March 31, 2015

The U.S. should not politicize education standards

Kristen Amundson
Guest Columnist
The U.S. education system recently received a report card from the OECD, a think tank for developed countries. America’s grades weren’t pretty.
Twenty-nine countries out-performed the United States in math. Nineteen did better in reading. America …

OUR VIEW: Infamous 47 percent actually the 43 percent

The infamous 47 percent is actually the 43 percent, according to a 2013 report by the Tax Policy Center.
The center reports that 43 percent of Americans pay no income tax – not 47 percent as Mitt Romney suggested in …

Restoring government by the people, for the people

Marge Baker
Guest Columnist
One of the many privileges of living in a democracy is the ability of each of us to have an equal say about how we are governed. Through elections, our lawmakers can be held accountable for …

OUR VIEW: Council decision smacks of cronyism

Gardner City Council members gave a healthy nod to cronyism during a Sept. 15 meeting.
Council members agreed to negotiate for a city-owned piece of property on Gardner Lake with one potential buyer rather than offering the property to anyone …

American foreign policy elite have no idea what they’re advocating

Sheldon Richman
Guest Columnist
The American foreign-policy elite seems to have no idea what it’s doing.
Americans may believe the government — especially the foreign-policy side — is at least minimally competent, but when one surveys decisions from the last …

OUR VIEW: More than 46 million on food stamps

There are more than 46 million people collecting food stamps in America, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). That’s enough to fill both halls of the Kauffman Center 13,675 times.
We’re not convinced the food stamp program is …

Don’t use gas chambers to euthanize dogs, cats

Shelley Homan
The Humane Society of the US, and its Kansas director, have been diligently working to end the use of gas chambers in Kansas shelters by offering training and assistance for smaller cities to learn how to implement …

Bureaucrats have solution to roasing marshmallows, but not to deficit spending

Rob Schwarzwalder
Guest Columnist
Uncle Sam claims to knows best – even how best to cook.
At least, that what it claims based on a report this week from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He laid out his thoughts to …

OUR VIEW: America’s poor remain wealthy comparitively

Numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed a sharp increase in the number of Americans living below the poverty line. The statistics show that one in six Americans, or 46 million people, are living below the poverty line.
While the …

Congress hopes to reform Vets Administration

Sen. Jerry Moran
Guest columnist
In a year when Kansans have been inundated by news reports of incidents of mismanagement and even death caused by failures at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), there is finally good news to …