February 5, 2016

UPDATED: Child struck by car in Gardner accident last night

A 14-year-old Gardner girl was transported to Overland Park Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries after being hit by a car in the 900 block of Buffalo Trail in Conestoga Estates Tuesday night.

Gardner Public Safety officers responded to a report of a pedestrian strike in the 900 block of Buffalo Trail in Conestoga Estates at about 6 p.m. on Sept. 28.

Officers arrested Gardner resident, Robert Matthew Dilley, 43, for felony possession at the scene. Dilley remains in jail at New Century Jail on $3,500 bond.

The pedestrian strike of a child is the second in Gardner in this month.

Madison Elementary student Kade Meyer,7, died Sept. 2 after being struck while crossing Madison Street after school.

— Danedri Thompson


  1. Does anyone know how to drive in Gardner?

  2. I dont know if you have ever driven thru the trailer park in Gardner but kids are constantly running out between cars and not looking all the time. Yes I feel sorry for the kid and her parents but the kids need to pay attention to what they are doing to. 99% of the time kids are running around without their parents anyway.

  3. People need to slow down the speed limit in the trailer park is 15 mph. With the construction on Moonlight people are cutting thru the park that don’t live here. Because this is Private Property Gardner Public Safety has their hands tied when they try to enforce even minor traffic laws such as speeding,stop sign infractions ect… It’s funny we pay taxes just as any other residents of Gardner but are denied the basic protection of any other “sub-division”.
    There are a lot of children playing in a small area. There are no side walks for kids to go anyplace else. People walking on Moonlight Rd. or Santa Fe do so at their own risk. CAUTION, SLOW DOWN THERE ARE CHILDREN PLAYING WHEREVER THEY CAN.

  4. I used to live on Buffalo Trail, I knew this would happen at some point. My husband and I asked the park why there were no speed bumps, we were told it would raise the insurance of the park. HMMM, the life of a child or a few bucks more to an insurance company? Is there really a choice to be made? People drive down Buffalo very fast, with no concern for the children that might be out playing or going to catch the bus in the morning. There are many times of day when children are out and not many people who drive through the park show any care for anything more then saving time on the way to where ever.

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