February 12, 2016

City of Edgerton to begin review of FY 2011 budget on July 15

Corbin H. Crable
The Edgerton City Council will review the city’s proposed 2011 budget at a work session July 15.
City Administrator David Dillner, at the council’s July 8 meeting, distributed a June 22 memo to the governing body; that memo notified the council that the city has received an additional $615,000 in revenue from the increase of ad valorem property taxes from Kansas City Power and Light.
The memo outlined four options the council has regarding the allocation of these additional funds, including a reduction of the city’s mill levy, a reduction of outstanding municipal debt, investment in capital projects and infrastructure maintenance, and investment in several other operational enhancements. Dillner’s memo did not elaborate on what constituted ‘other operational enhancements.’
If the city wanted to reduce the mill levy, it is recommended that the city first prepare an analysis on how that action would affect the Intermodal Project Finance Plan. Similarly, the memo advised against a reduction in outstanding municipal debt because “… as a general practice, utilities should not receive subsidization from General Fund revenues and should be operated as a separate expense.”
Other proposals to the city’s 2011 budget include subsidization of residential trash services that would allow a savings of $79.80 per customer per year; initial outlay of $20,000 to improve animal control services with a part-time animal control officer; and an increase in street maintenance resources by $150,000, which includes a $15,000 outlay for gateway signage.
The city also proposes to add at least one full-time position with the hiring of a Parks and Recreation Coordinator, who would provide support to the city’s Recreation and Cultural Arts Committee. Starting salary for the new parks director would be $31,824, with benefits totaling $9,547. Parks and recreation also would receive $20,000 for the replacement of park equipment; the RCAC would receive an estimated $17,000 for program funding.
The 2011 budget also includes an indicator of the city’s projected population growth in the form of another hiring – that of a full-time planner, whose salary and benefits would equal that of the parks and rec director. The memo also suggests an allocation of $50,000 to fund a wastewater master plan.
The Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corp., meanwhile, would receive $25,000 from the city to use for marketing and promotion. The city of Gardner is expected to allocate $50,000 to the EDC.
The council still has not submitted a finalized version of its 2010 budget to the state of Kansas. Dillner had said in late spring that, after finding inconsistencies in that budget, he would convene a public hearing on the matter and then resubmit the 2010 budget.
The city’s 2011 budget is due to the state in late August.
In other business, the council:
• accepted a bid proposal from Brown’s Construction Co. and awarded a contract for the design and construction of a belt press effluent line. Council members Jody Brown and Ken Gillespie are both heavily involved with the project – Gillespie will design the belt press line, while Brown will construct it. Both council members abstained from voting on the issue.
But Council President Clay Longanecker was absent from the meeting, leaving only council members Glyn Powers and Heidi Wiseman left to vote on accepting the proposal. City Attorney Patrick Reavey told the governing body that it could still vote on the issue, since members who abstain from voting on an issue still count as part of the quorum..
The council will next meet for a work session at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 15, at the Community Center, 404 E. Nelson St.


  1. Considering the city of Edgerton has a mill levy of 42.893 (Gardner’s is 24.606 and Overland Park is the lowest in the county), wouldn’t you think they would be considering lowering the mill levy for the people???? You would think but, hey, BNSF and the Allen Group now owns that town and they are going to need that high mill levy to pay for all of the infrastructure they are going to need and all of the other goodies on their want list.

    Pay, Edgerton citizens, pay, pay, pay – better you than me – thank your politicians. I will still have to pay county, state and federal taxes to take care of these thieves plus the loss of school tax dollars but again I am so grateful they are not here in Gardner telling us how it is going to be – I had enough of that for four years but how much do you want to bet Gardner City Hall is still scheming to figure out how to take care of them…………..

  2. They believe in keeping business in house don’t they? Why are city council people working for the city. Is that legal?

  3. Dillner circumvents the law. He’s an opportunist.

  4. You keep it up now, undesrantd? Really good to know.

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