February 6, 2016

City grants use permit over neighbor’s protest

Charlie Troutner
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton City Council members debated the merits of a conditional use permit during a council meeting on Jan. 9.
The issue required that the council pass a city ordinance adopting the Edgerton Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve a conditional use permit for a cargo container storage, maintenance, and repair facility at 30700 W. 191st St, at Logistics Park Kansas City, near the BNSF Intermodal facility. The cargo container facility would be operated by JB Hunt Transport.
Fred Fraley, who owns property adjacent to the proposed facility, spoke at the council meeting in opposition of the conditional use permit. His concerns were the proximity of the facility to his property and stormwater drainage concerns. Fraley recently filed a protest petition with the city of Edgerton in opposition of the cargo container facility.
Due to the protest petition, the ordinance needed a super-majority, or approval of five of six members of the governing body, in order to pass.
The applicant for the conditional use permit, JB Hunt,  made concessions to attempt to appease Fraley’s concerns. The concessions included  providing a landscaping berm to separate the storage facility from Fraley’s property, and the usage of a concrete/asphalt compound that would help alleviate storm water drainage onto the neighboring Fraley’s property.
After much discussion,  the governing body decided the changes to the plan were sufficient and approved the ordinance allowing a conditional use permit to JB Hunt, by a 6-0 vote.
In other business, the City Administrator Beth Linn introduced the new Edgerton Parks and Rec Coordinator Tegan Meadors. She also reported on the progress of some city issues.
Linn said that the construction of quiet zone at the railroad crossing at 199th Street, and at Nelson Street will begin sometime in March and will take no more than 60 days to complete once construction begins.
Linn also reported that the city of Edgerton had completed the purchase of property at 305 E. Nelson Street. The property includes a house and land.
Linn said there are no firm plans for the property. Future uses will be considered at a later date. The city now owns the entire south side of the 300 block of Nelson Street.
Linn reported that the Johnson County-sponsored Senior Lunch Program for Edgerton residents, age 60 and over, began on Jan. 6. She said it has been successful so far, and she hopes the program will continue possibly expand in the future.
The next city council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Jan. 23, at city hall.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, Fred you are out of luck. More and more, citizens are disenfranchised……..in other words, they don’t have a chance in hell in cases like this. I did some research a few months ago and I have to wonder if Fred Fraley is connected to Fred Fraley Plumbing out of K.C., Mo. Probably lots more involved than what this article talks about. I just know I never wanted that intermodal and all of the messes that go with it nor the costs that will never end for the average citizen and the horror story to live with, such as a container parking lot with all of the trucks involved and I always wonder if these containers are empties or do they hold something and I would really want to know what that something is

    If I were citizen of Edgerton I would really be concerned with why I now own almost a whole block of property in Edgerton and as to how much it cost me and what it is going to cost me in the future……you don’t just buy up a whole block of property to look at…..Ms. Linn, your transparent government is not too transparent I would say, not that I ever thought it was or ever will be and you got a snappy 15% raise for taking such good care of the thieves – your efforts sure as hell weren’t for the average Joe Blow in my opinion.

  2. Judith Rogers says:

    I knew that name of Fred Fraley rang bells so I went back thru my notes. I find Fred and his wife own the property with the address of 18845 Waverly Rd. and is close to this proposed container parking lot. Fraley property was deeded to them on 10-30-03 by Petzold Developers Inc. The Fraleys carry an address the same as Fraley Plumbers in Kansas City, Mo.

    The wheeling and dealing has been going on for years I would say and definitely before 2005 when the citizens were cordially invited to be part of the intermodal project by the slimy politicians, bureaucrats and thieves in my opinion.

    Citizens are the last to know (they are certainly not the insiders) and the first to be called upon to bankroll all of the thieves – that is my opinion.

    Tell me again about our “transparent” government entities……………..I am getting a headache…….wonder if the girls are still working and I can get a massage………..

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    The city of Gardner recently announced a meeting on truck routes. The locals are all talking about the trash haulers and how they want to retain the ability of choosing which trash company they want to hire. Myself, I definitely want the ability to CHOOSE the company I want for my trash removal needs. However, this issue does not concern me half as much as truck routes which citizens have not discussed to my knowledge – they are not seeing the forest for the trees.

    Intermodal truck traffic, in my opinion, should not be allowed on Gardner city streets. I don’t want the costs of paying for the roads they will be wearing out like crazy nor do I want to deal with that truck traffic in many, many adverse ways. I would say citizens right now today better be telling City Hall they DON’T want intermodal trucks on 191st within the city limits and take away Center St./Gardner Rd. as a truck route and not allow intermodal trucks on 167th St. nor 183rd St. nor Moonlight Rd. And I also would seriously consider taking over the maintenance of 56 Hwy thru Gardner city limits from the state of Kansas and not allowing the intermodal trucks on that main thoroughfare. And if citizens get waylaid into paying the costs of improving Waverly Rd. or going halvers with Edgerton to do so, then the citizens are nuts to me. Let Edgerton have and OWN all the good, bad and ugly with that intermodal – Gardner citizens are fools to me to involve themselves in it in any way, shape or form.

    That container parking lot that JB Hunt wants to have is another loser for the citizens. Those lots are eyesores to me, wear roads out with all of the truck traffic and create very, very little property tax revenue since you are getting tax revenue only on the land value and if you give a 75% tax incentive on top of that, you are giving away the house. This was a huge problem issue with the county where the Elwood Intermodal is located. They were getting thousands of acres of land for these container lots and they weren’t getting much tax revenue for them but they sure were getting lots of costs. They were trying to figure out ways to eliminate getting more of those lots and sure didn’t like the ones they had.

    I believe the city of Gardner is on the cusp of making a deal or some deals with the thieves and they want that truck route issue settled before going further – most important for those intermodal related properties such as the Zimmer deal that has been so quiet for months now. But even more important to citizens if they have a brain in their heads.

    Citizens better be figuring out what they want and what they want to live with. Do you want to be another Argentine? Myself, as a citizen, I would say Gardner needs to go east and get some retail/housing going but not allowing those companies who might come here to transfer their development costs to the citizens like was done with the Walmart TIF and I sure don’t want to pay for the costs of going under I-35 to get them water – if they want to come, they can pay those costs.

    As always lots to figure out, especially what is going on in the back rooms but oh, so important for the citizens to do so. You can either be proactive or reactive and I know which one is better for me but the bureaucrats and politicians like Gilhaus, his school board and Gardner City Hall are not listening to their citizens – they are charging them to get their questions answered or just plain stonewalling them – that is my opinion based on my experiences with them.

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