October 31, 2014

OUR VIEW: Still time to pack in a staycation, short weekend trip

With sky-high gas prices and summer flying through, it may seem like there’s no time or funds for a vacation.
There remains, however, plenty of time for a staycation, or at the very least, a near-cation.
Long summer days are …

OPINION: State workers get a bonus; Kansas borrows from itself

State workers are getting a raise, but not everyone is happy about it.
Last week, Gov. Sam Brownback and legislators approved a $4.5 million expenditure that will give $250 bonuses to state workers. The one-time $250 bonuses will be given …

Kansas revenue shortfalls in April, May are being misrepresented

Nick Jordan
Guest Columnist
Critics recently accused the Department of Revenue of “misrepresenting” research about the state’s revenue shortfall in April and May.
We at the Department of Revenue stand behind our prior statements contained in our April and May …

OUR VIEW: Make truck scales a priority in 2015 budget

It’s time for city officials to invest in truck weight scales. As Gardner City Council members begin planning the 2015 budget, we encourage the governing body to fund the purchase of weight scales.
We said it first in July of …

Censure movement about theatrics rather than common sense

Danedri Thompson
Guest Columnist
The appropriate way to remove people from office is at the ballot box – not in a three-ring circus that serves as an echo chamber of egos.
Unfortunately, that’s not how a loud minority of people …

Circuit court greenlights case against IRS

Daniel Brown
Guest Columnist
Can the Internal Revenue Service silence a president’s political adversaries by using secret policies? It seems that we’re about to find out. The 17th century French politician and finance minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, once quipped that, “The …

Young intellectuals should be culturally valued

John Schrock
Guest Column
Call yourself an “intellectual” in America and be prepared to sit alone in the corner of the library. Of all of the subgroups in public schools, from “jocks” to “drama queens,” any student labeled as an …

OPINION: Utility decision unlikely to end debate

The discussion probably isn’t over yet.
Though city council members reached a consensus to create a city utilities department and an advisory board to assist it, we have little faith that the decision will be a final one.
First, previous …

OPINION: Was proper public notice provided to Edgerton residents?

Some Edgerton residents say they weren’t given proper notice regarding a proposed asphalt/concrete plant to be built at 20125 Sunflower Road.
They might be right. We’ve had concerns about the legality of the county’s official newspaper for at least a …

Asian conflict resolution sets example for Kansas

John Schrock
Guest Column
For a short while, the Kansas legislative session is behind us and we can take a political breather. It has been another battle where every issue is polarized. We are locked into a Western way of …