July 31, 2014

State Supreme Court selection process works

Lawton R. Nuss
Guest Columnist
Last year several legislators crafted a proposal for changing the constitutional process chosen by the people of Kansas for selecting Supreme Court justices.  These legislators sought endorsements by the Kansas Bar Association and the Kansas …

Fix school funding equity now, but take time to get adequacy right

Dave Trabert
Guest Columnist
The Kansas Supreme Court has determined that adequacy is met “…when the public education financing system provided by the legislature for grades K-12-through structure and implementation-is reasonably calculated to have all Kansas public education students meet …

Senate Bill 10 would make public records more affordable

Public records do not belong to the institution. As the name suggests, they belong to the public. Unfortunately, many public entities don’t operate under that assumption.
Luckily, there’s a bill before the Kansas Legislature that would make public records more …

Labeling the education adds costs to classrooms

John  Schrock
Guest Columnist
“It costs more to put the label on the can than to put the tomatoes in it.”
It was 1953. I was seven years old when I heard this. Half of our neighbors were farmers who …

American hawks risk escalating Ukrainian-Russian crisis in Crimea

Sheldon Richman
Guest columnist
With Russia and the United States confronting each other over Ukraine, the world is at a dangerous juncture. While the chances of war between the two behemoths seem small — these are, after all, nuclear powers …

OPINION: Time for council to make definitive decision on public utilities

We’ve said it before.
Do something.
The only way to get out of a hole is to stop shoveling. Yet Gardner continues to dig deeper by underfunding infrastructure, such as water and wastewater. In early 2012 it was estimated that …

Help prevent animal cruelty by supporting humane breeding bill

Shelley Homan
Do we live in the animal health corridor of the world?
Our state of Kansas currently ranks number 3 for the number of animal breeders with egregious records of repeated violations of animal welfare laws.
Our neighbors …

First glimpses of spring appear despite snow

Kevin Kuzma
Guest Columnist
In the day’s first light, just as the bedroom was beginning to warm with color, a sound outside the window snapped my eyes open.
Our town has been continually besieged by winter storms over the last …

School staff deserve praise for normal day despite district shake-up

It’s a testament to teachers and building administrators that  USD 231’s excellence in education continued as usual on Feb. 28.
Less than 12 hours before school started last Friday, the slimmest majority of the school board decided to terminate the …

OUR VIEW: Government has no business in newsrooms

This shouldn’t need to be said, but alas, we must say it: The federal government has no business in private newsrooms across this country. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. None.
Sadly, no one thought to tell the bureaucrats at the Federal …