October 31, 2014

Legal Notice

Ordinance No. 983 Summary

On October 9, 2014, the City of Edgerton, Kansas, adopted Ordinance No. 983 amending the City Code to prohibit parking on East 6th Street from Nelson to the southern edge of the Edgerton boat ramp at …

Legal Notice



Sealed bids for Slides and Play Structure Coatings will be accepted by the City of Gardner, Kansas at the Parks and Recreation Department, Gardner City Hall, 120 E. Main Street, Gardner, Kansas 66030, until …

Police Report

Gardner Police Daily Activity Report For10/04/2014 through 10/10/2014

10/03/2014 08:14:59 WARRANT 30100 BLOCK OF W 187TH ST
10/03/2014 08:16:43 CIVSERV 18400 BLOCK OF ELM ST
10/03/2014 09:10:26 CIVSERV 100 BLOCK OF W BRITTANY CT
10/03/2014 10:02:43 CIVSERV 600 BLOCK OF …

Public Notice


The regularly scheduled Planning Commission meetings for October 14 and November 11, 2014 are cancelled. The Planning Commission will convene a Special Session on November 4, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the Edgerton Community Building, 404 E. Nelson.…

Public Notice

City of Gardner Accepting Applications for City Council
The City of Gardner is accepting applications for City Councilmember. Residents wishing to be considered for the vacancy are encouraged to download the application packet from the City’s website at www.gardnerkansas.gov. Application …

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Police Report

Gardner Police Daily Activity Report For 09/27/2014 through 10/03/2014
09/26/2014 08:01:30 WARRANT 400 BLOCK OF E MAIN ST
09/26/2014 08:09:45 CIVSERV 300 BLOCK OF S STONE CREEK DR
09/26/2014 08:14:00 MEDICAL NONLIFE 400 BLOCK OF E GRAND ST
09/26/2014 08:28:34 …

Police Reports

Gardner Police Daily Activity Report For 09/19/2014 through 09/26/2014

09/19/2014 08:23:14 FOLLOW 700 BLOCK OF E PINEWOOD ST
09/19/2014 08:38:33 FOLLOW 700 BLOCK OF S OAK ST
09/19/2014 08:42:04 ACCIDENT NON 800 BLOCK OF E MAIN ST
09/19/2014 08:52:17 STATION …

Legal Notice

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice of Vote, Edgerton-McCamish Cemetery District. In adoption the 2015 Budget, the Board of Directors voted to increase property taxes in the an amount greater than the amount levied for the 2014 Budget,adjusted by the 2013 CPI for …

legal Notice

Notice of Public Hearing by the Southwest Consolidated Zoning Board, Johnson County, Kansas on an Application for Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit

Public Notice is hereby given that an application has been filed by Dee Ann Tucker, applicant/landowner, requesting Accessory Dwelling …