February 13, 2016

City of Edgerton launches new website design to complement city logo

Mark Taylor
The city of Edgerton launched its new website this week.
The website was designed by Candid Marketing of Lee’s Summit, Mo.
The council in July approved a five-month, $10,000 to Candid Marketing for communications and marketing systems through the end of the year.
The new site includes online forms for community hall rental, block parties, city council agendas, and ability to make utility payments, report neighborhood code violations and request pothole repairs.
“The new website is another important growth milestone as we look to increase our communication with residents,” said Beth Linn, Edgerton city administrator. “It’s important that Edgerton is well positioned on the web and the new site ensures citizens can stay informed of city business real time while serving as a marketing tool for prospective economic development opportunities.”
The website address is www.edgertonks.org.
Candid Marketing is the Lee’s Summit firm that was hired last year to design a $39,000 logo and tagline to improve Edgerton’s professional image and to draw residential, commercial and industrial prospects to town.
Edgerton’s new logo and tag line were debuted last spring.
The logo features orange, green and brown elements with a monogram patterned after Edgerton’s long time designation as the “cornerstone of Southwest Johnson County.”
The logo is expected to be applied to the city water tower, employee shirts and vehicle emblems.
The tag line reads, “Global routes, local roots.”
“Global routes” reflects Edgerton’s place in the logistics industry, while “local roots” pays tribute to its small town appeal.
The project consisted of three phases of work: research and discovery, brand positioning and creative concepts, and implementation and integration.
The research and discovery phase included gathering public input.
During the brand positioning and creative concepts phase, the company use input gathered to develop three to five logos and present them to the council and public for review.
The implementation and integration phase includes a marketing and communications plan to unveil the new logo and tagline to the public.
For Proposals for creating the logo and tagline.
The company is based in Lee’s Summit, and has previously done work for the Southwest Johnson County EDC, the city of Independence Tourism, the city of Lee’s Summit, Raytown Parks and Recreation and the Wyandotte County EDC.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Beth and the politicians are ready to rock and roll with the blackmailing thieves at CITIZEN EXPENSE…………..all the same kool-aid propaganda, rhetoric, etc., etc. that these so-called public servants use time and time again……..citizens should be able to readily spot the BS since they have seen it time and time again, however, most of them won’t do a thing about the loss of the moral compass within their government………..all the logos, slogans, technology tools, etc. will not pretty up huge pigs who are going to be eating your lunches and dinners if you allow them to do so……….


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