February 7, 2016

City Council approves salary increase for city administrator

On December 12, 2013, the Edgerton City Council approved a 15% salary increase for Beth Linn, City Administrator. Linn has held this position since July 2011. During this time, she has made a significant impact on the processes and procedures at City Hall, has led a successful rebranding initiative, launched a new website, and worked with elected officials to ensure that Edgerton has the staff and protocols in place to ensure a strong foundation for future growth.
Throughout her tenure at Edgerton, Linn has also played an integral role as the City’s liason to BNSF Railway and NorthPoint Development. She represents Edgerton’s best interests and has worked on numerous initiatives related to the Logistics Park Kansas City Intermodal facility and the infrastructure necessary to support the Intermodal the surrounding business park development. This includes working with Johnson County and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) on the new Homestead Lane interchange at I-35 and partnering with the City of Gardner on the construction and opening of the Big Bull Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility.
“Beth Linn has done an outstanding job,” said Edgerton Mayor Donald Roberts. “I really appreciate the service she has given in the short time she has been here.” Based on her recent performance review, the City Council approved this salary increase to commensurate with Linn’s performance as City Administrator.


  1. Kevin Collins says:

    I don’t see anything listed for what has been accomplished in the City of Edgerton itself. The city is falling apart and the Intermodal is getting all the attention. What has she done ??

  2. Kevin Collins says:

    Just to put the numbers out there where everyone can see. She was hired for $83,000.00 per year. She recieved a 3% increase last year to put her at $85,490.00. Now 15% increase this year putting her at $98,313.00. Come on I haven’t seen one thing change in this town since she has come aboard! I am guessing she doesn’t ever step out the back door of the city hall to see the the junk and trash with in a 100 yard radius. How can the city council and the mayor justify this???? Beth Linn you have more help in that city hall than I have seen in my lifetime in Edgerton EARN YOUR KEEP!!!

  3. I am very pleased with the progress that Edgerton has made in the past three years. I am excited about still having the library – thanks to Ms. Linn – and look forward to more development downtown such as the quiet zones, historical museum and benefits for the seniors. If you are unhappy about that and do not want to benefit our town and area, then I think you are short sighted. The larger projects are just going to make it better. Thanks to Ms. Linn. As for people not taking care of their yards, do you report them properly or just like to make a big deal publicly in order to embarrass yourself? 100 yard radius of city hall? Are you speaking of the bank, the library, the post office, or the museum? We have a Codes Enforcement program, another program brought in by Ms. Linn. Have you used it, or are you afraid YOU might be a violator too?

  4. Kevin Collins says:

    Joan I am far from a violator and I have reported things numerous times through their system. I have pictures of things I reported 3 years ago that have went unchanged! Have you looked out the back door of the city hall? Ms Linn has nothing to do with us having a library! Trust me I have nothing to be embarrassed about I live at 1101 W 8TH STREET you wont find any code violations there! Maybe Ms Linn should move to Edgerton and then maybe things would change.I am also guessing Joan that you have not lived here your whole life. When you try to sell your house and people tell you they love your house but not the junkie town thats a problem.

  5. Judith Rogers says:

    Citizens of Gardner and Edgerton or of any city need to be mindful and do their jobs whether City Hall likes it or not. You get the government you deserve.

    “There will always be venality and theft, but gadflies, whistle-blowers and a watchful citizenry are still the best backstop on corruption.”


  6. I heard she doesn’t even live in town. I live in Gardner, but I see the same problem in Edgerton as the school employees, people to big for their britches. She’s just riding on the intermodal coattails; she’ll be long gone before the chickens come home to roost. Just a bunch of party girls got a ring in the council’s nose. I wonder why people put up with this stuff.

  7. Judith Rogers says:

    I also hope all Edgerton citizens or citizens in general realize the increased costs on this pay raise do not just stop there. Citizens will also be paying higher costs for any retirement programs the city manager may receive since most are based on a percentage of salary. Are average citizens getting 15% salary increases even if they are doing an outstanding job? I would say NO for the most part. Many Joe Blows out there don’t even get a livable wage nor health care benefits, sick leave, paid holidays, retirement programs or much of anything but they sure are called upon to pay up the nose for so-called “public servants” and to take care of the thieves who never want to pay any kind of tax if they can get the politicians to exclude them from taxation and many of those slimy politicians do just that. Before going to the voting booth every citizen should be asking and know how an ELECTED “public servant” is going to ACTUALLY SERVE THEM. And if the joker doesn’t serve you WELL, then you better work hard to get that person replaced by a true REPRESENTATIVE.

  8. resident_x says:

    Of course the city administrator gets more money. Look at all the money they’re stealing from the residents in the form of a 26% property tax increase in 2011. They have money to blow, might as well just give it to the people screwing up our city!

  9. The Edgerton mayor fiddles while the administrator pillages the town and lays it to waste.

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