February 14, 2016

Chamber changes its name

The Gardner Area Chamber of Commerce is changing its name. In the future, the chamber will be called the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Johnson County.
Members of the chamber board of directors announced the change during the organization’s annual dinner last week.
“After lengthy discussions about the importance the city of Gardner has played in the tradition and success of our chamber, yet also recognizing that new opportunities for continued success are emerging in the city of Edgerton, the Logistics Park Kansas City and New Century AirCenter; the new name was determined to be very timely and appropriate,” a chamber press release reads.
The newly-named chamber will be seeking branding opportunities and a new logo in the upcoming months.


  1. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, the corporate welfare should be sold bigger and better than ever and I am sure Steve Devore will be expecting a nice raise and wanting the city of Gardner and Edgerton to contribute even more to this newly named Chamber of Commerce. I have never wanted my tax money going to the Gardner Chamber of Commerce and that certainly won’t change for me but I know the slimy politicians and bureaucrats will be seeing to it that I support them while they and the thieves financially rape the average citizens. Thousands of taxpayer dollars will be in next year Gardner city budget to take care of the jaybirds but I certainly don’t feel it is my obligation to bankroll them and never have. The Chamber of Commerce entities across the U.S. are taking care of business and doing very little for the little guy who is the ATM of choice for them and their members. True partnerships between business and working Americans is at an all time low in my opinion and citizens know that by the distribution of wealth as shown by the latest statistics. Corporate America is doing a hell of a lot better than the average citizen but those jaybirds still want the working man to bankroll them through taxation plus the corporate welfare that is eating every citizen’s lunch.

  2. I don’t care one way or another about this. I thought they had gone the way of the Gardner Jaycees.

  3. Judith Rogers says:

    Well, Senior, in my opinion, you and all of the citizens in this area should truly CARE about what any Chamber of Commerce is up to, but again. citizen indifference, apathy and ignorance are truly costing them an arm and a leg along with many, many adverse affects. Every citizen should think long and hard as to what they enable and support.

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