February 7, 2016

City of Gardner snow removal program


Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

WATCH VIDEO: Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com
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February 4, 2014 – A major snow storm is moving through Gardner today with the forecast calling for a possible 6 to 12 inches of snow. The City of Gardner Public Works Department has their fleet of snow plow drivers working round the clock to keep the main thoroughfares open to traffic. Public Works Director Brian Faust’s crews are working 12 hour shifts as the snow falls. The City employs drivers, mechanics and coordinators to man the fleet of 8 trucks working Gardner streets.

Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

Right now the focus is removing the snow.  It’s accumulating fast enough that once a truck completes it’s route, it has to start at the beginning again. The plowing is non-stop.  The trucks are loaded with salt and calcium chloride to improve the road surface but it will not be applied until the snow stops falling. Repeated plowing would waste the materials and just push it off in the ditch.

The City reminds residents to remove parked vehicles from the roadway when snow is predicted. Snow removal is more thoroughly accomplished if vehicles and other equipment are removed from the curb. The Public Works staff formulates a plan of action which includes dividing the streets into four levels of priority. They concentrate on Priority 1 roads, the city’s main traffic arteries first, and once those roads are cleared they then start moving down the priority list to clear priority 2, 3 and 4 roads. Click this link to see the  City of Gardner Snow Removal Priority Map.

Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

Photo by Rick Poppitz, kcvideo.com

The forecast calls for snow continuing today and tonight. Wednesday and Thursday the snow should cease but it’s not going to melt because the temperatures will be brutally cold, not getting above the mid teens. More snow is possible on Saturday, so our Public Works crews are going to remain busy.


  1. Walter H. says:

    Much thanks to the Public Works Department for getting it done! Great effort to keep Gardner safe and moving. Thanks to all of you!

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