February 9, 2016

City of Gardner facing $731,000 shortfall for 2013

Mark Taylor
Gardner is facing a $731,000 shortfall according to general fund projections presented to the city council on June 18.
According to information presented to the council, the city’s mill levy will remain steady at 23.107 mills.
The shortfall includes anticipated coverage of $200,000 in debt service “due to an estimated shortfall in the park sales tax fund,” according to a memo to the council.
The general fund includes $4.031 million for police, $2.51 million for parks and recreation, and $824,100 for administration.
Expenditures for 2012 were $9.274 million.
That compares with $9.978 million in 2013.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Citizens, remember when you bought into voting for the following measure back in 2005?

    City of Gardner
    Mail Ballot Election – June 7, 2005
    Election Results

    Shall the following be adopted?

    Shall a retailers’ sales tax in the amount of one-half of one percent (.5%) be levied in the city of Gardner, KS (the “City”), for the purpose of:
    renovations and expansion of the Gardner swimming pool to include, but not limited to, the development of zero depth entry, water slides, lazy river, in water play features, spray grounds, tot pool, concession stand, group party structure, and shade structures;
    development of a new community park to include, but not limited to, baseball and softball fields, soccer and football fields, playground equipment, concession facilities, parking, passive open space; and
    all things related and necessary to such projects;
    provided that, such retailers’ sales tax shall be levied for a period not to exceed ten years from the date of its inception, all pursuant to K.S.A. 12-187 et seq.


    Now City Hall tells you that you are $200,000 short of sales tax funds to pay for these things which were wants rather than needs and will have to hit the General Fund and will we be in good shape when that sales tax expires in 2015……………….the sell job didn’t quite work out I would say…….wait until the School Dist. tax bill gets presented to you in a couple of years and I doubt if the costs of over $100 MILLION will only be costing you a few dollars a month for your sports education……….then citizens might want to look into those entities involved in the 5 delinquent benefit districts who aren’t paying their taxes or their assessments…..some of the jokers have NOT paid a cent of taxes and/or assessments since 2007 which involves thousands and thousands of dollars and also in the meantime some are getting their lovely “farm” appraisals or appealing their appraisal amounts and getting their appraised amounts reduced almost half of what they have been (nothing like cutting your tax bill in half) – all of which financially rapes citizens here and across the state especially when Brownback also tells them they now don’t have to pay any state income tax…………think your local politicians/bureaucrats and Brownback could support and enable these takers any more??? I do and have seen it for years and your city is now planning on hiring a “community development” person to probably bring more of these takers here for you to bankroll……… paying for that economic development is biting citizens in the butt every day and in ways they don’t know about nor do most of them care. And come 2014 you will be paying 47% more for the employer portion of the millionaire employee retirement program under KPERs (which presently is $8 BILLINION in the red) and that will will affect you for ALL of the government employees you pay for including the school district. You get the government and the costs you deserve.

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