May 5, 2015

Conservative event featured faith, family, freedom

Bill Sutton
Guest Columnist
A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting the “Faith, Family and Freedom” Conservative Revival. The planning behind the event and the amazing work by the volunteers was apparent to anyone who has …

State government has shifted away from prairie values to political extremes

Caitlin Trujillo
Guest Columnist
I moved to Gardner 12 years ago from Los Angeles. Starting seventh grade, I expected to undergo some degree of culture shock — you don’t move from a beach town to the prairie plains and expect …

OUR VIEW: Voters should get educated about candidates

It’s said every few years, and it’s usually true. However, this year more than ever may truly be one of the most important elections in American history.
The United States is in a new and different sort of war – …

An inconvenient truth: Environmentalists love oil

Drew Johnson
Guest Columnist
America’s largest environmental group just admitted to earning millions of dollars each year from oil.
The Nature Conservancy routinely guilt trips Americans about using fossil fuels. Yet its Texas prairie preserve is home to an oil …

Truth about Medicare becomes political casualty

Shonda Werry
Guest Columnist
It’s been said that truth is the first casualty of war.  The campaign now being fought in Kansas is a political one, but facts are still collateral damage. That’s unfortunate when an issue as important to …

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: City should work to improve crosswalk safety

Gary Carson
Thank you for the story about the crosswalk at Brittany Court. The fact that this has been a problem for 30 years is very important and it’s not just about the illegal crossing, it’s more about crosswalk …

OUR VIEW: Social Security, Medicare about to run dry

In a shocking turn of events that will come as a surprise to no one, government trustees reported that Social Security and Medicare are running out of money.
Social Security is expected to bankrupt in 2033 and Medicare funds run …

Liberal reverance for tolerance is selective to exclude Christian faith

Paul Kengor
Guest Columnist
I’ve said it before, and I’m hardly alone. Many have observed it. Liberals revere tolerance. They practically worship it. It’s like a religion to them. Well, now comes a study that supports the point.
A new …

The U.S. should not politicize education standards

Kristen Amundson
Guest Columnist
The U.S. education system recently received a report card from the OECD, a think tank for developed countries. America’s grades weren’t pretty.
Twenty-nine countries out-performed the United States in math. Nineteen did better in reading. America …

OUR VIEW: Infamous 47 percent actually the 43 percent

The infamous 47 percent is actually the 43 percent, according to a 2013 report by the Tax Policy Center.
The center reports that 43 percent of Americans pay no income tax – not 47 percent as Mitt Romney suggested in …