of their brains where logic and reasoning resides.
Sandra Bernhard, a comedian, told an audience Palin had better not go to Manhattan, because she’d be gang-raped by big, black brothers. I use the term, “comedian” lightly in Bernhard’s case, because unlike liberal pundits, I don’t think gang rape is all that funny.

At a child’s birthday party, I ran into similar illogical reasons for disliking Palin – although the reasoning was at least fit for children’s ears.

A Palin-hater explained that she doesn’t like the Alaska governor because no one in Alaska likes her. (In times like those, I often wish I weren’t cursed with the ability to reason and the inability to keep my mouth shut.)
I responded that Palin has one of the highest approval ratings of anyone in public office in the entire country. When former presidential candidate John McCain first nominated her for the VP slot, her approval ratings in Alaska topped 80 percent. Compare that to the U.S. Congress which has a 10 percent approval rating and President Barack Obama who boasts a 44 percent approval rating.

The Palin-hater said she doesn’t trust polls. Instead, she puts her faith in protests. During the 2008 presidential election, she watched a news clip that showed more than 100 people protesting Palin in Alaska. She explained that if 100 people in tiny Alaska don’t like her why should we?
Oh boy.

I suggested that 10 times that number of people cheered for Palin when she landed at an Alaska airport after accepting the McCain’s VP nomination, and I wondered if that would change the Palin-hater’s mind.

It didn’t. Finally, she sputtered that she just didn’t like Palin.

And that’s the rub. Most people who despise her can’t come up with a good reason for feeling so.

Why is their reaction to her so visceral?

It’s difficult to like people who seem to have it all – especially when they have it all for no reason. Palin wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She didn’t get where she is today by sleeping her way to the top and she didn’t resort to the back-stabbing, tit-for-tat political alliances. She’s earned her place.

And that’s hard to watch if you’re one of the people who hasn’t succeeded and is scared that you might not be able reach the top without breaking your principles. It’s even more challenging to watch if you’re successful and you resorted to lower tactics to get there.

Palin didn’t and doesn’t take political positions because they’re popular. It’s obvious her stances stem from a working knowledge of the difference between right and wrong.

When she says she’s pro-life, you immediately recognize that she isn’t saying that to appeal to the right. She really believes that life begins at conception.

And when faced with the difficult situations feminists are always whining about, she chose life. When her teenage daughter was pregnant, her daughter chose life with the support of her mother. And when Palin herself was pregnant with a child with Down syndrome, she chose life. Her son’s birth was a miracle in itself. Trig is in very small company. More than 90 percent of children diagnosed with Down syndrome in the womb are aborted, according to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine.

Palin doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks it – in stylish stilettos, no less.

Call her critics green with Palin envy. And for that, I don’t really blame them.
She’s smart. She’s tough, and she’s beautiful. But that’s no reason to hate her.


  1. Jack Burden says:

    Sarah Palin is smart enough … and canny enough to be an opportunist.
    Sarah Palin is tough enough … to answer the softball she is served up on Fox News on a regular basis.
    Sarah Palin is beautiful … I don’t hate her because of it.

    I am angry, at the press including the newspapers,talk radio, blogosphere, televison, main stream, lame stream, and right wing because they cover her at all.
    I am angry, at John McCain for elevating her to a level of consequence in the National stage. I’m angry his campaign team didn’t vet her properly, I’m angry that he picked her partly because of herlooks, and I’m angry that he looked at her approval ratings, which were fueled by the disbursement of State oil revenues directly to the people of Alaska.

    As a someone who works at a small town newspaper and champions fiscal responsibility I’m surprised Ms. Thompson has overlooked the financial straits Palin left her hometown of Wasilla in.

    Sarah Palin should be inconsequential to any American outside of Alaska because she should be still fulfilling her first term as Governor. Instead she has a platform, daft notions when left to her own devices, and talking points, oh does she have talking points. The funny thing is listening to her talk is like listening to one LONG run on sentence. I much preferred the broken syntax of Bush 41, and the malaprisms of Bush 43 in the end they knew how to get to the point eventually. You always know when Palin finally gets around to substance of her talking point, because that’s when you hear the applause.

    I remember the Katie Couric interview from the fall of 2008. I was yelling cogent answers at the TV for Palin whie she stuttered and stumbled her way through a rudimentary interview. Too bad she couldn’t hear me, the interview would have gone much better for her. Now she only gives interviews to FOX News and she only answers pre-screened question at her speaking engagements.

    I don’t like Palin because she is what’s wrong with American politics. She is pronouncements without discourse. she tells it like it is when she doesn’t really understand the issue. She is not a journalist, pundit, or representative of the people.

    What is Sarah Palin then? She is a spokesmodel for the far right of the GOP and a mascot (pitbull with lipstick?) for the tea party movement.

  2. Jack, myself I look at Sarah Palin as a platinum GOLD DIGGER who does not one any good but herself. But what is worse is all the people who support and enable her to build her bank account and nothing else – those are the people who scare me to death and who would perhaps vote for her………..do you hear that sucking sound, that is what you would get if she was ever elected to office – we would all be under water real quick.

  3. Danedri, I am 24/7 Sarah Palin, having lived in Alaska for 11 years– in Wasilla 6 years and Anchorage 5 years. When someone tells me how things are in Alaska with their resource reference from the media–really now. As far as Governor Palin resigning as Governor, the Palins’ legal fees were over $600,000, and they had to take out a loan from Wells Fargo on their home. Some of the frivolous ethics complaints were: receiving a box of chocolates for her birthday which she shared with reporters; wearing a jacket with logo to the start of the Iron Dog Race (everyone in Alaska wears a jacket to keep warm and there is logo on them. I have 2 jackets in my closet from Alaska with logo on them. Am I going to be in violation of the law if I wear them?); a nurse filed a complaint because she and her doctor husband had a baby with sugar urine and it almost died, so they had a second baby also with sugar urine. The nurse has to stay home and take care of these 2 children, therefore, Sarah Palin should stay at home. Just how many mothers are working mothers? Further, Sarah Palin should have aborted little Trig when she was told that he would be born with Down Syndrome. (And, for all you tabloid and media followers, Mercede Johnston, sister of Levi Johnston the father of Bristol Palin’s baby has been graduated from Alternative School!!! And, she has her own blog now with the help of the Palin haters. However, she will disappoint you all as she has posted that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig.) My Alaska friend is from Dillingham, Alaska, the same as Todd Palin. She knows the Palins and says she has never in her life seen people trying to dig up smut on one person. Wasilla, Alaska is the fasting growing town in Alaska and with the community hospital that has been replaced with a modern major medical center. DON’T TELL ME HOW THINGS ARE IN ALASKA AND DON’T SLAM SARAH PALIN IN MY PRESENCE.

  4. Jack Burden says:


    I’m glad that the Palin’s were able to finally retire all of their legal bills. In fact when it comes to personal finances, it is estimated in the 12 months since quitting her job as Governor, Palin will have earned 100 times her salary in the State House, and she would have been able to retire her legal bill 41 times over.

    I can’t speak to the other items you’ve mentioned, I don’t know the ins and outs of the ethics complaints.

    I have no idea about her children, beyond the oldest who is a soldier ( God Bless our Service Personnel) and Bristol who is now earning mucho dinero in speaking fees. Yes she is speaking about chastity at $15 – 30k a pop even though she is an unwed mother. Yes her booking company for her speaking engagements is the same one her mother employs.

    I pay NO attention to any of the Johnstons, I could care less.

    Wasilla may be the fastest growing community in Alaska, but, it is a fact that Gardner, KS has GAINED more new citizens in the last decade than Wasilla has in total population.

    I wouldn’t even be talking about Palin at all, except that she has turned up in my local papers OP-ED page much to my chagrin.

    Sarah Palin is a world class charlatan, and yes, a rogue, but that is not a good thing. Look it up in the dictionary and you’ll know why.

  5. Danedri, further, every generation of my family has served our country in the military. Our current troop has served 4 tours of duty in harms way. Every election, I know who the military are supporting, and that was Sarah Palin. As Governor of Alaska, she was the Commander in Chief of the National Guard. The Alaska National Guard is on duty 24/7 as it is our first line of missile defense. Governor Palin, as governor, was briefed on home land security daily.

    She stood up to the big oil companies. Made them pay more rent to the people of Alaska.

    And, long before McCain chose Governor Paln to be his Vice President choice, Chuck Heath (Sarah’s father, a school teacher) said that Sarah is a fast learner. When other girls her age were reading Nancy Drew books, Sarah was reading the newspapers. She was the only 1 of his 4 children that would not back down from him if she thought she was right.

    Governor Palin said that she would like to see less abortions as every life has a purpose. However, she has not forced this on the people. Further, one can get an abortion in Alaska without parental consent. Kid Health Care in Alaska last year paid for almost 700 abortions.

    And, we know that Governor Palin’s daughter is the first unwed teen mother in this whole world.

    Governor Palin is more beautiful in person, glowing from inside out, something the cameras can’t pick up. On the other hand, the woman that filed more than 1/2 of the 26 ethics complaints against Governor Palin is ugly, no other adjective, from inside out.

    24/7 Sarah Palin. I am one of the group that the media call terrorist, racist, bowel movement, fruit loop.

  6. Jack Burden says:

    @ Clara

    You are indeed a 24/7 Palin fan.(short for fanatic) Nothing more or less. I can’t say that you remind me of a terrorist, racist, crazy person, or excrement.

    While I appreciate your families support I can tell you as a veteran, the father of two veterans, and the great uncle of a Marine currently serving in Afghanistan that my experience with active duty service people and veterans is much ddifferent than yours.

    Yes big oil paid the State of Alaska, but Palin funneled it directly to the public, in effect buying their loyalty.

    I’m sure Chuck Heath is the salt of the earth, but let’s face it, he’s a proud father it is expected he will support his daughter. I won’t take his opinion into consideration when drawing my conclusions about Palin, but you can and will.

    I don’t care that Bristol Palin is an unwed mother, and I hope she is a good mother. To profit by giving abstinence speeches, however, is certainly ironic, and it should be insulting.

    She has an opinion on abortion, but she doesn’t push it on people … way to take a stand Palin.

    Some people are beautiful and others are ugly, and Palin, is one of the beautiful people. Good for her Clara, and as for you, I’m so happy you’ve been able to witness her benevolent radiance up close and in person.

  7. @ Butler, Alaska Residents get a permanent fund check every fall (rent money from the oil companies). This was set up long before Governor Palin was in government.

  8. Danedri, Alaska recognizes the importance of women. I was able to survive on my own having been widowed. Back in the Kansas City area by family, I am struggling to keep afloat. Everyone goes out with smiles on their faces and vote in more taxes. Here a tax, there a tax, everywhere a tax.

  9. @Burden. Now how is my experience with active duty military different. Our troop was injured during his first tour of duty in Iraq. Surgeries. Back for a 2nd tour in Iraq. Another tour in Afghanistan.

    Co-worker with 2 of her 2 sons both serving tours over there. One with injuries, disabled now. She and her husband are both retired military, and I know who they support.

    Also, I have testimony of one medically retired troop, that spent 2 years in Alaska recovering from injuries in Iraq. He said that he visited with Governor Palin on several occasions and that not only is she a beautiful woman, she is a beautiful person, and that a lot of people promised a lot of things, but it was Governor Palin that did what she said she would.

    As Governor from December 2006 to July 2009, she visited the Alaska troops over there 2 times, which included visiting the wounded in the hospital in Germany.

    Governor Palin always recognizes our troops. She signed several bills in Alaska supporting the troops.

    She gave the money from her book signing at Fort Hood to the victims and families of those killed or injured there. Haven’t heard of anyone else supporting the victims there.

  10. Jack Burden says:

    @ Clara

    Not all the troops support the former Alaskan Governor, Clara, please don’t generalize.(although I know that is what Palin does) You know troops and veterans and families that support her, I know troops and veterans and families that don’t,there are differences of opinion, understand?

    Her support of the troops is admirable to be sure, but that, and payola checks to the citizens does not a National leader make.

  11. @Burden. I was raised to do my duty to God and country. I don’t consider someone (and his followers) that preaches “God d–n America” a leader. Nor, do I consider Mickey Mouse who was registered to vote in the last election a legal voter.

  12. Wish we could get the Allen Group and BNSF to give us all a big check each year but, no, here with the worthless politicians that we have, we, the citizens, have to pay dearly for the privilege of getting sick.

    Myself I believe ALL ENTITIES should pay their full taxes each year and all entities should not be constantly looking for a tax credit, tax abatement, tax incentive, tax refund, tax elimination, etc., etc. like big biz and the developers do or looking for straight handouts. The U.S. is the greatest country in the world and we should gladly be paying our taxes, not be looking for some entity to take care of us and shouldn’t be transferring our tax burden to our fellow man and that goes for big biz, developers, other special interests and all the people.

    We all have our political views – I like Obama but others do not. I think Palin is a gold digger and others don’t. I just know Sarah won’t get a penny of my money one way or the other unless it is forced on me by some worthless politician and that forcing certainly happens every day to every citizen these days. The major reason that forcing of the average citizen exists is because these worthless politicians (who are stupidly re-elected time and time again by some) don’t work for the people any more – they work for the corporate slimeballs.

  13. “The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday scaled back an anti-corruption law used by federal prosecutors to bring to justice crooked politicians and executives…”(Reference the Anchorage Daily News owned by The McClatchy Company as is the Kansas City Star.) Some convicted Alaska politicians have been ordered released from prison, and now, the judges, prosecutors, and FBI agents are under investigation. The honest get slammed while the corrupt get to go on.

  14. Jack Burden says:

    From the Alaska Dispatch … June 24, 2010


    That’s right, Palin has to pay back over $360,000 in donations made to “The Alaska Fund Trust” due to ethics violations.

    She’s might not only be unqualified, she may be corrupt as well.

  15. This is just another witch hunt to try to destroy Sarah Palin. This comes from the firm of Perkins Cole. Who is Perkins Cole?–counsel for the Democratic National Committee; nearly all Democrat members of the United States Congress; presidential candidates including John Kerry and Barrack Obama; AND in 2006 Perkins Cole represened Salim Ahmed Hamdan, the alleged driver and body guard of Osama Bin Ladin.

    You Palin Haters will not stop us. We are for God and country.

  16. Jack Burden says:

    Right …

  17. The Alaska Permanent Fund (which I call the rent money from the oil companies) was established in 1976 when Governor Jay Hammond was in office. (Sarah Palin would have been 12 years old at the time.) So, how can you say that she used the money to get votes, The Fund had been in effective for 30 years when Governor Palin took office. Whenever we got the hint that the politicians wanted to take our permanent fund money for their budget, we the people would say no, just balance the budget. Governor Palin vetoed budgets and the legislation would have to bring it back. News was that legislation was working on revising the budget and Paliin was sharpening her hatchet.

    I can just see my uncle turning over in his grave. He was an Lt. in World War II in the European arena. At the end of the war, he was in charge of prisoners, our enemies. Now, the military are to read the enemy their Miranda Rights? (Miranda Rights which the police read to suspects violating our Constitution on our soil). Further, the military are to get medals if they don’t shoot the enemy? Guess the families would get the medals at their loved ones burial services. The enemy is not going to “sit down at the table and talk”, they are going to shoot or blow up.

    I don’t think the Palins are “gold diggers”. Todd Palin is Alaska Native Yupik, and has the family permit that the Natives have to fish–to fish for family and/or commercial. Governor Sarah said in the fall of 2009, with the economy the way it was she would not be asking for a raise in salary as long as she was governor. $125,000/year. However, the legislators voted themselves in a pay raise. In Alaska statues, the Attorney General of Alaska does not defend the Governor’s office. The governor is on his/her own legally. So, friends and supporters came to her aid. The Palins had well of $600,000 in legal fees, took out a mortgage from Wells Fargo on their home. Frivolous ethics complaints like receiving a box of chocolates on her birthday which she shared with the press. How would you all like to have to mortgage your house for frivolous complaints like this?

    Further, Chuck and Sally Heath (Sarah’s parents) helped with the clean up in New York after 911. Not a glamourous job. And, the Alaska Emergency Medical Team also responded to the disaster.
    Yes, Alaskans who are only suppose to have frozen space between there ears or 1/3 of the smarts of the rest of the world. Not gold diggers. They were upset and wanted to serve their fellow Americans.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if DC hired Perkins Cole to defend Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the lead of the 911 attack on our country.

  18. She is a Barbie doll. You don’t really like her but she just is.

  19. Like someone said “Sarah Palin thinks and talks too fast for the old duffers on both sides to understand”!!!

  20. Jack Burden says:


    She doesn’t think too fast for anyone, and her speaking style is such that it takes her 4X’s as long to make a point than an average adult.

  21. Jack Burden says:
  22. I won’t bother. The Democrats now have 17 hate-Palin bloggers with the addition of Mercede Johnston, who has been graduated from the Alternative School in Wasilla, Alaska. Plus, the Anchorage Daily News is owned by The McClatchy Company just like the Kansas City Star. All in “the tank”.

  23. I won’t bother. The Democrats now have 17 hate-Palin bloggers with the addition of Mercede Johnston, who has been graduated from the Alternative School in Wasilla, Alaska. P

  24. What now with all you “sit down with the enemy and talk”. General Petraeous says you have to be relentless, get a hold of the enemy’s jugular and don’t let go.

    Not only do I support Sarah Palin, I support J.C. Watts, Adrienne Ross, Kevin Jackson, Darla Jaye. Must go as I want to finish Kevin’s book “The Big Black Lie”.

  25. Enjoy this video. People didn’t know my mother was pregnant with me either. As I posted earlier, that is one thing Mercede Johnston does post is that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig.


    Medical mystery: Biologist gives to birth too baby girl 4 days after learning she was pregnant.
    (On national news.)

  26. Jack, I did skim Sullivan’s references. Where have you been? That is old crapola.

  27. “Palin speech may have netted $200,000 for school. Of course, being a McClatchy story, much was made of the political hacks and rentacrowd street theatre performers who ‘protested’ the event.–David L. Riddirick”

  28. Jack Burden says:

    @Clara – I don’t know anything about all the anti-Palin blogs and I pay no attention to anything related to Levi Johnston … I read Sullivan pretty consistently though.

  29. Mercede Johnston, an anti-Palin blogger, posts that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig. Sullivan, after 2 years of this crapola, is still posting that she is not the birth mother of Trig. And, on one hand she should have aborted him when finding out that he would have Downs Syndrome, but yet since she is athletic, she caused him to have Downs Syndrome. Also, Sarah was on the phone to her doctor when signs of labor started. The Mat-Su Medical Center in Palmer-Wasilla, Alaska is the newest modern medical center in Alaska. I know good Alaska doctors and nurses. Hundreds with Downs Syndrome family E-mailed Governor Sarah with their support and stories when Trig was born. Billy Graham requested to meet with little Trig. I saw picture. There are those of us that pray that the little fellow can live a productive life.

    And, besides hashing over this crapola, how does that give people jobs, provide national security, pay our taxes (Kansas 1% increase tomorrow and President Bush’s tax relief expired the first of the year and will hit our April 15, 2011 tax returns so we will go from paying 15% to 28% (double).

  30. Sarah Palin was voted the first woman Governor of the State of Alaska with a 90% approval; bipartisan legislature, working for the people. Ethics reform; took on the oil companies; supports the troops; pushed for Trans gas pipeline, not only for Alaska, but for the lower 48 States.

    Our movement wanted her to be our Vice President, but most wanted her for President. As far as I am concerned, she was the only one with the executive experience.

    But, now, Alaska has 32 anti-Palin lawyers sent by the Democratic Party; 16 hate-Palin bloggers, 17 with the additon of Mercede Johnston; and the Anchorage Daily News owned by The McClatchy Company. If I want real news from Alaska, I just call my Alaska friends.

    And, for all, we have a bad economy and taxes out the wazoo.

  31. Jack Burden says:


    I’m sorry you’re so blinded by your love of all things Palin that you can’t see that she is a rube, and a boob, and a quitter, and an intellectual phony.

    Without talking points and notes she can’t speak.

    Without perk she has no personality.

    Without a nice shape, pretty face, and pepsodent smile she would be sunk with male voters.

    You defend her and build her up without substantiation, and you speak about her in platitudes. I will now give it a rest. Please enjoy some “GOTCHA” moments with my regards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrzXLYA_e6E

  32. Jack, all filtered conversation.

    What does Katie Couric do with her $15million/year salary???

    Obama said that he visited the 57 States. Please tell us that thought there are 50 States, where the other 7 are. There are 57 Islam States.

    Think about the following link:


  33. Jack Burden says:


    Not really germane to the conversation … but this is:


  34. Jack, your Andrew Sullivan is not a US citizen. Born in Britain, he is an openly gay Catholic and HIV positive and has a spouse (Aaron).

    The Russians said they would bury us. And, the recently found Russian spies were reporters, lawyers, and teachers. How secretly to invade our country and take it down.

    Sullivan has been here since 1984, 26 years and still not a citizen. Gives lectures and speeches. How much money does he rack in???

  35. Jack Burden says:


    Sullivan as an astute political observer, the fact that he is not a US citizen doesn’t matter to me, especially since he is British. I’m a Catholic and a member of the areas largest congregation at Sacred Heart. I don’t care that Sullivan is gay and that he has HIV or is married to a man ia a personal issue in my book. I also don’t care how much money he makes. Palin on the other hand abdicated her post as Governor to make a money grab.
    Why the Russians matter to our conversation I have no idea.

  36. Garfield says:

    Jack, you seem to have checked her out pretty good! She must have caught your eye with something other than her intellect! :)

  37. “WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2010
    Court Smacks Andree McLeod For Frivolous Lawsuit
    By Doug Brady

    None other than serial ankle-biter Andree McLeod and her left-wing attorney Donald Mitchell (whom the court chastised in subsequent footnotes for multiple rule violations)”

  38. MONDAY, JULY 5, 2010

    By Rich Crowther
    (On the matter of Shannyn Moore a Palin-Hater–)
    “a little bird tells me that there’s a certain blogger cum radio host cum MSNBC and Huffington Post correspondent who gets no pay for her radio show. In fact, she actually has to pay $150 an hour or $450 a day for the privilege of not being muzzled.
    Hmmm, so it seems there are no sponsors for KUDO 1080’s 11am-2pm show. It appears no one will buy commercial time. One might infer from that that the IBEW (which owns the station) will not sponsor her to speak her mind, and that those MSNBC friends to whom she was always so ready to spill are nowhere to be seen.”

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