February 8, 2016

City preps for sewer expansion

Danedri Thompson
City officials haven’t really started examining how they’ll fund sewer and water upgrades and new roads related to the recently passed USD 231 bond issue, but it will likely include sewer rate increases and a mill levy increase, Laura Gourley, city finance director, said.
“Between now and then a lot could happen,” Gourley said. “We’re still a year away, but the assumption has always been there will be an increase, and that’s what we told council and the citizens before the bond election.”
Back in October, Gourley told city council members it would likely cost 2 mills.
“We would all assume it’s still along those lines,” she said.
However, she cautioned the increases related to the upcoming school project likely won’t hit tax bills and sewer rates until 2014. In the meantime, Gourley said, city officials are just starting to schedule very preliminary meetings for the 2013 budget.
“We’re just kind of starting the grinding stuff here,” Gourley explained. “We’re preparing the background information so we’re just getting started.”


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Yes, and Press is trying to cram down the citizens throuts getting involved in Edgerton’s infrastructure needs – Press and others would sure love to have Gardner citizens share in those costs too – that is my opinion but, of course, they will be selling the deal a totally different way such as savings us money. Kinda like that “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Tax ‘Em” – all should know how that turned out when they were going to give you 15 cents on the dollar.

    Then you have that mess with the Russell Family on the Planning Commission agenda this evening. They are supposed to start paying their assessment come this fall, however, I really question whether they will since they have totally changed their business plan and are now going for drilling for gas and oil – what’s next – a refinery?………that would be just great. I sure don’t want to get stuck paying those assessments and if that happens, I will be once again cussing and discussing City Hall. I get screwed every day on these jaybirds not paying the taxes they should and that is just the beginning of the financial raping in my opinion.

    Your connivers and manipulators are busy at work – you might want to figure out what is really occurring in the back room and what done deal will be given to you.

  2. It is shocking that SWOTI resorted to calling people names. It is almost as if she realizes that no one would pay attention to her if she didn’t.

    It is sad when a poor government dependent lowlife goes online for a sense of self worth.

    Also, for everyone else, I will be posting less during the day. I’ve had more free time lately because both of my children got Chicken Pox right after each other. I don’t usually post while I while I am at work (although I do have a computer that I can post during my breaks). SWOTI, how does it feel to be WRONG again? I guess it probably feels like breathing for you since it only happens to you on a day that ends in ‘y’

    I’ll still log in occassionally so I can get a good laugh for what SWOTI calls ‘reasoned’ arguments.

  3. State of Affairs says:

    Add on Kansas City Power & Light–Local radio news has been reporting all day that KCP&L is requesting that Missouri customers pay a rate increase of 15%; and later this year they will be asking for a rate increase for Kansas customers due to environment regulations and infrastructure needs.

    Heard from real estate agent that it will cost $2,000 to $10,000 an electric pole to move for the needs of the intermodal. Of course, fees to be passed onto customers.

  4. Judith Rogers says:

    The chicken pox tale…………that is a good one…………..log in “occasionally”………again, you ought to be talking to the Dictator – you have all the skills he looks for in his appointments…….

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    I keep telling you the big boys don’t like paying taxes………..read on…….


    January 30, 2012 | 5:03 pm

    A former San Diego attorney has been indicted on charges of putting millions of dollars in Swiss banks and secret offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

    Christopher Rusch was arrested in Miami on Sunday after being extradited from Panama at the request of the U.S. government, prosecutors said. Rusch and two of his clients, Stephen Kerr and Michael Quiel, were indicted in Phoenix.

    Rusch was a lawyer specializing in international business planning, offshore accounts and criminal and civil tax defense.

    According to prosecutors, Rush controlled more than $8 million in the Swiss accounts that belonged to his clients. None of the three defendants paid income tax from 2004 to 2007 on the secret accounts

  6. Judith Rogers says:

    The big boys are greedy too and have no problem with cheating……….read on……..


    February 27, 2012, 7:07 p.m.

    The rich really are different from the rest of us, scientists have found — they are more apt to commit unethical acts because they are more motivated by greed.

    People driving expensive cars were more likely than other motorists to cut off drivers and pedestrians at a four-way-stop intersection in the San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley researchers observed. Those findings led to a series of experiments that revealed that people of higher socioeconomic status were also more likely to cheat to win a prize, take candy from children and say they would pocket extra change handed to them in error rather than give it back.

    Because rich people have more financial resources, they’re less dependent on social bonds for survival, the Berkeley researchers reported Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. As a result, their self-interest reigns and they have fewer qualms about breaking the rules.

    “If you occupy a more insular world, you’re less likely to be sensitive to the needs of others,” said study lead author Paul Piff, who is studying for a doctorate in psychology.

    But before those in the so-called 99% start feeling ethically superior, consider this: Piff and his colleagues also discovered that anyone’s ethical standards could be prone to slip if they suddenly won the lottery and joined the top 1%.

    “There is a strong notion that when people don’t have much, they’re really looking out for themselves and they might act unethically,” said Scott Wiltermuth, who researches social status at USC’s Marshall School of Business and wasn’t involved in the study. “But actually, it’s the upper-class people that are less likely to see that people around them need help — and therefore act unethically.”

    In earlier studies, Piff documented that wealthy people were less likely to act generously than relatively impoverished people. With this research, he hoped to find out whether wealthy people would also prioritize self-interest if it meant breaking the rules.

    The driving experiments offered a way to test the hypothesis “naturalistically,” he said. Trained observers hid near a downtown Berkeley intersection and noted the makes, model years and conditions of bypassing cars. Then they recorded whether drivers waited their turn.

    It turned out that people behind the wheels of the priciest cars were four times as likely as drivers of the least expensive cars to enter the intersection when they didn’t have the right of way. The discrepancy was even greater when it came to a pedestrian trying to exercise a right of way.

    There is a significant correlation between the price of a car and the social class of its driver, Piff said. Still, how fancy a car looks isn’t a perfect indicator of wealth.

    So back in the laboratory, Piff and his colleagues conducted five more tests to measure unethical behavior — and to connect that behavior to underlying attitudes toward greed.

    For instance, the team used a standard questionnaire to get college students to assess their own socioeconomic status and asked how likely subjects were to behave unethically in eight different scenarios.

    In one of the quandaries, students were asked to imagine that they bought coffee and a muffin with a $10 bill but were handed change for a $20. Would they keep the money?

    In another hypothetical scenario, students realized their professor made a mistake in grading an exam and gave them an A instead of the B they deserved. Would they ask for a grade change?

    The patterns from the road held true in the lab — those most willing to engage in unethical behavior were the ones with the highest social status.

    One possible explanation was that wealthy people are simply more willing to acknowledge their selfish side. But that wasn’t the issue here. When test subjects of any status were asked to imagine themselves at a high social rank, they helped themselves to more candies from a jar they were told was meant for children in another lab.

    Another experiment recruited people from Craigslist to play a “game of chance” that the researchers had rigged. People who reported higher social class were more likely to have favorable attitudes toward greed — and were more likely to cheat at the game.

    “The patterns were just so consistent,” Piff said. “It was very, very compelling.”

    Piff, who is writing a paper about attitudes toward the Occupy movement, said that his team had been accused of waging class warfare from time to time.

    “Berkeley has a certain reputation, so yeah, we get that,” he said.

    But rather than vilify the wealthy, Piff said, he hopes his work leads to policies that help bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots.

    Acts as simple as watching a movie about childhood poverty seem to encourage people of all classes to help others in need, he said.

  7. I’m sorry that you have an allergy to the truth and wouldn’t know if it bit you in the face. You should try looking for evidence before you speak, but I won’t hold my breath. Why don’t you call Nike Elementary and ask whether or not they have had any Chickenpox cases in the past month, they are under obligation to report it. Poor dumb SWOTI. I won’t hold my breath for you to check facts that contradict your worldview, you’d rather believe that I paid someone at the school to screen the calls until you called and lie to you.

    I saw both of those posts earlier today an rolled my eyes because I knew that your ignorant government dependent lowlife self would randomly post it as if it proves anything.

    Poor dumb SWOTI. She thinks she can win the internet.

  8. Nike Parent says:

    We got notified earlier this month. They send hom a form that recomends taht you get your kids a vacinne.

  9. Judith Rogers says:

    Oh, yes, the dedicated parent who should be taking care of their kids but, alas, instead he gets on the internet to bash someone he hates………..good use of your time, Nate – just like it is a good use of your time to be on the internet when you should be WORKING for your employer…….a lowlife is always a lowlife………………

  10. SWOTI, you have to cast yourself as being hated to try to make your point? Why not just make your point and stand behind it instead of beatifying yourself anytime someone questions you?

    Funnier still, that out of all the kids in the school district, you’re trying to pin the chicken pox outbreak on Nate…apparently because you don’t appear like him or something. Even worse, you’re dragging his kids into the argument that you can’t seem to win any other way. Pretty shameful on your part, really. But did you bother to question: who gave his kids the chicken pox? Was it some other lowlife kid you want to blame for losing all your arguments with Nate? Maybe it’s Dave Drovetta, dragging chickens around to make everyone sick…yeah, THAT’D be about right for your level of reasoning.

  11. Judith Rogers says:

    The idiots are in their usual frame of mind while using their excellent rationalization skills……….and we all know who sets the example for those skills……..

  12. Judith Rogers says:

    The 2012 appraised values are out on the Appraiser’s website. My property value went down again – this time by 7.17% and I feel sure the values will never be going up considering the highly commercial, industrial area we will be living in where no one wants to live – all the Quik Trips, used items stores and new restaurants/coffee shops/diners/fast food places won’t change that fact. You know the taxing entites will be increasing their mill levies to offset these lower property values and to cover their never ending spending to take care of the big boys – should be fun along with the inflation we are seeing including the higher gas prices. Think those intermodal and/or warehouse jobs are going to solve the problems facing workers/residents in this area? But wait, the propaganda pushers will be telling you it is going to be paradise on the prairie here in SW Johnson County

  13. Nike Parent says:

    SWOTI I do believe that having to admit that you were wrong made you even stupider (I didn’t know that was possible). The only way your ‘bad parenting’ insult works is if I were posting from home and not my job. We all know you are wrong, it is ok to admit it.

    As to your claim that I’m a bad parent the only evidence that you have is that I *GASP* went online while caring for my children. If that is bad parenting you might as well go ahead and round up everyone in the Greater KC area (you know except for the welfare dependent ones like you who have to go to the common room of the assisted living facility). You do realized that with school aged children (even if they are sick) you don’t actually have to SIT on them in order to babysit them? I can assure you that there is ample time to come online and bash government dependent welfare queens like yourself.

    It doesn’t even take any time to make you look silly. Here is an example of your ‘deep’ thinking:

    Step 1: Make totally random comment with no evidence
    Step 2: Call anyone who disagrees with you a lowlife
    Step 3: Be indignant that they didn’t run from your SWOTI’ness after your awesome ‘lowlife’ comment and call them EVIL or stupid
    Step 4: Make another random comment as if it supports your point
    Rinse, wash, repeat.


    Go ahead and call the Gardner Police (number provided) if you believe I’m such a bad parent. Of course when you tell them that your proof is that I went online and disagreed with you they might just give me a commendation instead.

    Can you at least confirm that I won’t have to hear from you on the first when you get your government welfare checks? I assume you’ll be at the liquor store and the casino.

  14. Thin and thinner still says:

    SWOTI, you’re really stretching. You should probably just change the subject or go post on a different thread if the best argument you can make is to imply that a person who posts comments on the Internet is somehow a bad parent.

    Odd that you don’t include yourself, considering all the posts you make. You must’ve REALLY messed up your kids back in the days when you had to type all your crazy comments on a typewriter.

  15. Ha ha…. I wondered who Nike parent was. My wife logged in and stuck up for me.

    Thanks honey!

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